Anne-Laure Bonnel, video from March 2022, “No one was interested in the Donbass before 2022.”

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I spent hours creating English subtitles for a recent debate with Ms. Bonnel for French TV, but the video was blocked by Youtube for copyright reasons. 
So I am uploading an older video from March with her, when she was still in the Donbass (she’s now in France), that goes over many of the same things. 
And for those interested in the more recent debate, there’s an English transcript here:
and the original video (French only) of the debate is here:

“Donbass” (documentary, 2016, English subtitles):
“Silence dans le Haut-Karabakh” (documentary, 2020, French only)
About Azov attacking civilians in Mariupol:
About journalism intimidation in the Ukraine:
About shelling in Donbass:
About French media’s silence:

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