Encounters with the Seraphim: A Message for the Future of Humanity. And a Transverberatory Journey (Film)

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This video was published on Feb 18, 2021.
Duration: 44 min
Originally this film was going to be a part of Samadhi Part 3, but it grew into its own separate creation. It explores something very important that is seldom spoken of in some spiritual traditions (the topic is almost taboo). It is based around insights that came during a “peak meditation experience” when I encountered beings that identified themselves as “the Seraphim”. Yes, the Seraphim are considered to be “angels”, but for me were nothing like the humans with wings depicted in religious paintings, but a field of conscious energy which has the singular purpose of helping our soul to complete its evolutionary journey.
In this film, I report on the experience and give some insights that came to me. Such phenomena may sometimes be dismissed or negated due to preconceptions or biases within the limited egoic self, or on the flip side, they may be given too much emphasis and become entrapments for the ego as it creates an identity around them. The film explores the relationship between the dimensions of being and becoming as the self-structure grows and evolves, and the apparent paradoxes of realizing Samadhi at increasingly more subtle levels of the developmental spiral.
For a good overview and clarification of “waking up” and “growing up” check out this talk from Ken Wilber https://integral-life-home.s3.amazonaws.com/Wilber-WakeUpGrowUp-TheEdgeOfTheUnknown.pdf
Realizing Samadhi is only the first step in an unfathomable unfolding journey to expand the inner lotus into higher worlds; an enlightenment process which is a development within the levels of self-structure and soul, as our sphere of care or compassion widens. Awakening is waking up to the unchanging dimension of absolute “being”, pure consciousness, while enlightenment is about the ongoing dance of evolution and involution within the manifested world, the endless cycle of “becoming” and connecting our sense of what we are to more of what is. The human game allows the possibility of creating an expanded and purified vessel to interface with divine consciousness, or higher “impersonal” levels of consciousness. When we sacrifice the egoic wants to allow this divine connection to unfold, we become part of an expanded level of existence and part of a higher “plan”. 
Through imitation of the Seraphim, or by matching their vibration, humans can have the same unmediated union with God. We are meant to imitate them, learn from their example, merge with their light, but not to worship them. Nor can we invoke their presence or try to summon them from the lower mind. We merge with them by becoming like them, by matching their resonance as we evolve on the spiritual path. 
This release includes the full “Metatron’s Vision” which is a related sound and visual journey (or you could call it a “transverberation”) created by Daniel Schmidt and David Donnelly (the Fractalverse). 
“Metatron’s Vision” is designed to be listened to with headphones because the stereo effects create a swirling of energy that is difficult to perceive with speakers. Choose a time and place where you are not going to be interrupted. There are no particular instructions for the experience itself. Just see if you can sit still and go through the entire journey without generating a thought, staying present and attentive to the whole experience. 
Please note, the purpose of the audio-visual component is not to necessarily make you feel warm and fuzzy, peaceful or relaxed, although those things may occur. The purpose is to help you to evolve beyond your egoic preferences and attachments to experience new dimensions of yourself. For many people the experience will bring up resistance.
Some forms of inner resistance (hindrances) are 1) thinking, 2)  unpleasant sensations or emotions  3) discomfort within the body 4) sleepiness or dullness 5) attachment to pleasant sensations 6) expecting or wanting something in particular to happen.
If you let go of all thoughts and sensations, judging nothing as good or bad, but simply observing, you may be able to observe the sound swirling energy around inside of you. Just observe, seeking nothing, resisting nothing. The experience may feel completely different depending on what is going on inside of you at any given time.
A version without the preceding narration is available here: https://youtu.be/uNS2t7VvMMo​
The “Metatrons Vision” soundtrack is also available on Amazon, Spotify and the iTunes store: 
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