A Long Close Look at a Woodpecker at Work (Video)

Content Source/Owner: 2010Crazyass
Duration: 22 min
This video was published on Nov 26, 2012.
I took a walk through the woods and walked by this tree… I hear a woodpecker but didn’t know where it was coming from. I turned around and was dumbfounded that I had simply walked by this guy…. Although the video starts from a distance that was how far I walked pass it… I decided to pull out my phone and see how close and how long I could capture this beautiful bird.
In the end… I was the one who gave up after 22 minutes of being in half an arms reach to this incredible bird. You’ll notice this bird is not worried about me in the slightest and at some point in the video it hears a plane and is more interested in that than me???
I’m not a bird fanatic but I hope those who watch this enjoy it and if you don’t believe me that it’s me really up close to the bird I skip to minute 13 to 16 and it will throw a small chunk of wood on my cell phone. 

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