Gizilagaj – The Caspian Fairy Tale | Film Studio Aves (Documentary – Russian)

CC (closed captioning) available using Auto Translate for English and other languages.

A full-length popular science film about the extraordinary Nature of the Gizilagaj National Park, Azerbaijan, IDEA, 2023.

Project Manager – Leyla Aliyeva
Written and directed by Igor Byshnev
Composer – Natalia Teterevskaya
Cinematographers – Igor, Ilya and Nikita Byshnev, Natalia Teterevskaya
The project coordinator is Hikmet Nagdaliev

This video was published on May 6, 2024

~ 52 min


Content Source/Owner: Film Studio Aves


The employees of the company have 20 years of experience in filming of ​nature, the animal world and ethnic culture.

During this time, they have created over 75 films and 30 public service campaigns, including for leading TV companies in Europe, in the area of current interests – Wildlife Europe, the Caucasus, the Caspian region, Russia, the natural changes after the Chernobyl disaster.



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