Election 2020: The Plot to Steal America | Man In America | Dec 7, 2020 (Video)

Updated on Dec 26, 2020: As I expected even President Donald Trump’s video has been blocked/removed by YouTube, so please watch the Rumble video version.
Content Source/Owner: Man In America
YouTube Censorship: video blocked by YouTube:   YouTube Video url (on Donald J Trump‘s channel): https://youtu.be/Ot-NAmMQ6A4
Duration: 18 min
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Youtube has now DELETED this video, in an effort to censor our free speech. Please download the video from my website www.mia.news and upload it to Youtube, so they can no longer censor this important truth.
***Please note that the CCP does not own majority share of Disney. I reported this incorrectly. 
They CCP owns majority share of Disney World in Shanghai, they partnered on Mulan and used it to spread their agenda, and they clearly have significant influence over Disney. But they do not officially own majority share. 
I have updated my Youtube video to correct this but can’t do it here. My apologies.
2020 has been a year like no other. Everything we know, everything we trust, and everything we have come to rely on has changed. So why should we expect the US election to be any different?

Mainstream media are telling us the race is over, Biden won, time to move on, nothing to see here folks. But in your gut, you know something’s just not right. From the strange patterns on election night, to the weeks of suspense, to the reports of fraud that evaporate faster than Biden’s memory. It just doesn’t add up.

In this episode, I’ll show you just what’s going on behind the scenes in this election, and why the greatest threat we’re facing right now, is not an invisible enemy invading our bodies, but one that’s invading our country and our minds.
YouTube Censorship: video blocked by YouTube on or around Dec 26, 2020.
Please watch the Rumble video version further down the page. Thanks!!
YouTube mirrored Video (on Donald J Trump’s channel):
Rumble Video (The original video on Man In America’s YT channel has been removed. Will YouTube censor the mirrored video on President Trump’s channel?
Well in case they do, here’s the video on Man In America’s Rumble channel):

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