America’s Near Future: Choices Now Could Make Our Country Socialist in 4 Years | Front Page with Scott Goulet | Dec 29, 2020 (Video)

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At this moment in time, the outcome of the U.S. election remains somewhat uncertain, even though the media have already pronounced Joe Biden the winner. We hear calls for Donald Trump to drop all legal pursuits over election irregularities, and to run again in four years. Of course millions of Americans would disagree. 
This suggestion is, of course, based on the assumption that we can vote again in four years, if we let America be taken over by a Socialist Party, such as the Democratic Party of today. So the question becomes, if Biden becomes president, will America still have a democratic electoral system four years from now?
The process of veering into socialism has played out in many countries, and perhaps we can try to answer this question by looking at two of these countries’ experiences: China and Venezuela.
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