Caring Corrupted – The Killing Nurses of The Third Reich (Documentary)

Propaganda, Indoctrination
Just Following Orders
Crimes against Humanity, Nuremberg Trials
Content Source/Owner:
UTHealth Nursing
(The University of Texas – Health Science Center at Houston
Cizik School of Nursing)
Copyright – 2016
56 min
This video was published on Feb 25, 2017.
Cizik School of Nursing has created a REMI Platinum Award-winning documentary film that tells the grim cautionary tale of nurses who participated in the Holocaust and abandoned their professional ethics during the Nazi era. 
The 56-minute film, Caring Corrupted: the Killing Nurses of the Third Reich, casts a harsh light on nurses who used their professional skills to murder the handicapped, mentally ill and infirm at the behest of the Third Reich and directly participated in genocide.


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