Exploring President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters – Book | Interview with the author Paul Blake Smith | Exopolitics Today | Mar 18, 2022 (Video)

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Paul Blake Smith has extensively researched historical records, whistleblower testimony, and documentary evidence that President Dwight D. Eisenhower had multiple close encounters with extraterrestrials. 
These encounters may have begun as early as 1948/1949 when he was working with the Truman administration, according to Smith’s analysis of a leaked 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document.

In his book, President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters (2020), Smith presents an impressive body of evidence that during his Presidency, Eisenhower met with extraterrestrial delegations on at least three occasions at Edwards Air Force Base (Feb 1954); Kirtland AFB (July 1954), and Holloman AFB (Feb 1955), which culminated in secret agreements. 

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Smith and Dr. Michael Salla discuss these key events and their significance.
President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters is available in paperback, kindle and Audio formats on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/President-Eisenhowers-Close-Encounters-Blake/dp/1645830381/

Paul Blake Smith’s website is https://www.mo41.info/

For analysis of leaked DIA document visit: https://exopolitics.org/new-investigation-shows-disputed-mj-12-document-exposing-extraterrestrial-contact-is-authentic/


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