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Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State by Joachim Hagopian
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OCTOBER 11, 2017
Chapter 9: Military-CIA Mind Control, Torture, Pedophilia and Satanic Sacrifice
Joachim Hagopian
Cover Credit: Nora Maccoby with permission
Scratch the surface history of US military intelligence and CIA covert operations to their so called black projects and pedophilia rears its ugly head at every turn. But it wasn’t until the 1970’s that their grotesque human rights violations were unveiled in a book authored by State Department insider John Marks called The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: The CIA and Mind Control based on then recent declassified CIA documents.[1] Other disturbing, firsthand accounts emerged with CIA whistleblowers Vincent Marchetti and Philip Agee[2] in combination with sobering revelations arising from the Senate Church Committee investigating CIA improprieties and overreaches.[3] Because so much of the CIA’s dubious atrocities committed around the world have already been covered extensively elsewhere,[4] the briefest chronology of the infamous intelligence agency should suffice here.

Typically any national leader in this world who wants to do right by his or her people and be independent of America’s raping and pillaging by the likes of parasitic World Bank and IMF loans[5] along with invading Western multinational corporate giants is targeted by the CIA for subversion and insurrection by CIA-paid and trained opposition, and removed from power by coup, assassination and most often replaced by CIA backed military dictatorships.[6] This horrific pattern across the globe is history endlessly repeated. US Empire has overthrown scores of sovereign governments[7] and against all international law imposed its imperialistic death grip on virtually every country on this planet. Only two nations on this earth are still holdouts refusing to succumb to the Rothschild central banking cabal[8] – Iran[9] and North Korea.[10] No surprise they’re both targeted as longtime US enemies that Empire’s constantly threatened to bomb into oblivion, which would be the second time for North Korea.[11] [12] Now you understand why. This telling fact speaks volumes, revealing everything you need to know about New World Disorder and the CIA’s primary function to bring it about.

The fact that the Rothschild cartel maintains central banks in every country on earth but two, means that it controls or minimally partners with all other nations including both Russian and Chinese oligarchs, dispelling the entire myth of the West versus East dichotomy. Despite the brainwash since World War II that the Russians are eternal enemies of the United States and Europe,[13] the ultimate truth is the New World Order encompasses Illuminati elite busily pushing Oz-like levers of control from behind both the Western and Eastern “Curtain.” These artificial political divisions have always been conveniently manufactured false props promoting two “opposing” ideologies along political-military lines (i.e., Western “free enterprise” “democracies” vs. Eastern “Communist” “totalitarian dictatorships”). The reality is these two opposite systems never existed beyond the abstract and are largely homogenized into one and the same, run by the same global elite. The elitist power structure owning and controlling our planet transcends arbitrary geographical borders, making this so called West vs. East factionalism into two enemy camps forever implanted in our brains pure bullshit, perpetrated by the same usual suspect – the Luciferian, war making, pedophilic elite just to keep ongoing “order out of chaos” tensions alive and well. After all, the masses are far more easily manipulated and controlled when indoctrinated into always fearing and hating the vilified “bogeyman.”[14] The same can be said for “Islam” being the Christian enemy. From the get-go Middle Eastern “terrorists” were secretly created and supported by the Western elite.[15] All our so called enemies are fabricated inventions of the planetary controllers to propagate their endless war of terror in order to keep their polarized, divided and conquered world into fixed enemy camps fighting each other.[16] We’ve all been lied to for a very long time.

But rather than focus on the elite’s international destabilization agenda as a prerequisite to tyranny of a one world government, this chapter will examine in detail the US government’s trauma-induced mind control program that regularly involves sodomizing, sacrificing, abducting and trafficking children globally. The CIA has been deployed chiefly as a private clandestine army for Luciferian worshipping planetary controllers, i.e., the owners of the world’s private central banking system, largest transnational corporations, and through bribery and blackmail, virtually all the national governments.[17] [18] And from the CIA’s genesis in 1947 to the present, it has exclusively served the interests of its masters – the ruling elite.

There are critics of the US intelligence community that refer to it as the US president’s private army.[19] But because so much of both its CIA and military operations have been conducted in sealed tight secrecy with absolute zero oversight, knowledge or control from either the president or Congress,[20] that view is inaccurate. Though black budget operations appear to be run by an independent rogue force, in reality they’re merely a controlled manifestation of the hidden satanic hand that rules this world.

Take for instance the highly controversial Majestic-12 (also called MJ-12, MAJI, the Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence[21]), the government inner circle created by a President Truman executive order in 1947 after the UFO Roswell crash in order to oversee all top secret space phenomena that includes extraterrestrials and black ops programs.[22] Formed on the heels of the 1947 National Security Act that spawned the CIA, MJ-12 was comprised of a dozen exclusive members, half from top government intelligence and the military, and half from the scientific community. Near a half century apart, two powerful Washington insiders, both MJ members, were likely assassinated for the very same reason – daring to defy MJ-12 secrecy by allegedly pushing too hard on ET disclosure – Secretary of Defense James Forrestal in 1949[23] and former CIA director William Colby in 1996.[24] [25] As early as 1954, MJ-12 began excluding even President Eisenhower from this ultra-secret intel loop.[26] And in his 1961 presidential farewell address, recognizing the growing danger posed by an unchecked military industrial complex, Eisenhower warned America of its grave threat to our future liberties.[27] Unfortunately Americans neither paid heed to Ike’s warning nor three months later his successor’s prophetic revelation exposing the shadow government[28] that soon enough murdered him,[29] leaving the perps free to usher in Washington’s increasing lack of transparency, perpetual state of war and the methodical rollout of their burgeoning New World Order.[30]

Bottom line, for centuries Illuminati bloodline rulers[31] behind the British-American Empire (after all, the US is still a British colony[32]) have been funding both sides to virtually every war, conflict and revolution they instigate,[33] insidiously promoting an ideology of cultural Marxism and anti-free market monopolism,[34] while secretly financing and supporting history’s biggest genocidal offenders – Lenin,[35] Stalin,[36] Hitler,[37] Mao,[38] along with smaller scale tyrants – the Shah of Iran,[39] Pol Pot,[40] Muammar Gaddafi,[41] Saddam Hussein,[42] Manuel Noriega[43] and Augusto Pinochet.[44]

Historically, the Council on Foreign Relations as the elite’s US foreign policy gatekeeper exercises far more authority over the CIA than the selected figurehead sitting in the White House.[45] In fact, along with the CFR, all the secret societies mentioned in previous chapters – the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society,[46] Skull and Bones,[47] the Jesuit Order, the Malta Knights, Freemasons,[48] Trilateral Commission,[49] Bilderbergers[50] and the entire Illuminati network[51] all work fiendishly together issuing marching orders to the CIA, Mossad and MI6 to wage their fascist global war against democracy, freedom, peace, truth and justice. One cursory look at the CIA’s beginning and subsequent track record more than proves it.

Again the CIA was formed in 1947 directly evolving out of World War II’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). What does it tell you when the OSS head “Wild Bill” Donovan and first CIA Director Allen Dulles arranged to protect thousands of Nazi war criminals from all accountability,[52] and with help from the Malta Knights provided our supposed enemy with new personal identities along with high paying jobs heading up America’s most top secret agencies? Through Operation Paperclip, they secretly relocated up to 5,000 scientists and engineers from Germany to America as spoils of war in competition “against” secretly funded US cold war enemy the Soviet Union.[53] As the longest running CIA director ever, American traitor Dulles was fired by JFK who had vowed to abolish the agency[54] only to have Dulles since become the prime suspect in JFK’s assassination.[55] It’s also been determined that 9,000 high ranking Nazi war criminals were also safely transported to South American destinations in Brazil, Argentina and Chile.[56] Through joint CIA-Vatican ratlines extending from the Old to New Worlds, thousands of Nazi criminals were illegally relocated and secretly granted safe haven to escape justice. So with a grand entrance like that, who needs enemies when the CIA already established itself as one to the American people?

So right out starting gate, the CIA has always maintained nefarious intentions. Instead of fulfilling its designated purpose for even existing – serving as an information gathering source to ostensibly benefit the security of all Americans[57] (which it intentionally and consistently has failed [58]), US intelligence services have brutally acted as the world’s fascist destabilizer for the ruling elite, promoting worldwide confrontation, conflict and war. To everyone else’s detriment over the last seven decades, the CIA has only profited the military industrial complex and the banksters, subversively fomenting nonstop coups and wars. Additionally, as an integral part of the current deep state quagmire and diabolical swamp[59] that Donald Trump was expressly mandated by vote to drain,[60] US intelligence not only continues controlling both news media[61] [62] and film industry[63] as key sources of now legalized mass propaganda,[64] it also regularly orchestrates US state sponsored terrorism[65] [66] against American citizens on US soil.[67] [68] No wonder the war hero president Eisenhower fatefully warned us of our dire future while his predecessor Harry S. Truman who originally signed off establishing the Central Intelligence Agency lived to regret it, confiding in his biographer Merle Miller in the early 1970’s:

I think [the creation of the CIA] was a mistake. And if I’d known what was going to happen, I never would have done it.[69]

Yet another brave one of its own, as agency Angola station chief in the 1970’s, John Stockwell is the highest ranking whistleblower to go public before Congress with CIA secret war crimes that he estimated back in 1987 to be the murder of 6 million Third World citizens.[70] Stockwell summarized his former company’s M.O. this way:

It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms.[71]

Speaking of hate, during WWII Nazi doctors had already been experimenting extensively with mind control research at the concentration camps testing barbiturates and mescaline.[72] Even prior to the close of the Second World War, the US busily had designs to harness German scientific “talent” committing the most despicable human atrocities, shielding Nazi criminals from Nuremberg trials by granting them long term job security while placing them in charge of America’s nuclear and aerospace industries as well as covert federal black operations research and criminal programs.[73]

The most infamous, sadistic Nazi doctor of them all, Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” who killed thousands at Auschwitz as part of his diabolical experiments,[74] underwent a series of colorful name changes concealing his true identity, from Dr. Black[75] to Dr. Green to Dr. Greenbaum,[76] while developing the most heinous methods in North America for brutally stealing young innocents’ minds and souls. Mengele was granted a free pass via the Nazi-CIA ratline to travel at will globally to multiple locations in South America, the United States and even to old stomping grounds in Europe. Using a dozen or so furnished aliases, the antithesis of the good doctor was repeatedly sighted and continued maintaining contact with MK survivors from across the US and Canada, stretching incredibly to Vietnam and Russia.[77] Even his home addresses in Sao Paulo, Brazil and New York State, 30 miles north of the Big Apple were known. Yet for more than three decades, the Angel of Death “mysteriously” evaded capture, no doubt with lots of help from his friends in high places, protecting him well into his golden years, until 1979 when he allegedly suffered a stroke while swimming at a Brazilian resort and drowned.[78] On at least two occasions Israeli intelligence had tracked Mengele down, but “oddly enough” each time the head of Mossad ordered his field agents to drop the case.[79]

Another evil mad scientist credited as the architect of the MK Ultra and Project Monarch mind control programs begun by Dulles in April 1953 was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb.[80] Like Mengele, this monster was also responsible for a number of innocent people’s deaths. Slipping LSD into the drinks of unsuspecting human guinea pigs was his specialty among others. In 1952 an American in Paris, not Gene Kelly, but a year after that film’s release a 22-year old artist named Stanley Glickman whose Canadian girlfriend was away sat alone at a café when he was invited across the street to join a group of Americans. These straight-laced acquaintances shared conservative views that the liberal-minded artist objected to, and an argument ensued. Just as the annoyed Glickman was ready to leave, the American with a club foot insisted he buy a peace offering drink to make amends for the heated irritation that had just erupted. By the time club foot returned, he’d already spiked the drink with LSD. And within minutes the life of the promising young artist was spinning out of control.

Stanley never painted again, suffered from hallucinations, was given electroshock, and ended up telling his girlfriend to leave him rather than be dragged down by his derailed, highly troubled life.[81] Extremely strong circumstantial evidence indicated that the club footed poisoner was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, a relatively young psychiatrist at the time who within a year would be authorized by the CIA head to officially abuse hundreds if not thousands more unsuspecting victims like Glickman in their MK Ultra drug experimentation. Proving that crime does pay [as long as you’re connected], within no time at all Gottlieb was running the MK Ultra program for the next 22 years, ruining millions more lives. A sad postscript to the former artist in Paris, upon learning years later that it was the CIA that drugged him and sent him spiraling, through family and a friend’s support, Glickman ultimately sought legal representation, especially when he learned that the MK program architect was the club footed culprit who gave him the drink that ruined his life.[82] The evidence against Gottlieb and the government was overwhelming. But then Stanley’s health rapidly deteriorated and at 62 he died in 1992. His family pursued his case against the government, but to no avail. Yep, national security always protects the guilty at the expense of the rest of us.

Yet another hapless victim whose life was tragically ruined by Sidney Gottlieb was germ warfare researcher Frank Olson.[83] The 43-year old civilian Army and CIA employee was attending a company function at a Maryland retreat in 1953 when Dr. Gottlieb provided Olson and four other employees his favorite icebreaker, LSD cocktails. Twenty minutes later just as the psychedelic effects set in, they were informed that they were experiencing an acid trip. Understandably upset, Olson left the gathering a forever changed man. Shortly after the incident, he threatened to quit over the deceptive harm Gottlieb had caused him. The CIA sent him to see a psychiatrist in New York City and while staying overnight in his hotel room, just nine days after the hallucinogen altered his mind, he allegedly jumped out of a 13 story window to his death. Calling it a suicide and claiming that a company colleague actually witnessed Olson jump out the window, the CIA explained away Olson’s ill-fated end as a sudden onset of suicidal symptoms related to severe depression. Olson’s 38-year old widowed wife, left alone to raise their three small children under 10, had no other choice but to reluctantly accept this cruel outcome.

But during the post-Watergate Church Committee hearings two decades later, the family learned that the CIA had unethically given LSD to Frank Olson just days before his suspicious death. Despite the CIA still insisting Olson suicided, the pedophile US president at the time, Gerald Ford,[84] and his pedophile CIA director George HW Bush,[85] both steeped in mind control criminality and satanic sex abuse, decided buying off the family with a $750,000 hush funded bribe would be their best damage control option.[86]

Nearly a quarter century after Olson’s death, testifying before Congress in 1977, Gottlieb was still justifying his despicably monstrous behavior evoking “national security” as his entitlement:

Harsh as it may sound in retrospect, it was felt that in an issue where national survival might be concerned, such a procedure and such a risk was a reasonable one to take.[87]

Then in the 1990’s a couple decades after that slap-in-the-face lie, Frank’s son had his father’s body exhumed and learned that blunt force head trauma prior to his fall was what likely caused his father’s death,[88] thus confirming either way, that Gottlieb and his CIA in fact killed Frank Olson. With Richard Helms ensuring that the CIA’s most self-incriminating evidence was destroyed by 1973 in order to eliminate all liability and blowback, as always the agency’s countless murders and abuse were conveniently swept under the rug and covered up.

Projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra were early highly illegal, secret forerunners to the Monarch program that PSYOPS expert Michael Aquino and his contemporaries inherited in the late 1960’s and massaged with their own demented technological innovations. Artichoke lives on today at Guantanamo and hundreds of illegal secret CIA black site “enhanced” torture chambers around the world still using “truth drugs” and sensory overload.[89] These programs from the 1950’s were guilty of misusing LSD and other drugs to exploit and abuse thousands of nonconsenting US adults and children as human guinea pigs, including unsuspecting bar patrons, hooker-lured johns[90] as well as tapping an unlimited supply source of US military personnel, prison inmates and public health populations (with a racist proclivity for victimizing people of color), vulnerable foreign nationals and captured foreign spies throughout North America, Europe and Far East settings.[91] So a longstanding pattern’s been in place – the same planetary rulers that secretly finance and support the biggest murderers in human history (Hitler, Stalin and Mao) also sponsor Nazi satanic ritual abuse and mind control experimentation on hapless American citizens.

Of course using fellow human beings in the name of “science” as convenient guinea pigs is nothing new. Minus legal consent, the same evil perpetrators were infecting poor black sharecroppers in Alabama with lethal doses of syphilis for four decades straight in the disgraceful Tuskegee experiment, doing the same with Guatemalans in the 1940’s,[92] using racist eugenics laws to force sterilization on thousands of unsuspecting Puerto Rican, Native American and African American and incarcerated women even recently in California,[93] the Army maliciously releasing cancer-causing radioactive gas clouds from black neighborhood rooftops in St. Louis in the mid-1950’s,[94] and for decades testing above ground atomic weapons, willfully harming both the native populations in the South Pacific Marshall Islands[95] as well as Americans downwind from sites in Nevada and Utah.[96] In September 1950 when I was a six month old baby living at Mare Island naval base, a stone’s throw from San Francisco, from Frisco Bay a Mare Island US Navy vessel sprayed biological warfare microbes into the air just to see how a million of us residents would react.[97] Time and time again, the US government premeditatedly harms its own citizens, killing thousands in the process, yet obviously doesn’t give a shit. The list of coldblooded murderous atrocities the racist elite has egregiously perpetrated on us so called “inferior” expendables, has been without limit, conscience or consequence. That pathetic and sad reality must change.
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