Dandelions are the Best Indicators of… (Video)

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Stefan Sobkowiak – The Permaculture Orchard
Duration: ~ 12 min
This video was published on Jun 21, 2019.
DANDELIONS – do you HATE / LOVE them? Or you just don’t care. 
If you hate it you may have spent a lot of time and money trying to eliminate it. Here’s my understanding of what this plant is doing and how you can save a lot of time dealing with this plant. 
WANT MORE ABOUT DANDELION??? Check out this follow up video on the USES of DANDELION: https://youtu.be/BhR5P0Banx8​
0:00 – Reasons 1:43 – #1 compacted soil 3:12 – #2 calcium deficient 5:59 – #3 high acidity levels 6:20 – #4 abundance of shade 7:21 – Dandelions bring beneficial insects 8:38 – Dandelions what stage they are in 10:26 – Summary
Love dandelions💛
This video was filmed & edited by Zack Zane.

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