September – Wow Something You/We don’t see coming!!!! | Amanda Ellis | Sep 2, 2021 (Video)

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Amanda Ellis
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This video was a total joy to record and I hope will be for you to watch – so much beautiful hopeful energy, including Mother Mary, Archangel Metatron and Merlin and quite a few Heart Squad references (those passed on and those still alive).
Channelled information regards fast incoming energy – Meteorites, Schumman, Solar Flares, Births, Conceptions, High Fertility, so much inspiration – get out your notepads and carry them around with you!  
Looking at our choice – Choosing the Stagnant Pool or Marys Rose Garden – invited in whoever we are to the best that the universe has for us. The Universe’s dressing up box – trying on different personas / aspects of self – Child, Adult, Male, Female…Having FUN and making the best of life. 
Change and being ok with it making us uncomfortable. Spirits offerings and why we resist. Huge Cosmic interplay orchestrating the best ‘menu’ to put in front of us…but will we choose to partake of it? 
Support for those at a low ebb – take a chance and reach out for the Good Samaritan. Laughing and being light in the face of heavy energy…the only thing they don’t know how to deal with, and the best weapon we have with LOVE. The Fertility versus The Destroyer – The Maiden wins.
The re-emergence of Woodstock / Flower Power energy as an antidote to these constricted times – it lies within you – in your bones and soul….be like the largest sunflowers and face the sun not the darkness.
Joni Mitchell Woodstock
Also looking at Nourishment and feeding the Higher Heart and yourself., and allowing new truths to emerge and letting the ego go that may want to cling on to only what is already known.
Decks Used: The Wild Unknown Archetypes Kim Krans, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Collette Baron Reid, The Self Love Oracle – Jane Chui 
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