Do Not Be Distressed By All That You Are Experiencing | Monique Mathieu | Dec 18, 2020

This transmission was published around Dec 27, 2020.
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Do not be distressed by all that you are experiencing
“You only see a small facet of all that is happening on your Earth. You only have access to what you can understand and perceive with your eyes. Sometimes, those who are sensitive can feel with their body, with their emotions, and with their conscience.
Something is playing out, as you may have noticed and experienced, that is extremely important on the planet, in the solar system and even elsewhere.
You must not be distressed by all that you are experiencing and do not be distressed for your brothers.
Send them Love, speak to them constantly telepathically. Send them telepathic signals by saying, as we have often already said: “Awaken, I send you all of my Love! Awaken, this is important!”
Telepathic messages, contrary to what you may imagine, have very great power because thought flies! A telepathic message is also a creation of thought.
Therefore, during your meditations or simply when you pass people on the street, simply tell them by telepathy: “Awaken, it is important that you awaken!” and obviously send them much Love.
We are simply asking you to remain aligned, to be confident. We say this for those who do not necessarily have total confidence when the elements, the events are a little too oriented towards the obscure.
If at times you lose a little confidence it is not serious because in the deepest part of yourself you know what it is about, you know what you are going towards, you know that no matter what happens at the level where you find yourself right now, you will know to say no to that manipulation that is going to accelerate. All of a sudden everything is going to stop! There will be no more manipulation, but there will be very great damages!
At that time, we will be obligated to inundate the whole planet Earth with repairing waves. For the moment, it is still a little too early to speak about it.
We will work together with humans who will try to repair the considerable damages, but before this can be the shadow must be eradicated. It still has immense power over your world; it emanates from some corrupt human beings who have no spirituality, no awareness of Love or real emotions. That shadow does not belong to this world and manipulates it. We will fight against that shadow because you do not have the capacity to fight it!
We simply ask, in order to help us, that each of you remain centered, that each of you not listen to all that the medias say! Remain confident, in total faith, and keep your sovereignty, no matter what happens!”
© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu

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