Expect Immense Transformations! | Monique Mathieu | Jul 10, 2021

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The English version of this channeling was posted around July 31, 2021.


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Expect immense transformations!

“The message that we would like to give you today is that you be very vigilant towards all that you may hear on the news, false or true, as you say “fake news” or not. Therefore, you will have very disturbing information. In relation to this information, you will have doubts, and you, yourself will be confused.

So, what we ask you is that when the news intertwines and overlaps, when it is not at all clear, when there are counter-truths, forget them, remain centered at the deepest part of yourself and wait.

The truth, the “real” truth, will be revealed in broad daylight; all this false and this true information (you can no longer distinguish true from false), creates great confusion, and this will be accentuated more and more; there will come a moment when you cannot know what is true and what is false information.

You will remain centered, you will be listening to yourself, you will listen to the Beings of Light, that is to say that you will have sensations, feelings. At a certain moment, you will know by yourself what is the truth and what is a lie, where there is manipulation, etc.

However, this moment that you have to go through is a very narrow and difficult passage, and we, your Galactic Brothers, are here to help you to go through it.”

They are telling me:

“The Intergalactic Alliance, the Alliance of human beings, is working in a very important way. Once again, you do not see it, you do not perceive it, except in the information that you can have, but soon an immense veil will be torn apart… and at that moment, for some, this will be very difficult.

When the truth comes up from the well, it is blinding, it is sometimes very hard to accept. For all the Light Workers, for all those who have acquired a certain consciousness, a certain evolution, we could say that this truth will have them rejoicing in the deepest part of themselves. This truth will wipe out some beings. There will be many great, very powerful truths, and your world will crumble through or thanks to these truths.

All those who have manipulated humanity will be, in a certain way, eradicated, but many will be so by themselves. We do not wish to say that they will commit suicide, we wish to say that they will no longer be in sync with the vibratory frequencies that will install themselves in your world. Your world will no longer vibrate at all on the current frequency, human beings will no longer vibrate at all on the current frequency.

As the vibratory frequencies will augment in a considerable way in all humans, the poison, the technology, all that will have been put in their body will no longer be in action, will no longer disturb them, because the primary essence of the human being will transform itself.

Remember this: you are beginning to integrate your crystalline body, that is to say the crystalline vibratory frequency. You are not going to become beings of crystal.

So, it is obvious that you are beginning to acquire this vibratory frequency, all that we have placed in your body that was adapted to your carbon structure that will no longer be adapted at all and will be totally annihilated, once again, with the outside help of your galactic brothers; therefore, it is the metabolism, it is the structure, it is all of matter that is going to change.

The only thing that you must do, is to totally accept this change, open yourself totally to it, and what you could say to those who unfortunately have allowed themselves to be vaccinated, is to accept the marvelous and beneficial change for them, even if they do not believe it totally; try to orient them towards vibratory changes, towards this deep transformation of the being, etc.

It will be asked of you to give confidence to those who have totally lost confidence and who will be completely engulfed in fear. The great part of your mission will be to reassure, to give or give back confidence, to emit that vibratory frequency of Love that will grow more and more in you.

If you transform yourself, if you become more and more crystalline, that means that you also lighten up all that has pinned you to the ground, that has maintained you in very heavy vibratory frequencies; therefore, you are going to lighten up considerably, and this new state of being will be a benediction for those who surround you because you will grow much in Love and the persons will feel your vibratory frequency, will feel your Love.

You will begin to acquire this new consciousness of Love when you accept to let go totally of the old, that is to say all that corresponds to the carbon being, to accept and integrate this new being, the Being of Light that you are going to become little by little. You are not going to become a Being of Light in the sense that you will have no more matter, but you will be a Being of Light inside yourself, you will be completely different, and you will radiate that Light and Love.”

Our Galactic Brothers are telling me again:

“Have confidence in what we are because for some of us who have known matter know what your suffering can be.

Some of us have volunteered to incarnate in this world. There are still those who are. They have done this to carry out well what they have chosen to carry out well. We are not going to give details; it is absolutely not useful or necessary.

The only thing that we can tell you is that great changes are going to come, that a new consciousness is going to be born in you, that you will have different reactions, that you will have a much more certain judgement. “Judgement” is not to be taken in the usual sense, we wish to say that you will recognize much more the truth and that you will detect much more easily a lie.

Therefore, expect immense transformations! Expect to be different! This will not always be easy for you because you are going to shift into something else, but this “something else” is your future, very simply, it is the world that awaits you, and for some this will probably be the Golden Age.

Some will live rapidly through the intermediary time and will project themselves towards the Golden Age, towards this galactic era. During the Golden Age, there will be a permanent intercommunication between all of the brothers of the Earth, the brothers of the galaxy and the brothers who are well beyond your own galaxy.

All of this is being put into place, but how do you expect this to be revealed to human beings who are not ready?

We are asking you to prepare yourself, not for the best, but to the marvelous that you are going to experience.

In order to be able to prepare yourself for the marvelous that you are going to experience, we repeat again, you must let go of all that no longer belongs to you. End with the past! Open your inner and exterior view to your present, but above all to what you are going to become, therefore to your future!

We would like to add this:

To have hope all along the line! Even if you do not perceive the end of the tunnel, even if you do not perceive the Light at work, it is at work, and in a gigantic way!

The deep state knows perfectly well that it only has very little time left, and it will be more aggressive and destructive to profit as much as possible in the time that remains to destroy more and more.

However, fear nothing, you will not only be protected, (and you already are), but you will know how to protect yourself.

You are going to be other people; you are going to have another consciousness. You are going to walk on the path of Light not blindly, but with eyes wide open.

We are not saying that this will be tomorrow, we are saying it will be soon!”

© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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