Betrayal : Abuse in the Catholic Church in Nova Scotia (2010) | The Fifth Estate (Video)

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The Fifth Estate
This video was published on Oct 3, 2016.
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Betrayal tells the story of childhood abuse victims in Nova Scotia, who continued to feel profound hurt and damage as adults. Searching for restitution for their suffering some launched or joined in lawsuits against the Catholic Church. 
Their partial victory has had an unexpected outcome: In order to settle those lawsuits, the church has begun selling of some church property in Nova Scotia – property that local people helped build and pay for over many generations.

Betrayal highlights the consequences of abuse that continue to echo throughout the Catholic Church and in communities across Canada, the U.S and in Europe.

Original broadcast date : October 1, 2010



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  1. Lori Halderson says:

    I have been in their torture prisons for sixty-one years and forced to watch the vilest satanic ritual torture on earth. They also turned the beautiful forest to black grime with their sodomite disgust…they should have all been shut down…

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