Cancer Full Moon, Novak – Catalyst, Uluru, Earth Events, Justice | Amanda Ellis | Jan 16, 2022 (Video)


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Heightened sensitivity as we head towards Cancer Full Moon, Pulling some cards and discussing themes of the day. Including: Novak Djokovic  – one of the 3N’s playing the duality and awakening dance also Nadal and Nick Kyrgious. 
Who you expect to be on your side (who isn’t) and the one you don’t who raises their game …
The Novak case is multi dimensional here to highlight Australias draconian policies, refusal to accept free vax choice,  refugee plight, and the Rio Tinto Mining to take place in Serbia (Novaks homeland). 
China needs the Lithium there – Novak spoke up against it. Rio Tinto is an Australian company – doing Chinas bidding..also big environmental concerns highlighted too by the case.
Also Elasticity vs Rigidity.
Nanny State versus Sovereignty. Do 3D governments deserve our respect vs New Enlightened Governance to be created over next decade. 
What have we become? Who are we? Feeling Victorious vs Humble. Dealing with our shadows, fear and anger.
The whole world being constipated – Mother Earth coming into massage the circulation back to life – awakening via all the elements. Tonga, and other
War in Ukraine vs Our War within ourselves. 
America and Australia – The Two A’s Justice Coming

One final word on the tennis world (for now) shout out to UK Andy Murray another voice who stood up for Novak this week, has just described the deportation as a s*** show and who turned down £1.5 million to play in Saudia Arabia over Human Rights Concerns. 

Well done Andy if I am willing anyone on now it is you and Nick..always knew you were one of the good guys too. 
Oracle Cards: Magdelene Oracle Toni Carmine Salerno, Sacred Rebels – Alana Fairchild, Insight Tarot Stanislav Reshetnikov


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