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The English translation of this transmission was published around May 14, 2021.
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Be confident in what you are to become!
“It is with immense pleasure that I manifest myself to you. I am she who was Mary on Earth. However, I am so much different now!
I will come to you more and more, towards my children, because I can still consider that you are my children. In my heart there is a place for all of the children of Earth! In Love there is a place for all the children of the Earth.
I am going to manifest myself more and more everywhere, visible, or invisible, like today.
I would like for you to feel My Vibration, My Love, my Presence; it is the proof that you are in harmony with what I am, with what I represent. However, if you do not yet feel me, it is not serious because I will present myself to you in another way and I will love you just as much.
Be happy, the time is now, the renewal is now, the time where you will all meet each other, the time where we will meet each other again!
I lived on Earth, I knew men, my brothers, my children. Like you, I experienced difficulties, the only difference is that I was conscious of other things of which you cannot yet be aware.
On Earth, I suffered in relation to my son and also in relation to some of my ideas that were too in advance for the world of that era. I had to leave the place where I had lived and that I loved deeply. I had to leave some beings who were very, very dear to me, but I did it out of Love because I knew that I had to do it; I knew that I had to put my imprint in other parts of the world, and I went to other parts of the world.”
She is showing me that she had been taken there in an immense Light.
“I was taken by the brothers with whom I am right now, to Egypt, to India, to France and also to Italy, because that country also needed me. I was taken to do a very simple work, not only a work of opening but also to teach certain groups of very evolved beings in order that they too, afterwards could continue the work that I had begun while I was in Palestine.
I still exist, but not in the same way. I project myself into several places on planet Earth.
I repeat once again, I can manifest myself physically.”
She is also telling me this:
“There will come a moment when not only you will perceive my vibratory frequency, but when you will perceive my Light. With eyes closed, you will perceive a Light that will emanate from what I am. This will happen, I can assure you, because I will make it so that you feel me physically and that you also perceive my Light and my Love.
I would like to add this:
Be confident! Be confident in what you are to become! I will return over and over to this place. I will also come in your dreams, even if you do not put a name on what I am. You could have magnificent dreams in which I will come and place my Love in your heart and also awaken your consciousness.
I can consider myself as the Mother of all men because I love all men, my children, in the same way and more and more deeply, with more and more power.
Whether you are Christians, Buddhists, or Muslims, that you have no religion has no importance to me!
A human being is a being that can love, a human being is a being that can awaken himself and that can also offer much to his brothers. Therefore, I try to do the maximum to give you all that I can give you so that you in turn can offer it to your brothers.
If you give much Love to one of your brothers and if he feels the Love that you offer him, he in turn can offer it to his brothers, etc., and in this way, you will form a chain of Love.
What I wish, is that you be capable of doing this and this is what I will help you to do!”
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