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La Terre va changer, tout va changer
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Earth will change, everything will change

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“Children of the Earth, Children of Light, you our brothers, you who have so much Love in your heart and who are still ignorant of it, it is with immense happiness that we still come among you this afternoon. “

They tell me :

“As we told you, a lot of things will manifest in each of you, albeit in different ways because you are all different, but there is something so powerful nonetheless, which is to say Love, this Love that nothing and no one can take away from you. We could imprison you, we could put you anywhere, The Love will remain deep within you. You need to have this awareness so that you can actually acquire strength, this strength that also sleeps deep within you, this strength that you will need soon.

In the meantime, little by little, each of you is changing. The great mutation of humanity has begun. The great mutation, not that of humans, the great mutation of the totality of all that lives. “

They show me, everything that lives is as though hidden by a dark veil.

“Like a veil of smoke that covers everything, including you humans of course. These dark veils, once again are going to be dissolved by the immense Light which is coming from the deepest part of the Universe.

Look at nature, what you see of it is not yet its reality. Nature suffers, trees die, nature is sometimes violent, even in relation to the various kingdoms. Soon, after all these storms that the Earth has known for thousands, millions of years, soon everything will calm down because once again, this veil that covers everything will be completely dissolved, and little by little as if nature and humans awoke from a great sleep, each will begin to realize that life is different, that they themselves are different.

The Earth will be reseeded with new flowers, new seeds of all kinds and when it is, human beings will also be reseeded, but not with seeds, with Love. The seeds of Love will be offered to you and what are the “seeds of Love”? These are very powerful energies which come to awaken and nourish the deep Love which abides in you.

Tomorrow really will be another time, another world. So obviously all those who have listened to us for a long time and especially for some time, can say: “Yes, all we see is sad, it is powerful in destruction, all we see is enslavement of mankind, all we see is sadness, it is violence, it is suffering. ” So we are going to say that for the moment, all of this is effectively covered by this cloud of darkness, and as long as it has not been dissolved, eradicated, there will still be this suffering, this violence, etc …

So each of you here present, and all those who will be able to listen to us, know that you have a great mission: the mission to help the Light to grow in you, the mission to help Love to also grow in you. , that is to say all these little seeds of Light and Love, you will have to accept them so that they nourish you. “

Tomorrow, the beings who will have known how to position themselves, all the beings throughout the world who will have known how to say “no”, all the beings who will not have been subjected to this global hypnosis, all these beings who are old souls, beautiful souls, will radiate and they will help by their radiance and their Love to the total liberation of your world; they will facilitate this dissolution, this eradication of the darkness which still covers humanity and all life on this world.

We told you that men alone will not be able to free themselves from the noose which is tightening more and more, not only on human beings but on all life. There comes a time when if there is no more respect, if there is no more Love in relation to Mother Earth, in relation to the various kingdoms but above all also in relation to humans, everything will be annihilated. Because in this very particular period, the human no longer exists as such, the human has been digitized, the human has been imprisoned but not for a long time, so everything that does not go in the direction of the deep transformation, everything that does not go in the direction of the liberation of the world, of human beings, all of that will be destroyed.

So you the rich, you the powerful, tremble! Tremble because you don’t understand what life is, you don’t understand what Love is, you don’t understand what God Father Mother is, so tremble because your kingdom is going to end. All the powerful of this world who wanted to transform it, to robotize it, to remove all energy of life, to remove even the capacity of human beings to think, all these beings will have to give back very dearly for their errors. Tremble the rich! Tremble the mighty! Tremble all those who put humanity in slavery, you won’t have much longer, your reign ends because the shadow will be driven out of this world for good, we can assure you.

So you, you who have a conscience, you who have not let yourselves fall asleep, you who have Love in your heart, rejoice! Rejoice because tomorrow will be your reign: the reign of unity, fraternity, respect and Love of course.

All of this, all that we tell you is an absolute truth, so instead of lamenting over the work of the shadows, rejoice over the work of the Light which comes to free your world, which comes to free you from your own channels.

Of course there will be moments of great confusion, again and again, but not for those who will have awakened because they will see more and more clearly in your societies, in all that is said, in all the manipulations, in whatever they want to impose on you. So stay in this immense trust, in this immense faith.

Be the little soldiers of Light and Love. Of course the word “soldier” is not appropriate because it assimilates more to the war, but there can be armies of Light which come to liberate the world. The armies of Light can only attack in the dark and it is the dark that imprisons the world.

You will have increasingly important signs. You will have some in nature and you will see that little by little it is transformed, that it has more strength, more beauty. You will see that even the fruit trees, which have been made available to human beings to enjoy their fruit, will give better fruit.

Everything will change. The human body is changing profoundly. The consciousness of the body is transformed profoundly. Obviously the consciousness of being also and everything comes back little by little in a harmony, in another vibration.

Be careful ! Be attentive to all that is going on in you, exchange your experiences, this can help your brother to better understand what is happening to him. You will have more and more intuitions. The dark world in which you live will touch you less and less because you will have your way, you will have this deep friendship which binds the beings who walk on this path of Light. This friendship, this fraternity, will grow stronger and stronger and as we have told you: if each of you here present or all those who can listen to us, if each of you works to develop the Light and the ‘Love in him, nothing will be able to reach him and know that you will be immensely protected because of the Light and the Love, because we your Brothers of Light, we your Galactic Brothers, we need you. You are in a way the workers on the ground, those who obviously have the most difficult mission in the matter but the most beautiful in the realization. Prepare yourself, in the depths of your being, prepare yourself for this glorious becoming.

The sky will change, the Earth will change, life will change, everything will change in this world. And when we say the sky is going to change, we mean that there will be no more pollution of any kind and that is important. All the objects that you have projected in the sky, like the satellites, will be destroyed, blown away. But before that is there is still a long way to go, there is still a thorn bush to go through, but know Children of the Earth that whatever you have to go through, you will be protected.

Not only will you be protected by the Light and the Love which will develop more and more in you but you will be protected by the immense vibrations which will uplift you more and more and by your Guides, do not forget them; they are there with you, and their mission with you will be more and more important.

Now we are done, but first we would like to say to you: rejoice! Be in the deep joy, try to perceive this Light which will become more and more luminous and almost dazzling. Rejoice because the shadow has truly lost. The powerful of this world will be annihilated, by themselves, by their ignorance, by their own power. They will be destroyed by themselves, but they will also be destroyed vibrationally.

So, instead of rejoicing, send them Love because their suffering will be much worse than all the sufferings you have been able to endure up to this day. ”

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