Grain Rain (Kokuu) / The 24 Solar Terms | The Seasons of Yamato | NHK World – Japan | May 16, 2021 (Short Film – video link)

From The Seasons of Yamato series of NHK World-Japan.
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Here is the high-resolution movie by Koichi Hozan, a videographer living in Nara Prefecture, with exclusive pieces which a pianist, Mine Kawakami, played on the “Hyakunen (100-year-old) Piano.” 
The light and sound create a poetic video to make you experience each season.

Cast (Piano): Mine Kawakami
“Yamato-no-Kisetsu,” composed by Mine Kawakami


Image Credit: NHK World-Japan

Grain Rain (Kokuu) / The 24 Solar Terms

This program was broadcast on May 16, 2021.

You can watch this episode/on-demand video at: 

5 min
“Sagari-Fuji (hanging down wisteria flowers),” the crest of Kasuga Taisha Shrine is related to the Fujiwara clan, the flowers of Fuji (wisteria) are peerless. 
At Kokuu, when vermillion shrine halls, fresh green leaves and the purple wisteria flowers overlap, people find themselves at a loss for words to describe the beautiful vivid play of colors. A fawn was looking at us in the sacred precincts.

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 3 (2021), Kokuu is from April 20 to May 5.


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