Bezengi – When will the glaciers of the Caucasus mountains melt? Journey to the foot of Dykhtau, the second highest peak of Europe | Andrey Kravtzov (Video, Russian with closed captions-translation)

Bezengi – is the amazing beauty and grandeur of the Northern Caucasus region, where majestic snow-white peaks reach for the sky through the azure of glaciers.

There are six of the eight vertices (except for Mt Elbrus and Mt Kazbek which are outside this area), with an altitude above five thousand meters. Russian climbers call this region “Small Himalayas” for its severe peaks and eternal glaciers that extends from high mountain valleys.

The climbing camp «Bezengi» is located at the intersection of two gorges that lead to the North Massif and to the famous Bezengi Wall – the highest part of the Main Caucasus Range.

Climbing camp «Bezengi» is located inside of the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria State mountainous nature reserve far away from the bustle of civilization. 
Today Bezengi camp is a teaching and sport facilities for climbers and a comfortable resort, characterized by kindness and true Caucasian hospitality.
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Андрей Кравцов    (Andrey Kravtzov)
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Безенги. Когда растают ледники Кавказа? Путешествие к подножию второй вершины Европы – Дыхтау.
This video was published on Jan 22, 2022.
37 min
How fast are the glaciers of the Caucasus and the whole world melting? Is this bad or is there nothing wrong with that? 
In the summer I drove to the foot of the second peak of Europe – Dykhtau. I saw the largest glacier in the Caucasus, Bezengi and checked with my own eyes what is the situation with the melting.
(Как быстро тают ледники Кавказа и всего мира? Это плохо или ничего страшного в этом нет? 
Летом я сгонял в поход к подножию второй вершины Европы – Дыхтау. Увидел крупнейший ледник Кавказа Безенги и своими глазами проверил что же там с таянием.)
00:00 – Introduction / Вступление  
02:06 – The road to the Bezengi alpine camp / Дорога к альплагерю Безенги 
03:03 – Alpine camp Bezengi / Альплагерь Безенги 
05:05 – Rise to the judges’(?) overnight stays  / Подъём к судейским ночевкам 
08:19 – Курсантские ночевки и Дыхтау  
12:23 – Cadet overnight stays and Dykhtau / Ледник Мижирги  
15:54 – Caucasian tours / Кавказские туры  
17:55 – Exit to the Warm Corner and to the Ukyu Pass (1A) / выход в Теплый Угол и к Перевалу Укю (1А)  
25:24 – Melting glaciers and the Bezengi glacier / Таяние ледников и ледник Безенги


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