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Published on Jan 7, 2021.
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2022 et ses surprises !
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2022 and its surprises!


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They tell me :

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be with you this evening, infinitely happy to be able to help you, to be able to guide you.

There will come a time when time will no longer exist, at least as you imagine it, with your clocks, your watches. Time will be punctuated by the Stars, by the Sun, by the Moon, not even by physical time, that is to say spring, summer, autumn, winter, because at one point there will be total equality of the weather, that is to say of the temperature, of everything that makes up your climate, and in the future world, very near, there will be no more variations in temperature from North to South or on all parts of your world because it will already have changed so much that everything will be harmonious.

But first, we would like to tell you about what you call your holiday season. You may have noticed that, for two years, the forces of shadow have done everything to separate beings, separate families and the joy of being together, whether for Christmas, for New Year’s Day.

We do not conceive these festivals with an immense commercial necessity but we design these festivals to bring together the beings who love each other, whether it is with family or between friends. So we are happy to celebrate the end of the year with you and especially to encourage you to live this end of the year in joy, in unity, in strength and above all in Love.

Children of the Earth, Earth Brothers, you still have a little bit of a rough time but we would like to tell you that the worst of the storm is almost over and we say well: “the worst of the storm.” What does this actually mean? After the storm always comes the Sun, after the storm, whether it is big, medium or small, always comes the lull, so there you have lived and you still live big storms, for some a little less important, but now all that is dark will shine with a new Light.

So what can we say to you for this new year which is approaching? We are especially not going to tell you that it would be terrible like the year 2020. We are going to tell you, for this new year, that a lot of things have happened in the hearts of humans. Obviously, some have obeyed consciously or in an absolutely unconscious way orders totally generating fear, but many others, on the other hand, have woken up, have awakened. They have positioned themselves to say “no, we do not accept this or that because that would deprive us not only of our freedom but of what is most sacred in the depths of us”.

Everyone who has been able to position himself, has done so to refuse what they absolutely want to impose on you, but behind all this, you have positioned yourself because your soul has asked you to, because what there is more sacred in you has stimulated the refusal of total and blind obedience.

It has been for the past two years, but for this coming year all the parameters will be different. We are not going to tell you that there will not yet be some difficult things to live with, some constraints. “

They show me the building, like a big black building that is cracking all over the place.

“The edifice built by the forces of shadow is crumbling but before it completely crumbles, of course, there will be a little bit of time to pass, a little bit of patience to have, but above all what is asked of you is to make the Love grow within you. Love is a gigantic force and nothing, no earthly power, no force of shadow, can resist Love.

And during these last two years that you have spent, even without realizing it, you have developed this sacred Love within you, because through all that you have been subjected to, you have questioned yourself in order to know whether that was the truth or not, and you all refused this truth that they wanted to impose on you through a thousand and one fears. Everything you have experienced brings you to what you are today but above all to what you will become, so rejoice! Even if there are still cultural and civilization issues, the Light, the true Light will act this year.

As you have been told time and time again, we, your Galactic Brethren, we are investing in a big way to free the planet from this blanket of darkness, suffering and ignorance, but we cannot do everything. to do because it is also incumbent on you to have a work of Love and spirituality, a work that you must accomplish first of all on yourself to be truly in the help that we expect from you.

Many of you will receive hunches, relatively weird dreams, and perhaps dreams of your Galactic Brethren. We will inspire you before you can see or perceive us, because the times that you are going to live in the days, weeks and months to come, will be extraordinary times when you will reveal yourself to yourself, where you will see this building so dark (described by our channel) collapsing little by little, where you will see those who have “mistreated” you, but this word is very small compared to what certain beings have done to humanity, you will see so these beings crumble because it has to be so.

Those who roughed up mankind were in the dark. They kept humanity in fear but themselves were in total ignorance of what the Forces of Light and Love can represent. Some have had themselves manipulated by forces far above themselves.

So, from this coming year, there’s going to be a big, a big cleansing on planet Earth. Everything is going to be released and cleaned up.

Perhaps the Earth, which will also receive considerable help from the Sun, from its sisters the planets, from the Solar system, will also cleanse itself but not from what it is, from what human beings subjected her to it, because from now on, everything will go up a notch in evolution. The various kingdoms will rise, everything will rise because now it is an obligation, because your world is totally waking up. We told you, a long time ago, that there would be considerable energies that would flood your world, these energies begin to transform your planet Earth and all that lives: the total transformation of the various kingdoms, the total transformation of humans but also the ascent of planetary consciousness.

So rejoice! Rejoice in your heart even if you are still a little impatient, even if the time which separates you from this new society and this new civilization is long. Time must be left to time, time for everything to take place so that nothing can come to hinder the development of human beings but also of everything that lives on planet Earth.

This is why in a time that we hope is relatively short now, the shadow will be transformed more and more into Light and all those human beings who will not have the capacity to accept this profound transformation, who will be still completely in power, in money, etc., these beings will not be able to survive because the vibratory rate of all that lives, of your Mother Earth, will be too high for them.

All of you and all those who listen to us and many others who are not aware of what we are, all of you are mutating, you are really transforming yourself vibrationally, and we are even going to say physically. We want to say that if you are really in harmony with all the Vibrations which arrive, you should suffer less and less from problems and disharmonies, because the energies which will be more and more powerful, which will uplift and transform you , these energies will heal you in a certain way by making you aware that you have all power; all power over your body, all power of this immense development that we wish you and that some (and we hope the most possible) will live to prepare for this new civilization.

So be happy, sincerely be happy! Even if you hear dismal information, that there is this, that there is that and still more, turn off your stations, turn off your media, do not believe any more in all this because they will be forcing. They not only know that they have lost the game but they also know that they themselves will be lost, that this new world that they thought to create in their image, that is to say to have a certain part of human slaves and the rest of beings transformed, robotic, and often at their service, but all this will be no more, they have lost. They realize it a little bit but they don’t want to admit it because they are still very attached to this old world, and we are not even going to say this third dimensional world, we are talking about this old world.

And you are now on the doorstep of this new world, this world that you will build with respect for others, in fraternity, in this awareness that each human being is brother, you are all brothers ( brothers and sisters of course) and above all, in this new world you will eradicate fear more and more because you will have nothing to fear from the other because you and the other will be completely different.

You do not yet imagine this world opening up to you, this world where everyone will be equal, not necessarily in the precedence of life, but equal at the level of fraternity and Love that is to say – to say that there will be beings a little more evolved than others but who will take good care of those who are not yet completely in the awakening and in the evolution.

So from the moment you take your time to come and share, to come and listen, it is because each of you has already made a good journey, in other lives, and that each of you wants to find a little of what it really is, and we’re here to help you find who you are, to help you go up and over floors, landings, but everything will go very quickly now.

The year 2022 will also remain a very important year. If you were to write the story of the past two years plus the one ahead, historians would find everything that has happened and everything that is going to happen very strange. They would find it very strange if they did not integrate in everything that happened the “fight” (because we are going to use that word anyway), the fight between the shadow and the Light, between this Light. which will more and more light up this shadow because what you are experiencing is like a spiritual war, between two very parts of the population of the planet, one of which wants to impose the complete opposite of spirituality, which wants to prevent you to go on this path.

They succeeded a little bit in separating the men, the families, but they failed because even in the families, when the beings realize that they have been fooled, they will come back to you and ask for your help. to understand.

So, if there is enough Love, families will come together no matter what and there will be a lot of help from those who have understood compared to those who have not yet understood. There will be that element and there will be another element that will make families, friends, that everyone tighten up, that everyone work together, is that there will be a lot of departures and beings will need to be reassured, will need to be enlightened.

And all of you who have made a beautiful spiritual journey, around you, will reassure yourselves, you will teach. You will do it with the people who will need it and who will be in demand of course, and whatever you have learned on your spiritual path will resurface and you will be amazed at how much you can be of use to your brothers and how much you can help them.

So rejoice! Rejoice with family, friends. Celebrate the end of the year, celebrate this dismal year by transforming it into a festival of Light because laughter and smile are so important.

The forces of shadow gagged the beings, prevented them from being, from smiling. “

They tell me :

“We have often told you the smile is a reflection of the soul and when human beings can no longer smile, not only can they no longer communicate who they are through their faces but they shut themselves up, they ‘imprison themselves.

So what to do for this coming new year? We will say that it looks very different from the previous two. You will have great joys, impatience, so you will be asked to stay centered. Whatever happens, you need to know that you are not alone, that you have and that you will have considerable help from us, your Galactic Brothers and also from your Brothers of Light. Each human being who has embarked on this path will have the help necessary for his transformation, for his preparation for this new world.

Once again, rejoice in your tomorrow, rejoice in the regained freedom; it will be found because it must be so! Because the beings who have totally lost their freedom, have great difficulty preparing for this new cycle of life, for this new civilization and it is these beings that will have to be helped, those who have been forced against their will to, to inject, among others.

We ask you whatever happens, to remain calm. You have all been prepared in one way or another to have these experiences in this very special time. You all volunteered before you came to this world to have this experience, so be truly in your mission now.

Many of you may have asked yourself this question: “What have I come to do on Earth? What is my mission? What can I bring to my brothers? And here we are going to answer you that your mission is now that you will be able to accomplish it.

So soon we really hope for you, Children of the Earth, that you will find freedom, that you will find joy again, that you can remove these horrible things from your face so that you can smile at your brothers and that you can also receive the smile of your brothers.

Against all of you, they couldn’t do anything. You have been protected by your vibratory frequencies, you have not fallen into collective fear hypnosis, this proves that you have a prior spiritual elevation, that you are not young souls. “

They tell me :

“You will never succumb, no matter what, to the very, very low vibrations of fear.

Fear will gradually leave this world because in the new world this word will no longer exist. Prepare this already in you. Try to understand your fears, at least if they exist so that you can illuminate them with your Light and your Love.

Before closing, we would like to tell you that we are looking forward to everything that awaits you.

We rejoice for this new spring, for the Earth which will become more and more beautiful because just like everything that lives on it and in it, the Earth will be flooded, transformed by this immense Love / Light coming not only from God Father Mother but also of the Sun Alcyone, of the Great Beings of Light who take care not only of the planet Earth, of your Solar system and of well beyond.

So tomorrow will be the time of celebration, the time to sing and dance of liberation, the time when everything will gradually become different, so don’t worry too much about your tomorrow. Either way your tomorrow will be very different from what it is today, from what you are experiencing today. Don’t worry too much about money because in the new society it will no longer exist.

In the next cycle, your next civilization will find contact not only with the Great Beings of Light but little by little with the Divine Mother who sits deep within you, at least a tiny particle of what She is since God Father Mother created you, so you will realize more and more that there remains within you an immense treasure which will reveal itself little by little and which will grow to illuminate your lives.

So rejoice! Rejoice at the end of the year and prepare for the new year that awaits you, full of surprises. We’re not going to talk about the nasty surprises, we’re going to rely mostly on the good ones because that’s what you need. Believe, pray, have faith, but not the faith of the churches, faith in what you are, faith in this inner power that animates you, faith in what you are going to become. This is what you must be able to acquire day after day.

But any seeker, any Lightworker incarnated on Earth, will have the necessary help to move forward again and again if he is sincere and if he really wants to. No one will be put out of the way, every human being will have his chance, but unfortunately many will not know how to seize it and have not been able to seize it, for lack of positioning during these two years but above all because they have been asleep, manipulated and they were unaware of it.

If you totally reject fear, the shadow, the deep state, loses all power, because for thousands of years those who rule have always done it out of fear. It’s easy ! Human beings are weakened so everything becomes much easier. But if fear no longer exists, the rulers can no longer do anything and everything crumbles, their illusory power, everything crumbles.

So through your Love, through the deep transformation that will manifest itself and also occur in each of you, facilitate the collapse of what no longer needs to be, that is to say this lying power and repressive. Love is an immense force. There is not necessarily need to go and demonstrate, invest yourself spiritually. It is one of the ways of defeating the shadow but especially those which serve it.

Be happy ! Do not listen to those who proclaim this poison, this fear and who make it grow. Soon no one will believe in all of this. “

“Now we leave you.

May peace, joy and Love light up your lives permanently, light up your path. You are not alone, we are close to you and we love you.

See you soon. “



© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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