Channeled and Psychic Readings by Michelle Fielding and Tarot by Janine, with Kelli Rivers | Apr 13, 2021 (Video)

Channeled and Psychic Readings by Michelle Fielding and Tarot by Janine for the following questions:
1. When will people know about QFS being live?
2. When will Election Fraud be known and publicly confirmed in the USA and World wide?
3. When will it be known that Covid was a plan to bring in a new Financial System by the NWO, but was intercepted by the White Hats?
4. When will people become aware en masse about Child trafficking, Adrenochrome, and Adult trafficking?
5. How can the Collective keep their vibration high whilst being isolated, masked, vaccinated and controlled?
6. Is Elon Musk a White Hat / Good Hat? What future technologies will he bring? Does his Universal basic income refer to N/Gesara or New World Order? Is his technology raising consciousness of Earth?
7. How will the Earth look going forward in terms of technological advances on our homes, work, family, healing, communication and transportation?
8. What are the Galactics doing at this time to help raise the frequency of Earth? Is it working? What else do they have planned for us?
9. Is the Quantum Financial System really a computer? Or is it a Collective Consciousness?
10. Why has everything seemingly gone quiet around President Trump and the Plan?
Content Source/Owner:
Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach
Duration: ~ 1 hr 30 min
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