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The BMJ has a beautifully written article which highlights some of the issues with the current evidence based medicine practices. 
They also have a great list of proposals to correct these anomalies. Let’s review. 
My additions to the fixed proposed by thebmj:
Forbid high level employees from a large corporation to join regulatory agencies.
Forbid high level employees of a regulatory agency from joining large organizations.
Forbid either of these employees to join startups as board members or PR team. They can join as research workers or other internal facing employees.
Tax big corporations to fund independent organizations that will review, analyze, and certify the trial data. These organizations should be the public’s representation.
Formulate a non-government non-corporate drug review board that should go over the phase IV results of all the newly approved drugs and recommend to stop or continue based on these results.
Non medical hospital management should not be part of the therapy policy maker or enforcers.
Correct the political leaning of the state medical boards.
Fine the media pundits/gurus that represent drugs/therapies without having the credentials to discuss medicine.
On yearly basis make public all communications about drug trials and approvals.

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