Dare to Speak of Love! | Monique Mathieu | Nov 14, 2020

This transmission was published around Nov 25, 2020.
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Dare to speak of Love!
“We would like to speak to you about current life in this world.”
They are showing me an immense anthill.
“Ants, panic-stricken, are running all around; they can no longer find their house, they no longer can find their group, they no longer know how to orient their life! Above them there is like a big hand that is not the hand of God; it is a hand that directs men, that directs ants in one direction or another.
Obviously, many of these ants can get out of the place in which they are maintained by an invisible force.
All the ants who get out of their groups, who are often adrift, who are in great suffering, begin to perceive a Light.
Little by little, all these ants, who in the beginning were a little panicked but who have had the courage to get themselves out of this immense anthill that is panicked find each other and regroup.
Above them, there is an immense Sun, an immense Light, and they are going to fill themselves up with this immense Light. They are going to become Light.
Be attentive to what we are telling you:
There are more and more ants who begin to get themselves out of the immense anthill and who are beginning to be inundated with Light.
Those who have extricated themselves ask themselves: “What is happening to us? We are no longer in the obscurity! We are in the Light, we are happy! What must we do? What are we going to do with this Light that is inundating us, with this happiness, with this new state of being?”
At that moment, they hear a voice that comes from that Light and that is telling them: “Ants, you who have liberated yourselves, you who have had the consciousness to leave the obscure group, you who have had the consciousness to accept and to integrate the Light and Love, go back to the anthill so that each of you can be a little point of Light, so that you can be all the points that permanently radiate the immense Love with which you have been nourished.
You understand who these ants are who begin to form more and more little points of Light in the middle of this immense anthill.
The miracle is that these little points of Light “contaminate” again and again others and in this immense anthill, prisoner of the hand of the shadow that oppresses it, a moment will come when the Light will take on more and more magnitude.
A certain number of little ants have had the courage to return to the anthill to offer the Light and the Love, sometimes at the cost of their lives; they have been absorbed, sometimes held tightly, swallowed up by the non-awakened ants, but this was their choice, that of enlightening the anthill just to the end.
A miracle is produced: above that very somber hand, which is still in the process of manipulating, of obscuring the consciousness of the ants, there is an immense Light coming not only from the deepest part of the Universe, but also from your Father Sun, from Life, from life outside of planet Earth. The hand, obscure, begins to diminish in volume, absorbed more every day by the immense Love and the immense Light that emanates from Life, that emanates from the Divine Breath, that emanates from the Beings of Light, that emanates from all those who work for the liberation of the anthill.”
Now I perceive the hand that is shrinking and that is suffering. They are showing me like flames, it is shriveling up, but it keeps trying over and over to project its shadow on the anthill.
“The anthill is lighting up more and more, and what happens? In this immense anthill, there are very luminous ants who have given their life, but there is also an enormous number of ants who have been destroyed because they have not been able to support the immense Light and the immense Love that has liberated them.
They have not been liberated because they were not ready, too impregnated with the somber light that has guided their life, that has led them towards power, towards money and towards the total lack of Love.”
These ants are now on the ground, they are no longer moving! They are legion!
On the other hand, all those who have accepted the Light and the Love are now very luminous.”
I see them awakening.
“All of these little ants transform themselves into human beings, and these human beings raise their eyes, their arms and their hands towards the sky while saying:
“Thank you! Thank you, Divine Light! Thank you for the Light of all those who helped us! Now, it is our turn, we are going to help! We are going to help all the little fragile ants who are beginning to radiate the Light, but who have been made extremely fragile by the shadow! We are going to help them; we are going to love them!
Like you have helped us, we are going to help, we are going to love, we have understood! We have understood that, in this world, never again will we accept the shadow preventing the Light to express itself; or preventing Love to radiate! Now we want to live in perfect harmony with all that surrounds us. We want to live with the awareness that we are eternal, we want to live with the awareness of our Brothers in the Light, with our Galactic Brothers. We want to live in perfect harmony with Life!”
Now I see a new world, a world where all human beings are brothers, where Love reigns as king among men.

Nature is different, the anthill no longer exists. Human beings look at each other differently, speak to each other; they no longer are afraid of Love.

They are telling me:
“You are always afraid of expressing Love because you think that this is not good, because Love has a connotation that is poorly perceived in the current anthill!
Dare! Dare to speak about Love!

Dare to say that Love is the most beautiful Vibration and also the greatest force of Life in the Universe!

Dare to love yourself, dare to love your brothers beyond their differences!

Dare to see only the best in each of you and in each of your brothers!

Dare to go beyond what you have learned! Dare to go beyond what we have inculcated in you!

Dare to go beyond what is not Light and Love, that is to say to go beyond your fears!
Children of the Earth, you are living the most extraordinary experience that the humanities who have lived in this world for eons may have experienced!”
© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu

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