Everything is in Motion Because Everything is Going to Change | Monique Mathieu | Sep 25, 2021

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Tout est en marche car tout va changer
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Everything is in motion because everything is going to change
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They tell me:

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be able to help you, to be able to guide you. We are all the happier that right now planet Earth is really going through big changes, and we are talking about planet Earth, because all kingdoms, from the mineral kingdom to the human kingdom, are changing, transforming.

We are not talking, of course, of all human beings, because some will not be able to pass in the intermediate time to go later into the golden age.

You are part of the beings who have accepted the mutation, who have accepted the great transformation of their body, that is to say that little by little you will integrate the crystalline vibratory frequency. You will lose your carbon body to integrate more and more the vibratory frequency and the crystalline vibratory state.

Obviously, this does not mean that you are going to have a crystal structure, it means that your vibratory frequency will change in a considerable way. The vibratory frequency of the Earth is also increasing considerably and the tools you use to measure it will no longer be sufficient because they will be totally obsolete.

This vibratory frequency, this deep transformation, will also generate very important mutations or awakenings at the spiritual level and also at the psychological level, that is to say that you will no longer see things as you saw them there would not be. -what a few months. Everything will transform in you so, of course, this may cause certain difficulties of stabilization in this world which no longer belongs to you as a third dimensional world. You and a large number of human beings are already in the fourth dimension and you are preparing for the fifth dimension which, we recall, is a level dimension of consciousness.

Your Mother Earth is also getting ready to make the great journey, like everything that lives on her. It will be different for everyone. The great journey will be different for everyone.

You, you have chosen the initiatory journey, the journey which allows you to position yourself and to prepare yourself for the intermediate time. Others have chosen another great journey, because they are still very happy in this third dimensional world and they do not want to go to worlds that are much more ethereal, much more “fraternal”; we use this word because it is still relevant to what you are going through as humans.

The world towards which you are going is the world of unity (the word “unity” is much more suitable than the word “fraternal”), of unity in Love, in respect, in creativity, etc. We will tell you again and again about this world, because in a way you have to prepare for it.

Obviously some may say: “we do not see anything happening, the world in which we live is more and more heavy, more and more terrible”. This is the reality for some human beings, of course, but a mutation does not necessarily take place in joy, it is often done in suffering in order to awaken beings, in order to awaken their consciousness, to allow them to acceptance, and for some perhaps, to accept the unacceptable in order to really be able to move towards the new world.

Some do not necessarily believe in it because everything is slow. You have an impression of immobility, that nothing is moving in you, around you and in your countries; you have the impression that only dark light manifests its presence. We are going to tell you that for now you are so immersed in the manipulations of the dark light that your eyes and your consciousness do not yet fully perceive the effects of the true Light, of the one that will guide your life, of the one that will awaken in each of you, the one that will cause your development and give you the strength to go towards a new existence and to live well your mutation.

To come back to your current world, we understand because we see you living, we see the suffering of many human beings; once again we are going to tell you that all of this will stop suddenly! It will not necessarily be by the will of human beings, but it will essentially be the will of Father-Mother God, of the Great Beings of Light who have the mission to guide and protect your little planet and your solar system.

You will be able to perceive a lot of unusual things or you will hear about them; there will be things happening in the sky and on the earth that you will not necessarily understand and that your scientists will understand even less than you, because they will not be able to go through human analysis.

So be aware of everything that is happening, wonderful things, certainly! You will only be able to perceive them if you are free from the fears that are constantly nourished in human beings all over planet Earth; this small country is not the only one to experience this manipulation through fear and collective hypnosis. ”

They show me that all of a sudden (it is an impression compared to what I see) a Light will strike the world and allow the changeover.

They also show me an extraordinary image: I see this Light coming from everywhere and from nowhere. I see it in broad daylight (not at night) and I see a magnificent sky, of a blue that does not exist on Earth, of extraordinary purity. I see a lot of points, like a multitude of vessels which come precisely to prepare the new humanity.

“Everything is running in your solar system, everything is running everywhere because everything is going to change and go up one or more notches in a very near time now; an immense Light will touch the Earth and will go further than the Earth; it is not going to stop at the Earth, it is going to cross it and feed it. It will transform men and put a completely different vibratory frequency in your solar system and in all nearby galaxies; it is as if this Light is traveling a huge road. It will not affect the whole Universe or all the galaxies, it will affect your galaxy, your solar system and then it will go much further.

As the days and months go by, it will be as if humanity is actually going to undergo the Great Awakening.

For the moment there is a separation between human beings because some have woken up from collective hypnosis and they have never been subjected to it There is another much more important awakening which is in the process of being to do now on beings already awakened and who will go much further in their awakening; little by little they will integrate the capacities of the spirit and integrate within themselves the creation of the new world.

Your current new world, the intermediate world, is already created, it already exists in the near future, and you may experience emanations or have visions of them; more and more it will manifest itself either through dreams or be created in a very fleeting way during your waking states or your meditations, as if all of a sudden you were being thrown into this world which is very near.

It will be a world without rulers as you currently see them, a world not of brotherhood but of unity. (The words are very different because you know very well that in fraternity, as in siblings, there can be duality, differences).

In this intermediate world there will be no more disputes because human beings will understand each other beyond speech, will feel themselves through vibrations, and there will be no more lies. They won’t exist at all.

Little by little you will be as educated, as if you were receiving little images, sensations, until you wake up during this intermediate time, in the civilization that awaits you.

You have practically arrived at the end of the turpitudes, at the end of these lies, you have practically arrived at the moment of the change, when the words lie, fear and violence will no longer exist. All these words will be banned from the vocabulary.

In this beautiful little world that is coming, this magnificent civilization, there will be no more inferior words, negations in language. All language will be positive because beings will be aware of the power of speech and the power of thought, and they will be very careful. At the beginning it will be a little difficult, but they will be very careful not to emit any negation, any word which will be completely crossed out of the communication between the beings.


So be a little more patient! There have been great cyclical transformations, and now you’re going through the transformations of thousands and thousands of years, (the great year that lasted twenty-five, almost twenty-six thousand years), so you’re in this huge, in this gigantic transformation of what we can call the great year.

But the “great year”, that of the previous twenty-five or twenty-six thousand years, was not like what you are going to experience now in this great year, in this total paradigm shift, in this total vibrational frequency change, because everything is constantly evolving in the upward direction.

You will never go through the same things again. After twenty-five thousand years, even if you go back to roughly the same place (because the solar system, galaxies are constantly moving and are in motion), you may find yourself in roughly the same place in your galaxy. but you will be on the very upper floors because in the meantime there will have been a lot going through during this period.

If you are listening to us or reading us, it is because deep down inside you feel that there is a lot going on on the positive side; obviously you see the lower side with your eyes, you feel it in your life in relation to all these experiences that some have very difficult.

Positioning is always difficult, so you feel deep inside that the goal of thousands and thousands of incarnations, for some of the hundreds of thousands of one-off incarnations on this third dimensional world, is ending.

This world will be no more! We have said it and we will say it again, it will never be the way it was!

When you are in the fifth, sixth or seventh dimension, the capacities of your mind will be completely different. You will no longer be asleep, you will have the knowledge of all that you have been, and some will be able to travel the timeline.

This means that the present, the past and the future will no longer exist as such, there will only be the present moment. It will all take shape.

You will have a lot more insights. You will really have a preparation to go towards this world of unity, Love, creativity, etc., but in the meantime you must go to the end, you must be ready.

We are just going to ask you a quick question that you are asking yourself: are you ready for your fears? Are you ready to let go of everything you may have experienced in this world that is ending, that is, everything you know in your civilization? Are you ready to completely let go of your civilization to move towards a world where there is no competition as in your current world, where everything is perfect, where the Light shines, where the various kingdoms communicate with each other?

It also requires a huge letting go, because human beings always cling to what they know and they have great difficulty going towards what they do not know; they will have to. All human beings, at whatever level they are, those who are very attached to matter as well as those who have already freed themselves a lot from their attachment to the material will be forced to let go, let go again and again. They will sometimes be obliged to do so in relation to their departure from this planet Earth, that is to say by the passage of what you call “death”.

The word “death” will no longer be used in the vocabulary at all. It will not be banned, but no one will use it, it will no longer exist simply because death will no longer exist as such, because in the a little more advanced intermediate world you will no longer be separated from those. that you loved because the astral of the planet is changing dramatically. In some time it will no longer exist (we have already told you about it).

So right now you are going through the huge change in life. You should thank the Universe, thank God Father-Mother for allowing you to be present in this incarnation

Suddenly, everything that is imposed on you will be null and void.

Do not be afraid of those who are vaccinated and those who are not, it will be a thing of the past, and everything will be “unified”; the word is perhaps not quite adapted to what we would like to say but everything will be unified.

We would like to repeat one last time:

Be a little patient! It all really falls into place whether you see it or not. Everything falls into place in the matter in relation to the humans who are in the process of working and whom you obviously cannot see. Your media will not talk about it, it will be the same on the Internet; they will not necessarily talk about it because there are hidden things that will only be revealed at the very last moment, a little bit before the big change; some human beings will be there to help start a civilization anew and already know a lot.

Some scientists are beginning to perceive in a real way this immense Light, this Vibration (it is almost Love, it is something living, something immensely powerful); so some human or galactic beings having momentarily taken human form who are working with humans are totally in the know and will put certain things in place so that it is not too difficult, and sometimes perhaps dramatic for humanity to experience. ”


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