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MARCH 9, 2018
Chapter 15: Satan and Pedophilia Rule Hollywood
Joachim Hagopian
Rod Serling was the early television pioneer and visionary who created one of the best television shows in history – “The Twilight Zone.” His creative thread starting in 1959 through the early 1960s brought to American families glued weekly to their television sets plentiful philosophical food for thought to ponder our mysterious universe until next week’s equally evocative episode. One show in particular divulged how suburbanite America can easily be taken over by planting seeds of fear and suspicion that quickly morph into extreme paranoia and murderous violence by an unseen outside invasive force targeting America in an episode entitled “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.”[1] The underlying theme and message are delivered throughout the show’s half-hour plotline but summarized in the imitable, wise and sobering afterthoughts by the series creator himself:

The tools of conquest do not necessarily come with bombs and explosions and fallout. There are weapons that are simply thoughts, attitudes, prejudices – to be found only in the minds of men. For the record, prejudices can kill – and suspicion can destroy – and a thoughtless frightened search for a scapegoat has a fallout all of its own – for the children – and the children yet unborn. And the pity of it is — that these things cannot be confined – to the Twilight Zone.[2]

This incisive morsel of truth offered the public nearly six decades ago during television’s golden age can just as easily speak to and be applied to the humans living today. But instead of the unseen alien invaders insidiously destroying us, preying on our vulnerabilities, fears and vices, it’s the planetary controllers, the ruling elite bent on dividing and conquering us in every way imaginable to the point of utter self-destruction.[3] Deceptive manipulation of staged world events as presented through mainstream media’s sleight-of-hand lens,[4] with carefully coordinated collusion from the Hollywood propaganda machine, is busily shaping and determining our very values, beliefs, and perceptions of reality, now on a global scale. But a dark and demonic Luciferian worshipping elite is our invasive alien enemy currently out to destroy us, and there’s no more powerful weapon being used against us than the barrage of movies, television, music, and video game filth and garbage spewing out of the entertainment capital of the world – pedophilia controlled Hollywood. This presentation will unveil the child raping wizard known as Hollywood, frantically pulling the levers and strings behind the Oz-like screen, in a vain attempt to keep us ignorant in the dark, distracted, possessed and controlled by Lucifer’s earthly power and dominion.

And no single person has been more instrumental in his persistent efforts to inform and educate the public about the current Hollywood pedophilia crisis than the former child star and victim-survivor Corey Feldman. Though rumors and public awareness date back to the entertainment industry’s founding studio moguls as full blown Satanists, complete with their “casting couch” and sordid array of stories depicting powerful predators sexually exploiting women and children in Tinsel-Town for more than a century,[5] Corey Feldman has hardly been noticed or listened to since he first began sounding the alarm over a decade ago. He has remained virtually a lone voice in the wilderness, drowning in a sea of open secret perversions, smug contempt and narcissistic iniquities.

Only when heavyweight producer and belligerent sexual thug Harvey Weinstein’s chronic history of bullying and raping finally caught up to him late last year, enjoined by the industry’s longtime hypocritical, shameful complicity,[6] vomited all over world headlines did ears finally perk up to pay slight more attention to Corey as the lone voice in the Sodom and Gomorrah wilderness. Just as last chapter’s notorious pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has avoided prosecution and actual real prison punishment for his hundreds of egregious sex crimes, until last fall Weinstein has also slithered out of facing accountability for all his countless predatory sex crimes[7] by also simply paying off his multiple victims with hush money and signed non-disclosure agreements.[8] Similarly, the sex crimes committed by US Congress members have also come under the gun recently for its blatantly shameful policy of silencing victims with tax paid secret payoffs and nondisclosure protection.[9]

Last October Emmy award winning writer Jack Cashill pointed out that while it took over 13 years to expose the Weinstein crimes in Hollywood, the media has been sitting on the fact that for a much longer time powerful Tinsel-Town men have been preying on young boys with MSM’s complicit silence “for fear of offending the LGBT lobby.”[10] But that’s just the surface layer excuse. The much deeper one cuts to the Luciferian power structure core that’s been controlling this world while feasting off babies and small children for centuries with complete impunity, and maintaining its above-the-law status quo by ensuring that its public face puppets installed in high places are compromised through sexual blackmail.

As an encapsulated microcosm revealing the perverse dynamics of the surrounding macrocosm that is and has always been the Hollywood cesspool, the Corey Feldman story reveals the sad and pathetic reality of literally thousands, perhaps millions of innocent young victims who’ve been sexually exploited and abused in Hollywood by the creepiest parasitic Cretans on earth over the past 100 years. The fact that it’s forever remained an unchallenged “open secret” is atrocious, but not unlike the sins of the church, government and royalty that have also been swept under the rug for eons.

The child actor starring in some of the biggest teen films from the 1980s – “The Goonies,” “Gremlins,” “Stand by Me,” “License to Drive,” “The Lost Boys” – for years has been warning us about “the problem.” Feldman sounded off on a 2011 ABC Nightline episode:

I can tell you that the No. 1 problem in Hollywood was and is and always will be pedophilia. That’s the biggest problem for children in this industry… It’s the big secret.[11]

And he and his best friend the late Corey Haim should know. They met at 14 years of age when they co-starred together in “The Lost Boys.” While making the film “Lucas,” a 13-year old Corey Haim was approached on the set by an adult male claiming that the Hollywood norm was older guys always showed the younger boys in the business the sexual ropes, rationalizing that “all guys do it” as some sort of twisted Hollywood rite of passage. According to a number of inside sources including former actor Dominick Brascia last November 2017, that “older man” who sodomized Corey Haim was 19-year old perennial “bad boy” Charlie Sheen, who costarred with the young Corey Haim in “Lucas.”[12] With the rape said to occur in a bullying, pressured way initiated by Sheen, Haim submitting at 13 can hardly be considered consensual, and obviously both illegal and predatory in nature. Of course the now HIV infected Sheen categorically denied the original National Enquirer headlines.

It was reported that right after the sex in 1986, Sheen coldly rejected Corey Haim. Years later prior to his death Corey told friends that when Haim was in his 20s he and Charlie Sheen had consensual sex a second and final occasion. But by that time Corey Haim was already over Charlie the big star calling him “a loser.” Though Corey Feldman has never publicly confirmed that Sheen was the pedophile who first raped his best friend, he did admit it was “a Hollywood superstar,”[13] which of course Charlie went on to becoming before his own reckless fall from grace, and Feldman has never had anything positive to say about Sheen, alluding to causing harm to Feldman’s close associates.

When Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were later starring in a reality show together in 2006, Feldman asked his best friend:

Why don’t you just tell them the truth finally and get it out?

Feldman said that the 34-year old Corey Haim’s torturous reply was:

Because he’ll kill me. He will kill me.[14]

Corey Haim was convinced his rapist, most likely the notorious HIV infected sex-aholic train wreck Charlie Sheen, would place a professional hit on him to have him murdered. This very sad and telling statement explains why victims historically don’t publicly identify their perpetrators in this insulated, who-you-know town where local police departments are bribed into protecting the most powerful local criminals. As is this book’s running theme, pedophilia among the elite is simply accepted business as usual and all victims be damned, after all they’re expendables with no power at all. That’s the way it’s always been… until perhaps now as the tide appears to be finally turning.

But pedophilia, barely hidden in plain sight, has been peddled and practiced from the earliest days of Hollywood’s silent and talking pictures. The name “Hollywood” itself originated with the Druidic tradition of the holly tree as the witchcraft wand that casts its occult spells on the public through the magical motion pictures projected off the big silver screen.[15] Much has been written about the early 20th century founding Hollywood studio moguls being Cabbalist Jews and closeted practicing Satanists.[16] Satan, sodomy and pedophilia go together as this book title alludes, and no more have they been blended into one permanent fixture than in Hollywood. An anonymous studio executive has referred to pedophilia as “a time-honored tradition in this town.”[17]

A brief look at the career of the industry’s most famous child star in movie history – Shirley Temple – epitomizes how pedophilia has long been embedded as a transparent constant. Starting at the age of 3 in 1931, Shirley’s little assets were mined for the prurient interests of middle aged pedophiles who quickly became her most rabid fans while she was featured as a pint-sized harlot in a 3-5 aged all-child cast series of “Baby Burlesks” films from 1931-33.[18] A revealing 13-minute documentary plumbs the plethora of pedophilic themes permeating Shirley Temple’s earliest productions.[19] And the exploitive pornographic elements followed her subsequent feature films when she emerged as Hollywood’s biggest box office star for four straight years during the 1930s Depression era. Later Vladimir Nabokov’s #1 bestselling novel and popular film “Lolita,” depicting a pedophilic obsessive love affair as its central plot, directly stole scene after scene from the child prodigy’s earlier sex-laden filmography. Like Disney Pictures,[20] the Shirley Temple products also transmit a subliminal yet not-so-secret, hidden-in-plain-sight sexual agenda designed to contaminate and warp the formative, impressionable unconscious minds and values of generation after generation of children in both America and the world while primarily intending to appeal to the titillating perverted interests of lurking pedophilic predators.

Shirley Temple Black recounted in her autobiography a meeting in 1939 at MGM Studios with producer Arthur Freed when he exposed himself to the 11-year old star while MGM head Louis B. Mayer was simultaneously groping Shirley’s mother in his office.[21] Ostensibly the one-on-ones had to do with casting Shirley Temple as Dorothy in “The Wizard of Oz,” which of course went to Judy Garland who later blamed Mayer as the pedophile who molested her repeatedly and ruined her life.[22] Shirley Temple Black admitted that on multiple occasions in her youth, she encountered pedophilic advances from the biggest producers, directors and actors in Hollywood, among them David Selznick, Samuel G. Engel and George Jessel.[23] Likely she withheld her darkest Hollywood tales from public disclosure. Then at the invitation of NWO globalist Henry Kissinger, Shirley Temple Black worked in the US State Department in various capacities from 1967-1992 while married to a former naval intelligence officer. Shirley was the subject of much speculation as a mind controlled Illuminati operative and in 2014 at age 85, no doubt she took countless pedo-cabal secrets to her grave.

Fast forward to anti-pedophile crusader Corey Feldman and his family roots coming from a highly dysfunctional Jewish American family. Corey’s two narcissistic parents parasitically bled their young breadwinner dry since he was 7, stealing millions from him so that the emancipated youth had to start from scratch with no money at age 15. Beginning in a McDonald’s commercial at age three, for the next dozen years Corey Feldman quickly grew into his parents’ conveniently exploited cash cow, failing to either protect or love Corey as every child needs from his parents. Instead Corey’s mother was a narcissistic former Playboy model who suffered from depression and drug addiction while his father was a musician who got high with his young son.[24]

Former child star Alison Arngrin who played Nellie on the iconic 1980s TV hit series “Little House on the Prairie” has stated:

In Hollywood, there are parents who will practically prostitute their kids in the hope they can make money and get ahead. It is a horrible trap that the kids are in.[25]

Deprived of a normal childhood and healthy adult role models who truly cared for him, Corey Feldman fell increasingly susceptible to outside family influence. A two bit actor in his 20s named John Grissom hired by Corey’s father as the child star’s personal assistant began sexually molesting Corey at age 14, regularly supplying him with alcohol, marijuana and pills.[26] As the sexual abuse increased and became more widespread, Grissom soon introduced cocaine and heroin to the troubled teenager. Amongst the predation network of Hollywood hangers-on, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim were passed around as boy toys to the pedo shark friends lurking at every turn within the entertainment community. Since his book publisher required the use of pseudonyms to prevent potential lawsuits and in so doing, protect the guilty, Corey referred to Jon Grissom in his autobiography as “Ron Crimson”:

I had taken some pills, some concoction that Ron had made up… Ron came over and sat down next to me, a triple-X magazine in his hands … Ron started touching me, reaching across my thigh to the crotch of my pants… When I woke up, he was on me, touching me, tugging on the zipper of my pants. I realized it was happening again.[27]

Feldman stated that pedophile Grissom still displays photos of two Coreys as sex trophies on his Facebook page, adding:

He still taunts it and flaunts it.[28]

Pedophilic predators in Hollywood never choose their prey randomly. Again Alison Arngrin specifies that:

They are typically very careful when choosing. They look for kids whose parents are maybe going through a divorce, are very naïve, suffering with addiction problems, or are simply crazy stage parents who will look the other way.[29]

From a Fox News article a half decade ago:

There are also parents who don’t want to rock the boat, even after finding out their child was abused. A source told FOX411 that a member of a well-known band recently found out that his underage child was having sexual relations with another successful industry figure 25-30 years her senior. The incident was brushed under the rug out of fear of ruining the reputation of the perpetrator and his colleagues.[30]

Amidst the Weinstein scandal last fall, as a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, Corey Feldman outed two other pedophiles as his sexual tormenters – convicted pedophile and child talent manager Marty Weiss who was among the perps exposed in the acclaimed 2014 documentary “An Open Secret.” Marty Weiss’ job was searching for boy talent for both Nickelodeon and Disney and besides Feldman, he found 11-year old Evan Henzi to sexually abuse 30-40 times from age 12-15.[31] Finally after years of trauma, Evan bravely pressed charges resulting in the Weiss conviction. However, a plea deal meant upon sentencing (one year and five months), the serial pedophile was immediately released from prison after only serving 6 months given credit for time awaiting trial. Such travesty of justice only doubles the victim’s suffering whose reaction was:

I’m angry at the legal system. I blamed myself and felt guilty. Going back to the beginning, I realized that was not the case and it was just me trying to believe that everyone was good in the world and knew better than me. Now that I’m older, I know it was just sick. You don’t have sex with an 11-year-old kid.[32]

Feldman’s other outed perp on the Oz show was Alphy Hoffman, son of a major casting director at a top Hollywood studio who happened to run an informal teen club for child actors called Alphy’s Soda Pop Club.[33] Hoffman’s teen parties were largely adult unsupervised and a magnet for slimy industry pedophiles taking full advantage of an “easy pickings” situation.

Because Corey Feldman for all his courage and fortitude has received multiple death threats, including one from an A-lister who notoriously uses his threats as his calling card, this perp remains one of three other individuals that Feldman alleges are major pedophiles whose identities are still withheld.[34] Feldman clarified that he knows of the A-lister’s abuse but maintains that he never himself was victimized by him. Corey has chosen not to disclose his name fearing the safety of both his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell and as his 13-year old son Zen Scott Feldman who Corey as a protective parent will not permit his kid to be in show business.

At one point Corey Feldman reached out to Michael Jackson who also had his childhood robbed and the two quickly bonded. Corey insists that Michael never took advantage of him and that Michael provided the healthiest adult male relationship Corey ever had while growing up. But when Jackson was misinformed that Feldman was planning to release a negative portrayal of the superstar in Corey’s upcoming autobiography, hounded by sex abuse charges, the paranoid Michael Jackson abruptly, prematurely severed their once close friendship.[35]

Because from age 16-18 Feldman was arrested on drug charges while struggling with addiction and sexual abuse, his acting roles as an adult began quickly drying up. Once Corey Feldman cleaned himself up, reinventing himself to form his own rock band, eventually he began talking about pedophilia in Hollywood. But no one took him seriously. Repeatedly on national television even in recent years such mainstream media mainstays as Barbara Walters in 2013 accused Corey of denigrating the industry[36] and last year Matt Lauer badgered him over never releasing his pedophiles’ names.[37] Of course like fellow sexual predator Charlie Rose, Lauer himself was soon outed and dismissed by NBC for what turns out to be years of his sexual harassment against women.

Corey Feldman wanted to name names in his 2013 memoir Coreyography, but his publisher refused. Matt Lauer also kept chastising Feldman for not going to the police when in fact Cory has repeatedly reported all the crimes and perps’ identities to the police, as early as 1993 when interviewed by the Santa Barbara police regarding the Michael Jackson witch hunt investigation. Corey stated that he gave every pedophile’s name to law enforcement but to no avail as nearly all his perps are still walking around as free men employed in an industry that doesn’t care about abusing children as long as it’s allowed to continue operating with complete impunity.

For years Corey Feldman disclosed that there exists a not-so-secret club of pedophiles that have remained untouched and still working regularly as producers, directors, actors, publicists, managers, casting directors, photographers, assistants and in virtually every trade capacity within the Hollywood industry, forever preying on children and adolescents. He maintains that a child sex ring has long flourished in insulated secrecy protecting the sodomizing power players from any and all consequences, exactly the same way that so many pedophile politicians, priests and royalty have also gotten away with their egregious crimes.

After Feldman’s buddy Corey Haim was sodomized at 13, Haim never fully recovered, taking to alcohol and drugs while very young to numb himself from the ongoing pain, shame and trauma, tragically dying at the premature age of 38 due to complications from pneumonia, but undoubtedly more so from his years of sexual abuse as a once teen actor heartthrob.[38] Decades later in 2006 while nearly broken and already considered over-the-hill in their mid-30s, “The Two Coreys” were once again reunited and featured as an A&E reality show series that turned into a zoo-like public spectacle. In one memorable episode each pathetically accuses the other of never supporting or coming to his aid when they were both being passed around and horribly abused.[39] Though sadly each’s claims had never been taken seriously and their pedophilia ring of known sodomizers were left unimpeded to continue abusing the next generations of Hollywood kids, despite their anguished public plight increasingly still “an open secret,” few within the industry dared to back up the Coreys’ disturbing contentions. As mentioned earlier, a former child actress who boldly did was Alison Arngrim, stating on Fox News in 2011:

This has been going on for a very long time, it was the gossip back in the ‘80s. People said, ‘Oh yeah, the Coreys, everyone’s had them.’ People talked about it like it was not a big deal. I literally heard that they were ‘passed around.’ The word was that they were given drugs and being used for sex. It was awful – these were kids, they weren’t 18 yet. There were all sorts of stories about everyone from their, quote, ‘set guardians’ on down that these two had been sexually abused and were totally being corrupted in every possible way.[40]

Yet the ugly truth in plain sight was ignored. While the epidemic of pedophilia perps committed by Catholic priests was showcased in the Oscar winning 2015 film “Spotlight,”[41] depicting how the sensational Boston Globe headlines initially broke the horrendous sex abuse scandal within the Catholic Church in 2002,[42] the same egregious crimes committed in Hollywood were always met with a “ho hum” response in the jaded, sexually promiscuous, “anything goes” entertainment industry. But to the actual victims, it was never ho hum but an indelibly imprinted, lifelong torture plaguing them right to the end. Addicted for years to both prescription and illegal drugs, Corey Haim made the other Corey promise should Haim die first that Feldman would expose the scourge that afflicts so many vulnerable young actors and entertainers in Hollywood.[43] And since his best friend’s death in March 2010, Corey Feldman has made it his personal mission in life to publicly reveal this shameful epidemic that’s long gripped the entertainment capital of the world. But unfortunately his warnings were never properly heeded, nor given their due diligence to eradicate this despicable blight, that is until the Weinstein disclosures revealing the widespread victimization of adult women. But in contrast, today no adult woman disclosing she’d been raped would ever be subjected to the same level of ridicule, doubt and scorn heaped upon Corey Feldman.

Corey Haim’s death at such an early age typifies the hapless fate of so many former Hollywood child stars. The myth that they fail to adjust and thrive past their youth because they somehow cannot transition to adulthood is what Hollywood’s powerful pedophiles who used and abused them as children would rather the public believe. Drug and alcohol abuse invariably becomes a symptom of those suffering from child sexual abuse. The notion that child stars in their heyday are bursting with talent and star power but when they grow up suddenly lose all their acting skills and creative talent to continue earning a living is ludicrous. The Hollywood pedo-machine by its very brutal nature exploits children, after using and abusing them, simply chews them up and spits them out as has-beens at 18. Co-founder Anne Henry of the BizParentz Foundation that assists and protects children in the entertainment industry estimates that at least 75% of those child actors who “went off the rails” suffered from child sexual abuse.[44] And the list grows longer of former child stars who tragically die far too young.[45]

Revelations of the #Me Too crowd are rushing in droves to publicly out powerful male predators like Harvey Weinstein who never held accountable for decades because female victims knew they’d never be believed and their careers would come to a crashing halt. In the prevailing age of deception where total lack of transparency and rampant corruption rule, it was never safe for victims with lesser power to dare accuse their perpetrators of their monstrous crimes. But fortunately those days may finally be over. Now that the culture of silence has ultimately been lifted protecting powerful predators in the form of serial rapists and chronic sexual harassers routinely victimizing adult women, the next phase of disclosure and tip of the iceberg currently being ushered in is confronting the hordes of guilty destroyers of children’s lives who’ve forever gotten away with the most heinous crimes of all, predation on our most innocent and defenseless population. In this emerging age of truth and accountability with 15 accusers, Kevin Spacey was among the first big pedophile stars to go down,[46] of course already blemished by his part in the exposed Epstein scandal. While attending his fellow pedos Bill Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express African AIDS tour in 2002, Kevin Spacey subsequently bragged in his social circles how he paid off parents of African boys he defiled, even writing it off as a tax deduction.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein exposure, sex abuse victim Corey Feldman gained 30,000 more followers on Twitter overnight, imploring him to identify his perpetrators and emboldening him to pursue his lifelong crusade against child molesters in Hollywood.[47] At the crest of the Weinberg controversy last November, Corey Feldman once again submitted his own abuse report based on direct observations and personal experience to LAPD decrying the longtime existence of an established pedophile ring operating within the entertainment community. Corey’s words on a 2011 Nightline:

I was surrounded by them [pedophiles] when I was 14 years old. Surrounded. Literally. Didn’t even know it. It wasn’t until I was old enough to realize what they were and what they wanted, and what they were about. … Oh my God, they were everywhere, like vultures.[48]

Upon receiving Corey’s report, the LAPD pretended to initiate its first inquiry ever into Feldman’s charges but a mere day later stated it was closing its mock investigation due to statute of limitations running out on Feldman’s claims, i.e., business as usual pretending an organized child sex ring does not exist in Hollywood. And once again, powerful predators at the top of the food chain get protected at more children’s expense. Corey has publicly lamented in prior interviews how unlike other states such as New York, the pedo-elites ensure that existing California law on statute of limitations applied to the world’s entertainment pedophile epicenter conveniently shields the criminals when pedophilia victims age out at 40.[49] Despite turning 47 in July 2018, Corey Feldman is currently spearheading a petition to eliminate statute of limitation laws across America for pedophilia crimes. Of course that would represent an enormous breakthrough against the pedo-cabal. So don’t hold your breath.

A week later Newsweek interviewed Corey with the sensationalized article title that seems designed to intentionally further undermine his growing credibility: “Corey Feldman: ‘Demonic’ Force Motivated Him to Expose Alleged Pedophiles in Hollywood.”[50] Yet his explanation of why he must do what he is doing is very much grounded in an all too credible reality:

I believe that pedophilia in Hollywood is the symptom of a huge network motivated by dark forces. People cover up stories like this for power, for greed, and they choose to ignore victims because they don’t want to have to think about what they did or didn’t do that led to kids being in harm’s way.[51]

Corey has also launched a campaign funding drive to raise $10 million in order to produce a fictionalized feature film that tells his story exposing the sickos in Hollywood like never before. Feldman did not want to do a documentary partly because an excellent, emotionally heartfelt portrayal of pedophilia in Hollywood has already been covered by Oscar nominated Emily Berg in her 2014 documentary exposé “An Open Secret.”[52] The film profiles five victimized former child actors and their litany of perpetrators, documenting the untold damage incurred by suffering victims, immersing the audience in a rarified agonizing glimpse into the permanently scarred lives affected by child sex abuse. Of course those in power in Hollywood led by the guilty attempted at every turn to sabotage the film’s success from ever getting released and distributed in theaters, film festivals, cable networks as well as the internet. While Emily Berg had earned an Oscar nomination for her 2006 documentary “Deliver Us from Evil,” exposing pedophilia within the Catholic Church, when she dared exposing pedophilia in Hollywood’s own backyard, she got the cold shoulder of overt censorship and couldn’t even find distribution.[53] Co-producer Matthew Valentinas makes the poignant argument:

Animals have more protections and rights on a film set than children do.[54]

While child victims have no rights, child rapists remain protected. Likewise, a truth teller faces lawsuits from the guilty. Emily Berg was threatened with lawsuits by the trade union SAG-AFTRA because the film demonstrates how convicted pedophiles in the Hollywood industry are regularly allowed to continue working with children.[55] In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, the film’s producers of “An Open Secret” made it freely available on the internet but again were met with open resistance from the “Hollywood Elite,” (i.e. the pedo perps who own and run the entertainment industry). Another of the film’s producers Gabe Hoffman explained that with a 94% approval rating from the film critics website,[56] the film was openly welcomed by the Cannes, LA, Toronto and London film festivals. But after the greenlight was given by mid-level festival executives, two weeks later the higher-ups reneged on the invitation at every festival, because the Hollywood pedophile machine pressured officials to refuse showing “An Open Secret” or else.[57]

Through interviews with abuse victims, Berg’s film exposes the network of working homosexual pedophiles thriving in the film industry while exploiting and preying on underage boy actors, focusing on the criminality perpetrated by the three founders of the Digital Entertainment Network (DEN). The company was led by tech entrepreneur Marc Collins-Rector, his younger boyfriend Chad Shackley and Disney child star (The Mighty Ducks, First Kid) Brock Pierce, who as one of DEN’s VPs at 17, was earning a quarter million dollars a year.[58] In a remarkably short time they raised $65 million to begin providing streaming online content featuring the fictional exploits of a sexually confused teenager who moves in with his older brother and his boyfriend into their mansion in the hills that in real life was the DEN trio’s Encino residence.

In “An Open Secret” the former child stars explain in cringing detail that throughout the late 1990s and early 2000’s Rector and his well-connected Hollywood friends were gaining quite the reputation for throwing huge pool parties predominantly attended by industry homosexual pedophiles and targeted underage male actors. As is predatory standard operating procedure, the adult perps would heavily drug the teenage boys before committing sexual assault.

The biggest name associated with these child raping orgies was the director of such acclaimed blockbusters as “The Usual Suspects” (starring fellow predator pedophile Kevin Spacey) and the “X-Men” series – Bryan Singer.[59] But as long as this A-lister bigwig kept churning out multimillion dollar box office hits like the first two X-Men grossing over $700 million, somehow offering enough wiggle room for Singer to weasel out of lawsuits from multiple victims he allegedly wined and dined, then drugged and raped, which once again only proves that if you live in high enough places, you stay unreachable. With a number of accusers, Singer reputedly has a habit of brutally sodomizing teenage boys on a regular basis. Bryan Singer’s most publicized case was pursued by former child actor and model Michael Egan featured in “An Open Secret.”

But in December 2017 yet another lawsuit has been filed against the famous director for forcing a 17-year old boy to perform oral sex on him prior to anally raping the minor aboard a yacht party in 2003.[60] The usual threats were made should the victim ever come forth. Once the litigation was announced, the volatile director was promptly fired from his current project “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a Freddie Mercury biopic. This came after Singer reportedly threw an object at the lead actor while another actor quit over tense conflicts with the high-strung, oft-accused predator who clearly has a problem keeping his dick from boys’ orifices. Like Spacey, his success went to his head thinking he was too important and powerful to go down. Like Kevin, he was wrong.

Despite the once bigtime director Bryan Singer being a regular on the shameful druggie-boy toy pool party circuit,[61] hosted by the likes of convicted pedo Marc Collins-Rector, lawsuits piling up against him have barely affected his career nor his unlawful predatory compulsions. However, it was proven in a court of law in Hawaii that his buddy Rector wrecked the rectum belonging to Michael Egan amongst other boys. Along with several other victims Egan sued Rector claiming that Rector forced him to have sex at gunpoint threatening to shoot him in the head if he continued resisting.[62] Rector was a fugitive for a while before being caught in England and extradited back to the US to face trial and conviction.

Even though two fellow DEN investors and fellow boy lovers both named in Egan’s lawsuit having widely known reputations within the industry for child sexual abuse, in the end neither Bryan Singer nor producer Gary Goddard were prosecuted. Instead, rather than Singer going to jail, it was Egan who went, branded with a 2-year prison sentence over an unrelated fraud investment charge.[63] Punishment for daring to attempt to hold powerful child rapists accountable? You be the judge. Meanwhile, well known actor Anthony Edwards bravely wrote an emotional piece at last November outlining how Gary Goddard posing as his mentor, teacher and “friend,” sodomized him at age 14.[64]

You may be asking yourself is pedophilia in Hollywood getting any worse. BizParentz Foundation’s Anne Henry says that the problem that Feldman alluded to has only grown more alarming in recent years:

Pedophiles and predators in Hollywood are just as rampant today, if not more so. The entertainment industry is much larger than it was in their [Feldman and Haim’s] day. Think how many cable channels there are. In Corey’s day, there were channels 2-13. We also have the Internet today, which allows predators to virtually stalk and contact child actors in a more personal way.[65]

Corey Feldman’s current assessment concurs, pedophilia is becoming more rampant in Hollywood:

It’s more now than ever because nowadays you can use the internet to create fake profiles and fake accounts. They reach out to little kids on Twitter, they reach out to little kids on Facebook, and they say, ‘I’m a big producer and I can help you.’ With social media we have more access than ever to everybody. It’s a growing problem, not a shrinking problem.[66]

As another example of how the industry notoriously and chronically looks the other way, meet convicted pedophile writer-director Victor Salva, who in 1988 three full decades ago, was found guilty of five counts of oral copulation with a child under 14, lewd and lascivious conduct and procuring a child for pornography.[67] A 1986 Salva film short had so impressed famed director Francis Ford Coppola that he produced the pedophile’s first feature length film that same year – “Clownhouse.” It was then that Victor Salva began sexually abusing Nicholas Winters, the 12-year old boy starring in Salva’s film. The director prohibited the boy’s mother from the set, claiming Nicholas couldn’t work with his mother watching. The mother grew suspicious and confronted her son, who admitted:

I have a secret and I can’t tell anyone.[68]

Police raided the pedo-director’s home and found pornographic material that included a homemade video of Salva engaging in oral sex with his child star. Despite the earlier conviction, Salva served only 15 more months of a three year sentence before being released in 1989 and weaseling his way right back into business with an industry welcoming him again with open arms. The Winters family sued Coppola’s production company for $5 billion and wound up with only $100,000. From prison, Salva had written a screenplay that he later was greenlighted to direct – the 1995 film “Powder” distributed by Disney’s Hollywood Pictures.[69] Despite Disney knowing yet hiring this criminal pervert and now twice convicted pedophile, Salva was never in any way hindered from the project, regularly hanging out with underage children hired as extras, allowing them to sit in his director’s chair and frequently lunching with them [and likely on them]. Thus, for three straight decades in Hollywood, this child rapist’s career has remained untouched by his criminal past and been allowed to continue prospering while working nonstop directly with children, directing his latest feature “Jeepers Creepers 3” released in October 2017.[70] Bottom line, if perps make money for the Hollywood studios, they stay employed regardless of how many children’s lives get destroyed in the process.

Another shameful story is Hollywood casting director James Murphy, responsible for scouting and hiring children in some of the most successful films in the last 15 years including “School of Rock” and “Super 8.” Before his career in Hollywood, while living in Seattle, an obsessed Murphy “fell in love” with a little boy in a nearby elementary school, kidnapping him disguised as a woman in 1996 and taking him to New York City where he was spotted by a hotel clerk who recognized him from “America’s Most Wanted.”[71] Murphy was arrested on kidnapping and molestation charges and did time as a convicted pedophile. But just five years after the Seattle abduction, he was at it again, this time working as a Hollywood casting director choosing child actors for big movies. Eventually his sordid past caught up to him, again no help from an industry caught looking the other way to allow another serial predator access to working with hundreds of vulnerable kids.

Bob Villard became Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire’s manager along with scores of other child actors over the years. Yet prior to those two even beginning their careers, in 1987 Villard was arrested for child pornography but the prosecution blew the case and the pedophile was set free.[72] For the next 14 years Villard continued working in Hollywood until his criminal pastime, collecting photos of underage boys, finally did put him behind bars in 2001. But an incredibly short time later, in 2005 the molester was caught yet again sexually assaulting a 13-year old potential client he’d been lusting after. Hollywood shamefully allowed this pedophile to sexually act out and get caught three times after damaging countless victims prior to finally prohibiting him from working again in the field.

A final case in this ever-so-brief sampling of working pedophiles in Hollywood who fall into the “catch and release” file, comes Jason Michael Handy. But keep in mind that hundreds more convicted pedophiles are also “handy” even today, still lurking at every level of the business to molest, rape and sodomize more kids every chance they get. And even worse is the fact that perhaps a thousand times that number are/were/will be working in the entertainment industry but their sex crimes have yet to be noticed or caught… or if deemed big enough, they simply continue secretly buying off their victims with hush money and non-disclosure agreements.

But back to Mr. Handy, who in his private journal identified himself as a “pedophile, full blown.” Using a telephoto lens, this peeping pedophile snapped over a thousand pictures of little girls frolicking at an elementary school across the street from his home.[73] As a Malibu church volunteer, he worked regularly with 6-year old kids. But as a production assistant at Nickelodeon, one of the biggest producers of children’s television programs, he was granted unlimited access to children both on and off the set. Introducing himself as a bigtime Nickelodeon producer to underage girls both off and online, Handy promised two girls stardom with careers in television that he soon molested, forever shattering their hopes and dreams if not lives. In 2004 the predator was convicted on two felony counts, a lewd act on a child and distributing child pornography as well as a misdemeanor for child sexual exploitation. After his prison time, in 2009 Jason Michael Handy moved east to North Carolina where he was forced to register as a convicted sex offender.[74] But a decade after his first conviction, the serial pedophile was again charged with three more counts of indecent liberties on a child and two sex offender violations. You have to wonder how many lives this pervert ruined of victims who never reported his crimes.

Turning to long overdue rude reckonings revisited upon two aging A-listers, Roman Polanski and Woody Allen have yet to legally pay for their alleged sex crimes. Prior to Weiner or WeinGate’s sea changing wave, or more like still breaking tsunami, an amnesic minute ago hypocritical Hollywood was busily rallying behind the “gross injustice” for decades hanging over the “much maligned” filmmaker Roman Polanski for his “indiscretion” so many years ago when the then 44-year old director admitted to drugging and raping a 13-year old American girl that ever since has him living as a fugitive on the run from US law.[75]

Of course the Hollywood community may also have extended sympathy for the director for 8 years earlier losing his 8-months pregnant actress wife Sharon Tate in the tragic bloody 1969 Laurel Canyon murders at the satanic hands of the CIA-linked Charles Manson clan.[76] While Sharon and her unborn child and others were being brutally stabbed to death, the pedophile A-lister was still filming what would become a horror classic about the devil growing inside Mia Farrow after Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey playing Satan himself had impregnated Rosemary in “Rosemary’s Baby.”[77] Veteran journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody emphatically claims that Roman Polanski was a member of the same Hollywood satanic coven he asserts Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson were the “shot callers” that stabbed Polanski’s wife and unborn child to death in a satanic blood sacrifice.[78]

Right after pleading guilty in 1977 to raping Samantha Geimer (formerly Gailey) at Jack Nicholson’s house (who was away at the time), the infamous director Polanski fled America before he was issued a lengthy 50 year prison sentence, after the judge had changed his mind to renege on an extremely light plea bargain deal.[79] As both a French-Polish dual citizen, over the next four decades the admitted pedophile has successfully evaded the law and been allowed to freely work, travel, accept accolades from a pedo-friendly, pedo-saturated industry and live unobstructed in luxury in various homes in Europe. But worst of all the serial pedophile was free to rape more minors.

Then just when it appeared he too was completely immune from the law, after Polanski’s arrival in Zurich, Switzerland in September 2009 to accept a distinguished international award for outstanding lifetime achievement in the film industry, under US pressure the Swiss police suddenly arrested him.[80] While awaiting a decision from Swiss authorities on his US extradition, Polanski was briefly jailed though soon allowed house arrest in his Swiss chalet home while the Bern government decided whether or not to comply with the US extradition request. Ultimately in July 2010, the Swiss justice minister announced that Polanski would not be extradited back to America.[81] So the child rapist dodged yet another bullet.

Just as the Weinstein headlines were surfacing, Polanski smugly told The Hollywood Reporter last October that his 1977 rape case was “over,” claiming he paid for his crime serving time briefly in 1977 and again in 2009.[82] But the truth of the matter is, Roman Polanski not only illegally avoided years behind bars for his admitted US pedophilic crime, he also escaped added time as an international fugitive and has never faced any other subsequent charges or prosecution as a serial pedophile. It’s come out that he allegedly raped a number of other underage victims. In the meantime, no doubt mindful of this, in August 2017 the presiding Los Angeles judge is keeping the 1977 Geimer case still open despite the victim’s request to dismiss it, for her merciful sake pleading the judge to leave it behind.[83]

Immediately after his brief detainment in Zurich in 2009, over 100 film industry notables including alleged fellow pedophile Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Wong Kar Wai, Harmony Korine, Stephen Frears, Alexander Payne, Michael Mann, Wim Wenders, Tilda Swinton, Julian Schnabel, and Pedro Almodovar all signed a petition demanding Polanski’s release from custody.[84] Meanwhile, despite five more women coming forth in recent years to accuse Roman Polanski that they too were sexually assaulted as underage girls, with one exception all occurring during the 1970s, and one claiming to be only 10-years old at the time, other than his high profile 1977 conviction, Roman Polanski denies he molested any other victims.[85] British actress Charlotte Lewis who made a film with Polanski in 1986 claimed in 2010 that in 1982 (a half decade after he admitted raping the 13-year old) at age 16, the serial pedophile forced himself on her as well.[86]

Last year a former German actress accused Polanski in 1972 (prior to his California case) of bringing the then 15-year old back to his chalet outside of Bern on the promise of an acting role in his next movie prior to proceeding to rape her.[87] After apologizing for his crime, he cast her in a small role in the film “Che?” but then allegedly raped her a second time at a house in Rome. In November 2017 the victim’s hopes of her day in court were thwarted, again due to statute of limitation laws, this time in Europe. So once again due to the unbroken history of a broken legal system that globally protects powerful pedophiles, all investigations into this director’s serial sex crimes have been dropped and the 84-year old Polanski remains a free man to live out the rest of his days on earth outside America in peace and serenity, unlike his multiple victims.

Regarding the other high profile pedo-case involving another famously renowned octogenarian director, the 2014 open letter confession of Woody Allen’s alleged victimized daughter Dylan Farrow in the New York Times[88] and a recent CBS interview weighing in with her side of the 1992 molestation incident[89] both took a New York minute to hardly make a splash before too soon forgotten. Dylan graphically disclosed her father’s sexual abuse perpetrated when she was 7 inside her Connecticut home:

I was taken to a small attic crawl space in my mother’s country house in Connecticut by my father. He instructed me to lay down on my stomach and play with my brother’s toy train that was set up. And he sat behind me in the doorway, and as I played with the toy train, I was sexually assaulted. As a 7-year old I would say, I would have said he touched my private parts. Which I did say. As a 32-year old, he touched my labia and my vulva with his finger.[90]

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To dodge this legal bullet over a quarter century ago, Woody Allen opportunistically used his celebrity clout and sequence of events to categorically dismiss his longtime partner Mia Farrow’s original molestation claims. Allen labeled Mia as the scorned wife reacting vengefully upon discovering nude Polaroid photos of another Farrow daughter – then 21-year old Soon-Yi with legs spread apart sitting on a couch taken by Woody at his stepdaughter’s suggestion.[91] And the epic battle over custody of their three shared children was launched. The judge not only gave full custody of their three kids to Mia but prohibited contact between all of them except monitored visitation with his son Ronan (then named Satchel).

It’s also noteworthy to add that in 1993 the Connecticut state attorney’s office lead investigative prosecutor believed that Allen did sexually abuse Dylan with “probable cause” to prosecute. But Mia Farrow and he did not want to further impose more trauma on the 7-year old with a trial, sadly giving Allen a free pass with the decision not to prosecute.[92] To this day Dylan Farrow still lives with the sex abuse trauma and laments and regrets that she too was denied her day in court. Meanwhile, the 82-year old director continues making movies with full backing of the Hollywood elite, box office audiences and adoring loyal fans. But from Dylan’s POV, witnessing decades of her father’s consistent lying and denials has hurt her to the core. With young children of her own, today Dylan Farrow is working tirelessly to help prevent child abuse in her support of other abuse victims.

Her brother Ronan Farrow has come to his sister’s defense, believing his father Woody Allen did sexually assault his two year older sister.[93] As the journalist instrumental in breaking the Harvey Weinstein story,[94] Ronan personally knows from his own painful family history how his father’s PR spin machine used historically by powerful male predators as a weapon against courageous young victims daring to speak the truth, are always put through the fire of relentless campaign smears, character assassination and a hellish nightmare of judgment and condemnation. He witnessed this firsthand with both his mother and sister when branded “crazy, coached, and vindictive” Jezebels.[95]

As a journalist in recent years while covering the Bill Cosby cover-up just prior to Cosby’s denial bubble popping, Ronan encountered the complicity and collusion of the mainstream media shielding and protecting big name pedophiles and sexual abusers in MSM’s good ol’ boys [and girls] network.[96] Access to stars depends on the symbiotic partnership between the star machine and the press. Thus delving into too personal or controversial ground is considered taboo and off limits. A typical example is his own sister’s story. The New York Times limited her “confession” to 936 words within Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Nicholas Kristof’s article full of caveats that initially ran on Kristof’s blog site. In contrast, shortly afterwards the NYT provided the accused twice as much print space centrally positioned in prime section without caveats.

Journalist Ronan Farrow initially opposed his sister going public with her story, reviving old painful memories, but something he would later regret. In a May 2016 Hollywood Reporter article, he wrote:

I believe my sister. This was always true as a brother who trusted her, and, even at 5 years old, was troubled by our father’s strange behavior around her: climbing into her bed in the middle of the night, forcing her to suck his thumb – behavior that had prompted him to enter into therapy focused on his inappropriate conduct with children prior to the allegations… I’ve approached the case as an attorney and a reporter, and found her allegations to be credible. The facts are persuasive and well documented… The only final legal disposition is a custody ruling that found Woody Allen’s behavior ‘grossly inappropriate’ and stressed that ‘measures must be taken to protect [Dylan].’[97]

With all the commotion stirred up by the Weinstein #Me Too movement, Woody’s old pedophilic tendencies came back to once again bite him in his scrawny little ass. Stars from Woody Allen’s past movies including Colin Firth, Greta Gerwig and Mira Sorvino have lined up to publicly apologize and distance themselves, expressing regret over ever working with the infamous director.[98] Meanwhile Timothée Chalamet, the star of Allen’s current film “A Rainy Day in New York,” announced all his earnings from the movie will go to women’s advocacy groups. But Allen’s closest allies and friends like Diane Keaton have recently rushed to his defense. In a late January 2018 tweet Keaton says she still believes Allen and urges watching an old 1992 60 Minutes interview where Allen publicly defends himself.[99] Another tweet from controversial actor Alec Baldwin cruelly likens Woody’s incest victim Dylan to the character in To Kill a Mockingbird who makes up the lie that she was raped by an innocent man.[100]

Yet another rich and famous entertainer who escaped paying for his long buried pedo-crimes is the seminal rock n’ roll legend and Eagles front man Don Henley. Back in his heavy drug days amidst his many mind-altering stupors, Henley made it a regular habit to repeatedly rape teenage girls. On a November night just before Thanksgiving 1980, Don called up his procuring madam to round up some new young flesh for his illegal carnal addiction.[101] With an unlimited supply of cocaine, Quaaludes, marijuana and alcohol, the rocker drugged and raped a 15-year old runaway and a comatose 16-year old who shortly afterwards went into violent convulsions. Henley kept taking Polaroids throughout the night’s debauchery that the 15-year old smartly managed to slip under her clothes in spite of the arriving parade of paramedics, assigned order followers in suits and follow-up detectives. Just another rock n’ roller’s drug-infested orgy gone bad… all neatly cleaned up by his well-paid accomplices – entertainment handlers and legal fixers, spending lots of money colluding with corrupt law enforcement officials to effectively cover-up another batshit rocker’s messy crime scene.

After the convulsing 16-year old victim was released from the hospital and detoxed off of drugs at a local shelter, a year later she was found dead near the 101 freeway. Her friends and staff from the shelter claim that her demise was not caused by an accidental suicide as authorities so quickly ruled. The famous drummer boy even had the nerve to later pen a get-even song against the “bubble-headed beach blonde,” aka LA’s KABC channel 7 anchor Christine Lund for snooping into his “Dirty Laundry” business where newscasters seeking the ugly truth don’t belong, incredibly making himself richer as the self-proclaimed “victim.”[102]

In the meantime, the 15-year old runaway given cash and a one way bus ticket to leave town also ended up getting clean and in northern California went off to college, graduated, eventually married and now has children. Her husband, an up and coming state politician, is supporting the former runaway with the Polaroids’ plans to take Henley, his former manager Irving Azoff and former record label mogul David Geffen to court in 2018 allocating all future court settlement proceeds toward assisting sexually abused youth.[103] Don Henley of course joins hundreds of egomaniacal, high flying drug- and sex-crazed musicians, actors and politicians whose royalty lifestyle went to their heads always enabling them full impunity to destroy countless, nameless young lives sent to their early graves. But the dawning age of truth and accountability may just also be the age of karmic comeuppance for some of these heavy hitting aging pedophiles.

Another dark, lurid tale hidden deep in the Luciferian crime vault also from over a quarter century ago comes none other than the coke snorting, Mena Airport smuggling former governor[104] and pedo-prez Bill Clinton[105] (whose name somehow creeps into every chapter of this A-Z pedo-encyclopedia). Turns out that the late great comedian from the mid-1980s to early 90s, the notorious screamer comic Sam Kinison was assassinated, not the chance victim of a 1992 highway mishap on the way to Vegas as the media would have us believe. Nope, Sam and his wife were growing awfully nervous and agitated knowing that Bill and Sam’s drug habit was responsible for the overdose death of yet another underage statutory rape victim after Sam partied hardy with the Arkansas guv just prior to Bill’s POTUS run.[106] Uneasy over the Kinison liability, the demonic evildoers came up with their solution, get the dead girl’s teenage boyfriend to believe Sam supplied the drugs that killed her before raping her, and then sic the revengeful ex as the “killer on the road, his brain squirming like a toad” to avenge and neutralize Sam Kinison. And just like that, unencumbered by another potentially “messy” situation to interfere with their ambitious future lives, in November that same year Bill and Hillary were given the nod to merrily traipse off to the White House and the rest is their criminal history. And hapless Sam’s still alive, terrified widow who survived the crash has kept her mouth shut ever since.

On a positive note, as of late largely thanks to the Weinstein scandal, Corey Feldman has been joined by a small but growing chorus of fellow truth-telling actor whistleblowers openly talking about their own observations and encounters with pedophilia. Perhaps the most well-known former child actor turned adult actor now 37 who has helped expose pedophilia in Hollywood is Elijah Wood. In May 2016 in a Sunday Times interview he made major international headlines. Fresh upon arrival from Iowa and starring in his first role at age 8, the protagonist from the “Lord of the Rings Trilogy” whose acting career now spans nearly three decades reflected on his work environment as a child actor in the 1990s:

Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized. There are a lot of vipers in this industry, people who only have their own interests in mind. There is darkness in the underbelly… From my reading and research, I’ve been led down dark paths to realize that these things probably are still happening. If you’re innocent, you have very little knowledge of the world and you want to succeed, people with parasitic interests will see you as their prey. What bums me about these situations is that the victims can’t speak as loudly as the people in power. That’s the tragedy of attempting to reveal what is happening to innocent people: they can be squashed, but their lives have been irreparably damaged.[107]

Wood explained how he avoided Tinsel-Town’s dark pedo-underbelly thanks to his mother focusing more on his being raised “a good human” than making it at all cost as a child star:

I never went to parties where that kind of thing was going on. This bizarre industry presents so many paths of temptation. If you don’t have some kind of foundation, typically from family, then it will be difficult to deal with.[108]

After catching heat for being so rudely bold to suggest UK’s Jimmy Savile scandal is comparable to Hollywood’s child sex scandal, Elijah Wood was forced to retract some of his earlier comments, admitting that he never directly had experience in his career with pedophilia but was merely responding to the emotionally gripping documentary he’d recently viewed,[109] “An Open Secret.” Writer Jack Cashill conjectured that Wood may have abruptly changed his tune in order to have saved his own career.[110]

Child actor Todd Bridges who starred in the 1980s sitcom series “Diff’rent Strokes” went public in 2010 disclosing that his manager who also was a family friend sexually abused him at the age of 11 on four occasions.[111] Todd managed to resist the fifth attempt and later physically attacked his molester when he showed up at his family home, joined by his mother, a child abuse victim herself, who ran to the kitchen for a knife after hearing her son yell, “He touched me!” Bridges was abused while his sitcom was highly popular, but as is so common, never told a soul. In 1983 a controversial two-part “Diff’rent Strokes” episode took on the topic pedophilia that brought up intense feelings of seething anger, shame and pain in Todd who kept it bottled up inside, later battling drugs as well.

In 2012 both Bridges and Feldman teamed up as outspoken child actor advocates to successfully campaign for California legislation requiring fingerprinted background checks for all child talent managers, photographers, and publicists that regularly have unsupervised access to children in the entertainment business.[112] During a November 2017 appearance on the Dr. Oz show, the now 52-year old discussed how Hollywood predators routinely groom their targeted prey in order to gain victims’ trust prior to moving in for their kill.

Actor James Van Der Beek, a young star from the 1990s “Dawson Creek” series, took to a couple of revealing tweets last October describing his encounters with older established Hollywood predators:

I’ve had my ass grabbed by older, powerful men, I’ve had them corner me in inappropriate sexual conversation when I was much younger. I understand the unwarranted shame, powerlessness & inability to blow the whistle. There’s a power dynamic that feels impossible to overcome.[113]

In response to Weinstein, respected two time Oscar winning writer-director Paul Haggis suggested that Hollywood does indeed have a major pedophilia problem in its midst, believing that insiders are and were covering for pedophiles too.[114] And last October another Oscar winner Reese Witherspoon disclosed that she was sexually assaulted as an underage girl but alluded to it being just the beginning of more predatory encounters to come:

[I feel] true disgust at the director who assaulted me when I was 16 years old and anger at the agents and the producers who made me feel that silence was a condition of my employment. And I wish that I could tell you that was an isolated incident in my career, but sadly it wasn’t. I’ve had multiple experiences of harassment and sexual assault and I don’t speak about them very often.[115]

In the last couple years Jon Robberson has emerged from the Hollywood snake pit as a whistleblowing insider that has intimately worked within all facets of the entertainment industry that includes feature films, television and commercial programming at all the major studios and networks for 16 years.[116] Like actors Feldman and Wood, he has gone on public record asserting that a satanic pedophile ring controls Hollywood. He concludes that pedophilia is “running rampant in Hollywood,” which he refers to as a “satanic death cult,” remarking that:

The highest upper echelons of Hollywood, executive VPs of development, producers, mega-power agents and the international bankers fund all this stuff.[117]

Robberson has stated that the Hollywood pedo-cabal hooks child and adolescent aged actors on drugs and then involves them in parties with cameras rolling to engage in decadent activities like “multi-partner homosexual [orgies], bloodletting, and animal dismemberment” for blackmail purposes (not unlike the Epstein operation from the last chapter):

Once they’ve got the goods on you on video, they own you.[118]

Jon Robberson maintains that the ruling Hollywood pedophiles then use their leverage to force compromised, blackmail-able, hungry actors into being owned and controlled by their Luciferian masters. Though homosexuality and pedophilia have long been embedded in Hollywood, during his time working in Tinsel-Town over the past 16 years during this 21st century, Robberson has witnessed a homosexual pederast pedophilic takeover of the entire entertainment industry.[119]

In order to get where they are today, pretty much all the male stars in show business must obediently submit to literally taking it up the ass by the ruling Hollywood devils.[120] The obligatory “casting couch” extends today to virtually every man, woman and child as their only path to the top. This corrupt and vile system also explains why the creative talent rising to the top of the heap in recent years has suffered and fallen off to a new low because those who sell their soul for fame and fortune no longer require talent as their strongest suit. They must simply play their submissive roles as malleable, totally manipulated and controlled Satanic tools transmitting their industry’s prevailing perversions and debauchery to a waiting audience of adoring, highly influenced fans around the world.

The price of Hollywood superstardom is selling your soul to the devils that run Tinsel-Town, calling upon interdimensional demonic forces while participating in Satanic ritual sodomizing, cutting up and eating the hearts of innocent sacrificed children. In order to make it really big, virtually all the most famous stars in the movie, television and music industries must submit to the most disgusting and degrading acts of perversion and sleaze imaginable. That’s why they all tow the line. And if one dare speak the truth to expose this demonically controlled system, they’re immediately thrown to the wolves. All of a sudden their careers and reputations are ruined with bad publicity, deemed “crazy,” “on drugs,” “gay,” amidst sudden brushes with the law, or even suicided or premature death, rarely if ever heard from again. Just ask comedians Kat Williams[121] and Dave Chappelle,[122] or Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett[123]… “step out of line, the man come and take you away.”[124]

Bob Dylan, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyoncé,[125] Jay-Z,[126] Lady Gaga[127] and other famous luminaries are on record one way or another copping to making their unsacred deal, signing their Luciferian contract. Jon Robberson articulates the two deal option for entertainers who more than anything else desire unlimited fame and fortune, the 10-year agreement most common to the rock star crowd and the popular 20-year plan typically opted by movie stars. Without Robberson alleging that high profile musicians on the dead 27 Club list[128] (among them Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin) all made pacts with the devil, nor the many famous celebrities who died less than a year from their 37th birthday (Princess Di, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, Vincent Van Gough, Corey Haim, Sam Kinison, John Kennedy Jr.),[129] but the sheer, inordinate number within these “died too young” clubs reaching such urban legend status should not be entirely ignored. The Luciferian dealmaker may not always be the one who dies as a blood sacrifice of close kin is perhaps more common as alluded to in the Polanski-Tate case.

The bold Hollywood insider Robberson also addresses the disturbing topic of baby breeders who give birth to infants for the sole purpose of being murdered in satanic ritual sacrifice. Jon asserts that parents from multigenerational Illuminati witchcraft families enter into a covenant with a Luciferian priest who impregnates their 12-year old daughter who then is quietly relocated to where a Wiccan midwife helps birth the child leaving no paper trail or birth certificate.[130] When the baby is but a few days to a couple months old, expendable newborns are then tossed on to a heated stone Moloch altar only to sizzle to death in satanic ritual just like the days of ancient Babylon. Robberson disclosed that he is aware of these Hollywood Luciferian murder sites in secret locations in Malibu as well as the California desert.

Related is the Illuminati-CIA-military nexus also reputedly possessing a myriad of underground facilities and tunnels beneath a number of key mind control-sex trafficking centers like LA west side’s Getty Museum,[131] nearby Disneyland and Florida’s Disney World[132] as well as scores of DUMBs like under Area 51 in the Nevada desert.[133] At these top secret locations the ruling elite deploys black ops research to further develop super advanced technologies (some through back-engineering of alien spacecraft)[134] as well as conduct diabolical experimentation that at times carry disastrous results, all of course withheld from public disclosure for sinister purposes. Moreover, much of today’s big budget sci-fi films coming out of Hollywood feature technology that the ruling controllers already secretly possess.

Currently a converted Catholic, the former “High Wizard” of the World Church of Satan for 26 years, Zachary King recently spoke to a packed audience at a Toronto conference on spiritual warfare.[135] The veteran of many Satanic rituals performed for the Hollywood elite says he “lost count” of the number, but points to the sheer hypocrisy when:

You see these celebrities and these movie business executives thanking Jesus at the Oscars, but it’s all lies. What you don’t see is them drinking the blood of an infant they’ve just raped and sacrificed while they were begging Lucifer to ‘bless them’ with more fame and riches.[136]

Zachary King maintains that the vast majority of the Hollywood superstars are in fact “child killing pedophiles who worship Satan,” explaining that most have either “killed or raped children” during a “Satanic sacrifice.”[137] Having been sexually abused himself at age 11, prompting him at age 13 to join a satanic coven and sell his soul to the devil, King is now motivated to fully expose the pedophilia epidemic running rampant throughout the entertainment industry. He said that the war against pedophilia can only be fought with spiritual warfare and cannot be defeated by physical means alone, specifying that:

If the people work together, they can put an end to the misery so many children are going through. Perhaps some may be spared altogether from the life myself, and so many others, have had to endure at the hands of Satanic oligarchs that control our world.[138]

The Luciferians running the entertainment industry not only are out to micromanage and control their world famous actors and musicians to do their demonic bloody bidding as powerbroker puppets just like their owned politicians, but they’re also out to control the global masses consuming their mass produced, sleazy entertainment faire. As a propaganda machine Hollywood has been churning out a product that is an integral brainwashing mind control vehicle to increasingly manipulate, influence and shape the global masses’ values, mores, beliefs, behaviors and perception of reality. Through largely an unconscious process of osmosis, worldwide audiences subliminally absorb constant underlying messages subtly or unsubtly embedded in amoral and immoral thematic lessons calculatingly crafted and projected by Hollywood. Through relentless 24/7 repetition comes belief and credibility, however false or sinister the content of the message might be.

More so than at any other time in human history, the planetary controllers have malevolently exploited the ill effects of mass media in this push-button, multimodal, electronic age as an effective means of exercising ever-expanding influence, centralized power and increasing control over the digitally addicted global population.

For numerous decades the mental health community has definitively proven beyond any doubt that:

Music videos [TV, films, video games] socialize young people by communicating ideas about expected behavior, relationships, and male and female roles.[139]

Glorifying violence to willfully make it not only an acceptable norm but a desirable form of masculine expression as a tangible measure of male prowess and brute strength has been used as the mass media industry constant to successfully condition and entice multigenerational misguided young men (and now women) to sign up, fight and die in endless elitist wars perpetrated by Wall Street bankers and the military industrial complex for as long as Hollywood’s been creating movies.[140] Similar to the CIA’s Mockingbird control over MSM[141] relegating it to its current role as a national propaganda “fake news” ministry,[142] a brigade of CIA, NSA, FBI and MI operatives are deployed in Hollywood to control the studio production line that ensures the truth exposing the lies, corruption and evil is effectively censored and fails to reach the people while only Deep State approved disinformation and false narratives get disseminated.[143]

On the topic of CIA’s control over Hollywood, the always brutally honest fireball comedienne Roseanne Barr told RT back in 2013 that CIA rules Hollywood:

Hollywood is the one that keeps all of this power structure. They perpetuate the culture of racism, sexism, classism, genderism and keep it all in place. They continue to feed it, and they make a lot of money doing it. They do it at the behest of their masters, who run everything. It’s a big culture of mind control, MK Ultra rules in Hollywood.[144]

Hence, the government owned YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google resort to increasing censorship[145] to ban the most honest and accurate online news outlets and videos on McCarthy-like “fake news” lists[146] as the New World Order’s thinly veiled cover for suppressing the truth that by process of elimination leaves only the MSM presstitutes and Hollywood propagandists as the exclusive purveyors of Deep State lies and deception. The Hollywood propaganda machine propagates a divide and conquer strategy based on racism, sexism and bigotry, fear and deception.[147] Totalitarianism is achieved only after a controlled citizen populace is completely denied access to the truth. Welcome to the Orwellian world where “in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act”[148] and a truth teller an enemy of the state.

As one very revealing example of this ongoing global crisis targeting truth tellers, journalists around the world who expose what’s really going on today have never been at greater risk of incarceration and assassination than right now.[149] The internet as the only venue left where an open and free press still exists for the people, is fast coming under what ex-spy Robert David Steele calls Google Gestapo control as Deep State desperately moves in for its kill, suppressing the dissident voice.[150] But fortunately alternative solutions are currently in process and we the people’s access to the truth will never be shut down.[151]

Hollywood’s overly excessive, obsessive focus depicting such negative, dark themes of supernatural, occult and demonic evil forces is no accident. It’s by calculated NWO design not only to generate big box office bucks, the horror genre also lowers the masses’ sense of morality and ethics.[152] According to the cathartic theory, the appeal of scary flicks is derived from vicariously offering emotional discharge of pent up fear that on an unconscious, deeper level would otherwise pose too threatening and overpowering anxiety for any average individual to consciously bear. The moviegoer’s sense of relief is the hook.[153]

The controlled titillation emoted while passively watching suspensefully engineered horror movies as escapist entertainment may seem harmless and mundane at the surface level. But a deeper analysis conveys a relentless stream of hidden subliminal messages propagating distorted and depraved values within a larger, increasingly dangerous world controlled by power demons pushing their supernatural occult agenda. A steady 24/7 diet of debaucherously filthy sleaze and blood and gore saturation is intended to desensitize and numb humans to extreme levels of violence, perversion and the pain of others.[154] The evil power structure, long hidden in plain sight, constantly normalizing gratuitous sex, death and slaughter of innocent life, is designed to brainwash and condition the global masses into wholesale acceptance, submission and fear as further means of seizing absolute control over the earth’s entire human population.

Furthermore, the increasing overtly demonic messages and images transmitted 24/7 from the Hollywood film, TV, music and video game industries spearheaded by MK Ultra Monarch mind controlled sex kitten superstars date back to blonde goddesses Marilyn Monroe[155] and Satanist Jane Mansfield.[156] But with today’s parade of jaded lost souls exemplified by the likes of Cabalist Madonna, sex slaves Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Beyoncé and so many celebrities in tight with Pizzagate spirit cooking Luciferian priestess Marina Abramovic,[157] the elite agenda is crystal clear.[158] These beta programmed Monarch sex kittens all directly market their songs and videos straight to children, oozing with sexual Luciferian overtones and [porno]graphic imagery.[159] An over-the-top example is former Disney star Miley Cyrus’ video for her song “BB Talk,” with her legs spread wide open while wearing a diaper and baby bonnet sucking on a milk bottle nipple singing “fuck me.”[160] With a role model like that idolized by countless little girls across this planet, any imitation at all and they instantly unwittingly become pedophilia bait. But then that’s the whole idea behind it.

A presentation exposing Hollywood’s penchant for pedophilia and perversion wouldn’t be complete without historically recognizing the enormous diabolical contributions of such Illuminati luminaries as Walt Disney and Hugh Hefner. Disney was another Masonic-Illuminati pedophile fanatic with a split public vs. private Dr. Jekyll and Hyde personality. Beginning in the 1920s when the cartoonist first established his fledgling company, Disney worked tirelessly to fashion a positive outer image to the world that evolved into the benevolent “Uncle Walt” who “loved” children through his legendary masterful storytelling, providing a “safe, wholesome” place for the creative imaginations of children throughout the world with both his famous animation classics and family fun theme park playgrounds Disneyland and Disney World. But underneath this masquerading warm and fuzzy exterior persona resided a troubled, tortured, conflicted, hardened soul immersed in the dark energy of subliminal perversion and fascist New World Order elitism.[161] Because he had so much to hide, even those who knew him well claim they hardly knew him at all.

Born the bastard son of a washerwoman in a 1901 Spanish village that called the unwed mother “La Bitcha” impregnated by a married doctor who died soon after Walt’s, or more accurately, Jose’s birth.[162] The mother took her illegitimate son to Chicago to live with her brother where a priest promptly arranged a shadow adoption. So from the very beginning of his life, Disney was prone to hiding skeletons in his family closet. At the age of one, Walt was adopted by a stern Midwestern couple Elias Disney, an especially cruel, physically and emotionally abusive father and a distant and cold mother Flora. As a result, young Walt grew up liking animals and trains more than people. As a way out of his painful childhood, Walt Disney immersed himself in the secret ancient teachings of Rosicrucian Gnosis,[163] as a teenager joining the Order of DeMolay, a fraternal organization sponsored by the Freemasons.[164] Recall from Chapter 4 that Jacques DeMolay was the final grand master of the Catholic secret society the Knights Templar before his arrest in 1307 and burning at the stake in 1314 for his Order’s renouncing betrayal of Jesus.

The heralded animation pioneer was deeply steeped and schooled in both Babylonian and Egyptian occultism, Druidic witchcraft tradition, the masonic doctrine as well as Edward Bernays’ art of deception, power of propaganda and mind control.[165] Ever notice the obsessive preponderance of potions and witches’ brews, hexes and spells and reverent deference to occult rituals as a recurring theme in so many of his Disney movies? Much has been written about his other trademark, promoting sex through masking sexualized pedophilic imagery and messages embedded subliminally throughout his films. For instance, in “The Little Mermaid” the castles are clearly phalluses and in a cartoon Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend Minnie is seen snorting cocaine.[166] Analytical observers have pointed out literally hundreds more of these not so hidden examples of disturbingly inappropriate content being absorbed by children.

Commencing in the 1930s all male employees at Disney were required to wear ties, be clean shaven with no facial hair, and strictly prohibited from using profanity or they’d be fired on the spot. While Disney enforced legalistic morals, cleanliness and soberness for his workforce, the boss always wore his trademark mustache, drank booze daily at the office and compulsively washed his hands many times a day on an hourly basis (psychologically from guilt over being unclean).[167] The prevailing dark Illuminati forces and Disney’s own masonic leanings resonating within him merged to form a mutually self-serving Luciferian pact. As the ambitious head of his burgeoning empire, Disney nurtured a cozy working relationship as an FBI paid informant with America’s top law enforcement kingpin and fellow pedophile J Edgar Hoover, helping name names on Hoover, attorney Roy Cohn and Senator Joe McCarthy’s Commie blacklist.[168] Disney was also very close friends with pedophile prez Ronald Reagan and Illuminati jester Bob Hope, owner of presidential sex slave Bryce Taylor.

Filmmaker and author Kenneth Anger has called Disney a “dirty old man,”[169] writing in his book Hollywood Babylon II:

Some animators stated that the boss [Walt Disney] seemed to have fallen in love with the boy.[170]

“The boy” was child actor Bobby Driscoll. “Uncle Walt” took a particular pedo-fetish hankering for his young “Treasure Island” star, maintaining a convenient local apartment for secret trysts to regularly sodomize the young adolescent.[171] Disney’s owned boy toy was reportedly used and abused, then discarded, plunging Driscoll down the worn-out pathway to former child star oblivion replete with drug addicted homelessness and by age 31 his final RIP unmarked gravestone as yet another Hollywood pedophile casualty. Driscoll himself remarked:

… Dropped like garbage when I was no longer a cute little kid and I didn’t appeal to [Walt] anymore.[172]

Both Disney and the Illuminati establishment went to great lengths to create and maintain the myth of the legendary man that in reality was based on lies. But woe any truth tellers popping the Disney bubble. Walt’s biographer Leonard Mosley wrote:

The Disney flacks were capable of exerting heavy pressure on editors and proprietors or, through the advertising pages, against anyone who inferred Walt Disney was not the epitome of well-scrubbed and benevolent perfection.[173]

Additionally, CIA MK Ultra mind control programming found a like-minded home remaining alive and well to this day in the world of Disney, be it through underground tunnels built below all its global theme parks to the hapless children who go missing each year from them, undergoing trauma induced dissociative disorder through drugging, torturing and raping (covered in Chapter 9).[174] During the 1960s antiwar movement, US military bases were coming under increasing scrutiny and the decision was made to use Disneyland as a major Illuminati base of mind control operations for all its sordid clandestine criminal activities. 13 Bloodlines of Illuminati author Fritz Springmeier wrote:

Under the disguise of entertaining the world, they carried out money laundering, child slavery laundering, and mind-control.[175]

The Disney-Deep State nexus that Uncle Walt established with J Edgar Hoover and the CIA led to MK Ultra programming at all the Disney Theme Parks around the world where CIA contractors built an extensive underground world of tunnels, torture chambers and mind control programming centers beneath Disneyland and other parks but especially under Florida’s much larger Disney World.[176]

Plus the Disney films proved a perfect CIA mind control fit. Again Springmeier in his book Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave:

… Disney movies and the other shows are so important to the programmers. They are the perfect hypnotic tool to get the child’s mind to dissociate in the right direction… Most of the Disney films are used for programming purposes. Some of them are specifically designed for mind control.[177]

After the man awarded the most Oscars in cinematic history at 22 died at the age of 65 in 1966, the accolades poured in. Journalism professor Ralph S. Izard contended that the values depicted in Disney films are “considered valuable in American Christian society,” which include “individualism, decency… love for our fellow man, fair play and toleration.”[178] That of course is the common public image of Disney’s legacy of work. But contrast that with Walt’s core reality. Per Springmeier’s account devoting a chapter to Disney in his 13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati:

Behind Disney’s good front lies hard porn, snuff films, white slavery, Illuminati mind-control, and the seduction of several generations into witchcraft.[179]

Needless to say, Disney the conglomerate only continued to expand its level of nefarious operations into establishment media, buying the ABC television network and ESPN sports channel and establishing its own Disney Channel. Revenue from Disney’s current media empire nearly equals its profit from its theme parks, resorts and film studios combined.[180] Disney has also acquired a number of film production companies in its growing list of subsidiaries that include Touchstone, Weinstein’s Miramax, and Hollywood Pictures.[181] With Disney Company indisputably the largest media-entertainment conglomerate in the world now, with the 2017 Forbes Fortune 500 rank at #52,[182] the latest proposed acquisition is Twentieth Century Fox for $52.4 billion.[183] Thus the Disney power to influence, shape and control the minds of millions if not billions across this planet is undisputable.

But the pedophilia and hidden Illuminati agenda have also become increasingly evident, starting with the inordinate number of steadily employed pedophiles that Disney hires who keep getting busted in record numbers. 35 Disney workers have been arrested in Florida alone for various pedophilia crimes.[184] A prominent Disney executive and longtime director of Disney music publishing, 58-year old Jon Heely, was arrested in December 2017 on three counts of child abuse.[185] One of the victims abused for four years was first molested at age 11, another at age 15. And just like his Uncle Walt, the pedophile’s lives the lie, claiming on his Twitter bio that he is all about “Disney concerts and living to glorify God in all things.” Still another eye-opening fact that belies the fake wholesome image is that one of Disney Company’s subsidiaries happens to be America’s largest producer of adult porn films.[186]

It is also no accident that from its Mouseketeer factory The Mickey Mouse Club (starting with the 1950s Annette Funicello),[187] Disney’s been cranking out an endless parade of CIA mind controlled superstars, particularly since the 1990s delivered the bumper crop of Illuminati puppet favorites such as singers Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, and on a lesser scale heartthrob actor Ryan Gosling and actress Keri Russell.[188] Meanwhile, from the Disney Channel comes a prolific stable that’s spawned the likes of good girl Hannah Montana turned bad girl Miley Cyrus[189] followed by Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. Other notable Disney child star alumni gone bonkers, drugged and MK’d are Lindsay Lohan[190] and Shia LaBeouf.[191]

The standard Disney formula covertly grooms Illuminati sex kitten operatives starting as aspiring showbiz kids eager to project the Disney brand of squeaky clean, God-fearing goodness, only to morph overnight into Illuminati sex nymphos perennially in heat just as their adult careers get catapulted to new heights of fame and notoriety. The Disney assembly line machine manufacturing this ongoing stream of wayward pied pipers first hooking then leading the multitudes of impressionable young children as gushing loyal fans around the world into NWO’s hedonistic underworld is achieved through Hollywood (and CIA’s) magic wand of mass mind control. After all, success of the Luciferian controllers’ endgame is essentially contingent upon breeding a docile, dumbed down, celeb worshipping, pleasure seeking human species devoid of intelligence, and especially devoid of any spiritual foundation or moral compass. In the New World Order, only dehumanized, controllable robots are allowed; humans who still think critically will be the first to be purged.[192]

And from the opposite end of the Illuminati spectrum comes the king of soft porn, another dark side occult magician and NWO designated pied piper granted the Luciferian mission to lead America’s (and world’s) descent into deeper sexual decadence and pedophilic perversions – Playboy entrepreneur Hugh Hefner.[193] From his orgy-stained Playboy Mansion nestled in the hills a stone’s throw from Hollywood, for well over a half century Hugh Hefner has been a sex icon entertaining celebrities, Hollywood pedophile moguls, politicians and finance titans, peddling through his media empire promiscuity, hedonism galore, pedophilia and all the debauchery of ancient Rome and Sodom and Gomorrah combined.

A brief look at Hefner’s pedophilia past will shed further light. Hugh Hefner in the 1970s published a lesser known magazine called Sugar and Spice. In 1975 when Brooke Shields was just 10 years old Hefner featured nude photos of her in his pedophile magazine.[194] Hef was also personally present for a nude photo session with 11-year old French actress Eva Ionesco. Sexualizing prepubescent girls in photos and distributing child pornography are pedophile crimes. Yet no legal consequence ever took place. These facts reveals that from way back, over 40 years ago, Hugh Hefner exposed himself by his own unlawful actions that he is a pedophile.

As if that’s not revealing enough, Hefner’s 1953 launching of his Playboy Magazine was financed by the CIA (similar to Gloria Steinem’s Ms. Magazine nearly two decades later).[195] From Chapter 9 we learned that the CIA through both its MK Mind Control operations and its systematic child raping as an integral component to manufacturing a multigenerational army of dissociated child sex slaves and its pimping role as chief handlers in the global child sex trafficking trade, and Hefner’s lofty Hollywood perch as a pedophile and “free sex” guru for over six decades, and it all begins to make a lot more sense.

A valet that worked for the Playboy entrepreneur for a couple years in 1978-79 stated that Hefner always had cameras installed in his mansion for potential blackmail purposes.[196] And with all the orgies that were so commonplace over the years inviting so many celebrities and VIPs, Hefner got the dirty goods on countless high profile individuals captured on film in debaucherously compromising situations with not only hookers but mind controlled child sex slaves. In this regard, his Hollywood Playboy Mansion became a West Coast version for the CIA as Jeffrey Epstein’s “Orgy Island” was for the Mossad.

Since the CIA helped Hefner found Playboy Enterprises, MK Ultra sex slaves were part of the Mansion agenda and blackmail operation as well. As an MK slave handler, the perverted pedophile got involved in deep shit with lots of heinous activities. While performing research on the Hef and his mansion’s history, Playboy publishing staff stumbled upon some blueprints and photo archives. It turns out that “the Rape Mansion” as it came to be called, has an entire underground tunnel system built in the 1970s running underneath the property to other famous actors’ homes such as Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty, James Caan and Kirk Douglas among others.[197] A staff member stated that Hefner sealed the tunnels in 1985 after marrying Playmate Kimberly Conrad. The CIA, Hefner and his famous Hollywood pals like Nicholson and Beatty are alleged to have trafficked young women and underage girls, many of whom over the years disappeared, likely sold into slavery or snuffed in snuff films.[198] Other higher profile Hefner commodities like Playmates Dorothy Stratton and Paige Young and Playboy model Anna Nicole Smith were MK sex slaves who were either murdered or suicided for becoming unruly threats.[199] But once again with the Illuminati-Freemason-Luciferian network long in place in Hollywood, owning and controlling all levels of law enforcement both local and national, police serve to provide the necessary cover for their murderous operations.

Former-CIA operative and whistleblower Laurel Aston stated that Hefner was very much connected to the CIA:

Hefner is a CIA programmer, CIA sex slave handler and pimp. Hefner was also a part of running MK Ultra super assassins and ops.[200]

Also a number of Hef’s women have admitted he was homosexual and regularly had sex with men and rarely with women.[201] Hefner could only relate to women as exploited sex objects that bolstered his playboy image but was closer to men. Often the world’s most famous sexually liberated playboy would watch others have sex.

Implicating the hedonist prince of darkness further, like the traceable genealogy of most US presidents, Hugh Hefner’s family also links back to one of the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. It turns out that Hefner directly traces his lineage back to the ancient Dionysian Cult from the Aryan-Anglo-Saxon Dragon Illuminati bloodline.[202] Moreover, Playboy Mansion murals have openly displayed his close association with his Dionysian Cult. The Playboy Mansion’s biggest yearly shindig celebrates “A Midsummer’s Night Dream” (linked to the pagan satanic summer solstice holiday) that evolved straight from the elite’s Royal Luciferian Circle that includes Hefner’s Archdruid Dragon bloodline. Like Uncle Walt, Hefner also partook in the secret Rosicrucian doctrine fashioning himself as the modern day Puck, a mythological medieval demon figure. The Rosicrucian cult has an ancient tradition of heavy involvement in mind control and trance inducement akin to the CIA MK Ultra mind control methodology. Since 1953 Hefner has covertly used his Playboy Empire as a CIA mind control base of operations.

That Hefner died last fall at the age of 91 just as law enforcement was purportedly closing in to arrest him while he frantically sought immunity in exchange for singing like a songbird naming big name pedophiles for a plea bargain deal raised speculation he may have been murdered.[203] It’s also been reported by a number of sources that a plaintiff named Sheri Denise Allred back in 2009 filed a lawsuit accusing Hefner of sexually molesting her when she was only 5 years old.[204] Sheri alleged that Hugh Hefner was deep into a Hollywood pedophile sex ring. It’s recently been reported that in August 2017 (the month before Hefner’s death) that the case was reopened due to other complaints against the late playboy. Sheri’s garbled Los Angeles Superior Court complaint for damages is poorly drafted and contains seemingly off the wall, at times unintelligible references.[205]

Sheri Allred repeatedly mentions a hat covering her head “where everyone in the world can hear her thoughts and transfer thoughts to her hat from god.” MK Ultra have EEG skull caps that do in fact detect one’s brainwaves. Considering she is most likely an MK Ultra mind controlled sex slave victim subjected to powerful drugs like LSD, systematic torture and sexual abuse, resulting in dissociative disorder, her accurately identifying Hefner as the leader of the Dionysian Cult and referencing herself as Venus de Milo from Greek mythology, doesn’t seem so farfetched.[206] Additionally, given the context that she was indoctrinated with MK’s standard Walt Disney themes and occult dogma, undergoing recovery of repressed memories with the typical amnesic gaps, all trademark indicators of the Illuminati MK brand of programming, her bizarre written account may not be so bizarre after all. Recall also that the MK torturer-abusers purposely count on a child or adult victim’s seemingly wild-eyed nightmarish claims to be misconstrued as purely fabricated fantasy or delusional psychosis. And with the CIA False Memory Foundation and the “Satanic Panic” label well in place since the 1990s, the Deep State criminal denial machine has easily deflected and dismissed the ramblings of seemingly non-credible accounts as pure fictional imagination (See Chapter 2).

Yet the more we learn of the diabolical Luciferian plot and the very real mind control apparatchik operating on a global scale, together with the worldwide child sex trafficking network orchestrated largely by the CIA using front companies involving human rights charities, State Department, USAID, Red Cross, UN, US military and private contractors, all the Luciferian secret societies, the Catholic Church, the mafia, family adoptions, the broken child welfare, educational and legal systems… and how global war zones provide both the cover and resources for international trafficking of illegal weapons, drugs, money laundering, body parts, and small children, the more tangibly real this massive level of evildoing manifests. The notion that “benign” Uncle Walt and perennial playboy Hef were occultist pedo-ringleaders in a global system gone rotten centuries ago suddenly seems highly plausible.

The fact that Hugh Hefner has been deceased since late September 2017 no doubt provided sufficient cause to suspend an apparent police investigation, particularly in view that the Hollywood pedo-elite historically owns and controls all Southern Californian as well as federal law enforcement agencies. Rather than inquire into an ultra-messy murderous affair implicating their own complicity and the international crime cabal perpetrators, once again in the interests of protecting the elite, predictably it appears authorities have chosen to let sleeping dogs lie.

Incidentally, according to rock journalist Randy “Rocket” Cody among others, last year’s suicided rockers and close friends – Chris Cornell and Chester Pennington – were both assassinated as celebrity ritual sacrifices by the satanic MK Ultra killing cabal for daring to expose the cabal’s pedophilia trafficking network headquartered in Washington and Hollywood.[207] [208]

Even world renowned director Steven Spielberg has shown telling signs that he too may be part of this sinister Hollywood pedophile cabal. Spielberg’s original “Raider of the Lost Ark” screenplay had his Indiana Jones character raping an 11-year old girl with the final film cut modifying their age difference to Jones’ 24 and his rape victim 15.[209] Actor Crispin Glover has directly accused Spielberg of being a pedophile with a penchant for little boys, even winning a lawsuit against the director. The notorious pedo organization North American Man Boy Love Association NAMBLA has posted numerous links to Spielberg, particularly in connection with the famous director’s Peter Pan version called “Hook.” By age 21 Spielberg was given finances to write and direct his first movie, a 27-minute short without dialogue filled with a homosexual pedophilic theme called “Ambin’,” later the name of his first production company, jumpstarting Spielberg’s career with an unprecedented 7-year television contract, making boy wonder the youngest director ever given a long term Hollywood contract. Since Tinsel-Town has been taken over by Luciferian homosexual pedophiles,[210] it might explain his meteoric rise at that tender young age.

The ruling elite’s obvious agenda is to keep the citizen masses uniformed and ignorant while its Hollywood media machine continues polluting, warping and contaminating the minds of younger generations in order to completely obscure right from wrong, embrace and spread perversions as diabolically manufactured social engineering, relentlessly pushing the in-our-face LGBT agenda[211] promoting mass gender bending, blurred gender confusion and massive sexual identity chaos amongst our children as young as toddlers.[212] At the same time, the planetary controllers’ concerted efforts through their political and media puppets working to lower children’s legal age for sexual consent is another blatant ploy to make pedophilia a legalized lifestyle choice and societal norm (See Chapter 2). And in that same vein, the pedo-elite through movies, TV, music and mandatory sex-ed disinfo propaganda are fiendishly toiling overtime to satanically sexualize and pervert our youth.[213] Had Hillary Clinton been elected president, documented evidence in Obama’s Attorney General Lynch’s Justice Department confirms that pedophilia and bestiality were set to be made legal on the heels of gay marriage after the first known gay president.[214] [215]

Meanwhile, also by Illuminati design, the Luciferian elite has been insidiously undermining and relentlessly attacking, with the ultimate aim of destroying, the nuclear family along with parental rights, Christianity as America’s dominant religion, the freedoms guaranteed under our no longer upheld Constitution and our sovereignty as a strong independent nation, replacing them with a fascist one world government and one world Luciferian religion as their longtime agenda.[216] To accomplish this dire sinister end, a false flag intended to ignite World War III[217] (like the recent failed missile attack on Hawaii[218]) and collapsing the global economy are in the works.[219] In wag the dog fashion, the Illuminati are then counting on the pedophilia epidemic necessarily take a backseat when humanity is forced into a 24/7 war crisis survival mode, thereby permitting the international pedo-crime cabal to retain its power and control. We must continue to expose to dispose the pedophilia empire.

Through his vast research and meticulous preparation for his final film “Eyes Wide Shut,”[220] the late great Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick caught the true essence of the planetary overlords’ destructive agenda,[221] and by revealing their inner secrets like never publicly displayed before, it may have cost him his life.[222] Just four days after the writer-director’s final cut, a full hour longer than the film’s eventual theatrical release, an otherwise very healthy 70-year old Kubrick suddenly died mysteriously of an alleged heart attack.[223] The bold Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman just recently opened up about the renowned director, disclosing in her revealing words that while working on the 1999 film, Stanley Kubrick taught her:

… How the world works and who is really in control behind the scenes. Stanley told me the world is run by pedophiles. He studied secret societies his whole life, he was fascinated by them, and he said the elite, the top secret societies, they are full of men with a certain predilection. They are tied together, sort of bonded, by pedophilia. They all know each other’s dark secrets. There is no way out for any of them. It’s a lifetime bond. Even if one of them wanted to go straight, repent, so to speak, he can’t. His peers will bring him down. They are in it until death, driving the world to ruin. That’s how Stanley explained it.[224]

Nicole Kidman gave even more reason for a Kubrick assassination:

Stanley’s next film was going to be about psychopathic pedophiles. He said he was going deeper down the rabbit hole.[225]

So nearly two decades before the Pizza-turned PedoGate phenomenon, the world public learning about the pedo-elites via the filmmaking genius of our time had to be stopped… not unlike the abrupt end of another genius from comedy George Carlin whose dark revelations may have gotten too close for elitist comfort.[226]

No doubt an essential component to the “psychopathic pedophiles”’ “driving the world to ruin” is through man’s rapid descent into utter moral degradation. The elite’s grand scale mind control strategy is manipulating the world population to degenerate into living a Sodom and Gomorrah lifestyle guided by no moral or ethical standards, compass or conscience at all. Then not a single soul will bother objecting to Luciferian adults’ ritualistic torturing, drugging, sodomizing and sacrificing our youth on a massive scale. Owned and controlled by powerful pedophile kingpins as the world entertainment epicenter for portraying and peddling such extreme levels of sexual debauchery and Luciferian sleaze,[227] Hollywood has long been the ruling elite’s most potent propaganda weapon for decriminalizing sodomy against small children. And as much as the DC swamp needs draining, so does this entire filthy cesspool known as Hollywood, free from the parasitic maggots bent on bringing us all down sooner than later.

Applying the pedophilia epidemic to yet another branch of escapist entertainment – the multibillion dollar sports industry – the next chapter examines how child sexual abuse and global sex trafficking permeate the field of sports at all levels, and how links between Hollywood, the sports industry, governments, Fortune 500 corporations, banking and religion all work hand-in-hand in interlocking criminality of the highest order.

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