Christ & Metatron – Answering Doreen Virtue | Amanda Ellis | Nov 23, 2020 (Video)

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Amanda Ellis
 26:00 Channelling Christ and Archangel Metatron together – sitting with them and hearing them speak to us. They are both main Guides for me as they are for many of you also …
Before that a chat on Fundamentalism – why attack energies are around right now…some background on my own upbringing with the Church and the Dualistic nature of experiencing different aspects of belief…a look at persecution energies and unhealed unintegrated shadow

3 Other videos I have done before on Doreen Virtue and her new path away from ‘New Age’ are here:

Please let us as a community respect all views, this is simply an answer to Doreen’s latest attack on Archangel Metatron as a Demonic energy…which is unfounded and untrue. If she would allow comments on any of her Social Media accounts I would not have to speak up as you could do so there if so called…

Wishing Doreen well on her path and for her to go in peace and allow others of different faiths to do the same – Unity Consciousness and us realising we are all one is arriving and old Separation energies are about not evolving with the new paradigm coming in…

I am speaking up because I have been asked to – if you don’t agree with that – please move on and I will see you next video …

The references to Metatron I believe in the bible are eg in Revelations ‘Then I saw another extremely powerful angel coming out of heaven, robed in a cloud. There was a halo over his head like a rainbow; his face shined bright like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire’

Metatron is also said to have been Enoch (Gospel of Enoch was written out) and is the firey presence that guided as the Red Sea parted….there is more but Metatron is saying it isn’t about proving anything it is about feeling his love …he is simply that ….as can be felt at 38:40

Much Love Amanda xx

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