Global Chakra Energy Report – Where are we at !? | Amanda Ellis | Dec 27, 2021 (Video)


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Amanda Ellis
59 min
Archangel Metatron – Channelling to reveal the state of Global Consciousness via an assessment of our collective chakra condition. This work just flew out of me and I think gives a very accurate look at the energy right now – what is holding us back, where the blocks are and what can be done to ‘grease the wheels’ …and allow in the Ascension Light, Wave of Awakening and growing Enlightenment which now started can not be stopped. 
From Earth Star Chakra to Stellar Gateway Chakra – how are we all doing – what happens at collective level affects us at individual level however well we maintain our individual chakra systems.
Includes Lord Ganesh Energy (Third Eye), and remembering Archbishop Desmond Tutu (Throat Chakra) …

Taken into the womb of Mother Earth to the Highest Peaks of New Earth energies flooding in – but first an honest look at where we are at…


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