Enigmatic Engineers: Milab in the Family, Q&A, and Göbekli Tepe (Ep.11) | Rebecca Rose – Sirius Blue | Feb 16, 2022 (Video)

Episode 11 of the Bringing Light to the Darkness series.
Rebecca goes deeper into how her childhood sexual abuse and personal trauma impacted her behavior in her teens & early adult life, with extreme risk taking and getting into potentially dangerous situations in life.
And she also speaks of how she started healing from these traumatic experiences and reclaim her power & sovereignty herself through her personal efforts, nature, arts, and spirituality.

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This video was published on Feb 16, 2022.
1 hr 36 min
Rebecca reports on a recent spacecraft sighting and speaks candidly about life after the Programs.

Other topics include:  subterranean light sources, the nuances of ‘time and back’ experiences, Mars reptilians and the strange encounters that run in family lines.  Tune in to learn what the Mars mantid labyrinth has to do with Göbekli Tepe – who designed the blueprints? – and why we need to attune with this ancient monolithic stargate now.

The Bringing Light to the Darkness video series is intended to expose and heal our collective shadow material while contributing to the liberation of our planet.

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Title image credit (Göbekli Tepe): Gulcan Acar


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