Aquarius Full Moon – August 2021 – From Competition to Cooperation – A New Earth is Coming! | Bracha Goldsmith | Aug 21, 2021 (Video)

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Bracha Goldsmith
44 min
This Aquarius Full Moon is the 2nd one in a month supercharging the energy of Aquarius. Discover the astrological aspects for the collective and how it may affect your life and others around you.
Bracha will share experiences and offer tips to help us navigate through these forever changing times.
You are welcome to join us in the live chat to share your reflections or leave a comment after the live, Bracha reads all of them!
00:00 Welcome 
01:20 Introduction  
04:19 Jupiter  
07:30 Intention  
09:35 Changeovers  
13:04 New + different  
15:10 Mindfulness of thoughts  
18:53 Shine  
22:05 Competition  
26:09 Uranus in Taurus  
28:21 45 year cycle  
30:34 Aquarius + Communities  
35:18 Keep Activating  
39:55 Nourishment + Contribution  
42:00 Well wishes + message (Music wasn’t played)

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