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The English version of this channeling was posted around July 20, 2021.
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Everything is being put into place.
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“Children of the Earth, Children of the Light, it is with immense happiness and pleasure that we are with you today.

Today we would like to speak to you about all that is going to happen, but in a positive sense.”

They are telling me:

“You often ask yourself at what point in the narrow tunnel you find yourself. We would like to tell you that you have already covered much of the path. You are in a period where there is a terrible confrontation, visible and invisible, between the forces of Light and the forces of obscurity, but this confrontation, can also be within you and cause moments of difficulty, even moments of suffering, moments of questioning, of doubts.

Have confidence today! Have confidence because everything is being put into place in the visible and the invisible, to allow the remaining path left to you to be as short as possible.

However, we really ask you and with insistence to prepare yourself within; we ask you if you can every day to take a look back upon what you are, on your behavior, on what you wish to become but above all towards where you want to go.

Human beings (unfortunately not the great majority!) wish to go to a better world. Unfortunately, often they do not give themselves the means and they always have one foot in the former world, that is the world they know, and they have difficulty letting go of what they know to prepare themselves to go towards what they do not know. However, this future is in you, it is in the process of growing in you; you are in the process of preparing it each day, but you are not aware of it, just as you are not aware of all that is changing around you.

You are inundated by inferior news, news of fear, of manipulations, and unfortunately a great part of your human brothers will not be ready, very simply. They will have given too much importance to what has been diffused by the governments of all countries, they will have given too much importance to their own fears, they will not have understood who they are.

This is to say that they will still have a way to go in order to understand what a world of peace, serenity, joy and Love really is. This is not serious in itself because the Universe is vast, and even if you suffer to lose a cherished being in the coming times, know that, where these beings are found after having left the Earth, you can see them again. The Universe is vast, but everyone can get together and in Love there is no distance, there is even no time!

Therefore, the coming of the new life is approaching in large steps! The forces of the somber light are in the process of exhausting themselves, of diminishing themselves, but they will be formidable; the more you approach the end of the tunnel, the more these forces will be formidable!

So, we really ask you to remain in your positioning, to remain centered in yourself, to keep your freedom. To wish to keep your freedom today, is to open wide the doors of the new world of tomorrow. To refuse what is imposed on you, this is really to prepare you for the new world.

Therefore, to put some balm on the heart of those who have parents, and/or children who have not known how to position themselves when it was necessary for “x” reasons (and we have not taken into account such and such a reason), there will be very particular waves emitted by your Galactic Brothers; they will have the capacity to de-structure all the poison, whether energy or physical, that has been placed in the bodies of humans.

Some people could be liberated because they have had sufficient Love in their heart, because despite the fact of sometimes being a little manipulated for “x” reasons, their conscience has been sufficiently open; they could pass into the intermediary world. Those who will remain totally stuck in their fears will not support the waves that will be diffused on a large scale in the entire world.

It is said on the Internet that the vaccine will destroy many human beings, like the 5G, etc., and we are going to tell you: forget all of that, forget all of it! Forget the 5G, forget the vaccines, forget all that has nothing to do with you since you have known how to position yourself. Forget all that is not Light!

At this time, you are walking blindly on the path of Light, but you are walking. This means that your eyes see the path, but they have not totally integrated the Light. Soon your eyes are going to liberate themselves. You will walk on the path of Light with another consciousness, with another reality. You will begin to recognize yourself, to reconnect yourself. For the moment, you do not know yourself, and you cannot reconnect yourself since you do not recognize yourself.

Therefore, there will be a great liberation of people who have done all they could to remain centered or to have sufficient Love in their heart to be liberated.

Obviously, of the number of inhabitants in this world, a great part cannot even pretend to go into the new world, and why? Because they would just simply not be happy! They would not like a world where there is no competition, a world where there is no money, where there is no spirit of possession, of possessiveness, a world where there are no vile pleasures, and they would not be able to adapt!

All is just in the Universe! You are living through some difficult things, but all is just! This is the immense preparation for the transition.

You have often spoken of changing dimension to go to the fourth, fifth, or sixth dimension, we are going to say that you are going to make a quantum leap! All of a sudden, you are going to find yourself with other parameters, with other codes; the codes are going to reveal themselves because within, you have the codes. All is coded, all is vibratory, but all is closed because it was necessary up until today for you to be able to live the programmed experiences in this third dimension.

This third dimension is ending and when we say: “it is ending”, this is truly the reality! Therefore, automatically you are going to go towards much more elevated dimensions, therefore, towards another consciousness, a consciousness where you will have not only awareness of who you are but where little by little the memory will come back to you of who you have been before; at that moment you will work in perfect equilibrium of your knowledge and this will be a great gift for you and for those who surround you.

Therefore, have confidence! Let go! Let go totally of what no longer belongs to you, let go totally of the life before! Any way you will never find it again, it has no reason to be! You are at the end of this preceding life, but you are going to be reborn, and you will begin to be reborn to this new life, to this new consciousness, to this new conception of the other, of yourself and the relations that you must have with life.

The old world is dead! What subsists right now of the old world are the forces of destruction, but they themselves know that they do not have much more time! They hope. They hope to be able to reconquer, but they will never be able to reconquer anything! Just like you, you can never go backwards and reclaim your preceding life without the knowledge that is going to develop itself in each of you.

Imagine that you could go back in time without knowing all that you have learned and all that you have acquired during all the years that we have accompanied you on your path. You would just simply be at the level of all those who allow themselves to be manipulated. Do you want that kind of life? Would you miss it? We know that you would not miss it, because a being who begins to awaken, who begins to perceive who he really is, has no wish to go back in time to live through some experiences that were sometimes very difficult and without the awareness of what he is.

Maybe in the coming months or by the end of the year, you will finally see the end of the tunnel and will leave the eye of the cyclone. This will depend on you, on your personal work, on your possibility of opening your field of perception more and more, your possibilities of opening your heart more and more to Love, by liberating yourself, by not clinging to the old world, and by opening your heart and your life to this new world which is opening its arms to you.

The choice will no longer be difficult for the Light Workers!

They are showing me this:

“On this path, even if you do not yet see the Light, at a certain moment, you will run towards that door of Light! You will accelerate your own process of elevation, of transformation, because in the deepest part of your heart, you will know. We will not need to tell you; you will know it!

Each of you is going to develop your capacities of perception. We are not going to tell you that you will each be a channel tomorrow, but we are going to say that each of you will feel, will receive all that you need depending on what you are and above all depending on what you have become!

The preparation for the new birth is sometimes painful because you are going to totally be reborn to yourself. You are going to prepare yourself to integrate a new society, you are going to prepare yourself to also integrate a new personality, a new state of being. You will have much more compassion for life, for those who surround you. This will be easy, you will have much less judgement, much less reticence, much less falling back, all will be much easier.

The more you advance on this path of Light, even if for the moment you are still a little blind, the more your consciousness will open itself and the more this will be easy. And if your consciousness opens itself, your eyes will also open themselves; maybe not your physical eyes but the vision of the soul, the true vision, the one that does not lie!

So, to conclude, have a little more courage; we ask you especially to not give in. There will be pressures. You must absolutely not give in to these pressures! The time will be rather short and the pressures, on the other hand, will be stronger and stronger to force you to become non-humans, maybe zombies. Therefore, resist! Know that we are there to hold your hand, know that you are not alone, know that a being who is aware of his reality has considerable force!

But we would also like to tell you this:

If you are centered, if you remain centered within, if you remain open in confidence, if you abandon yourself to this new world that is opening its arms to you, if you open your heart to Love by loving yourself first, you have nothing to fear! Just simply, you must not leave the door open to what must not be, that is to say to inferior forces.

So, remain united! Always exchange in joy! Do not go backwards to what no longer exists, be happy! To be happy is also to precipitate your transformation, it is to leave a little earlier the old world!

Even in this world that is still obscure, you can be happy, very happy because you have what many of your brothers do not have! You have great openings of consciousness, and that alone can allow you to see life differently, therefore, to prepare yourself for this new world and to be infinitely happy.”

© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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