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Published around Mar 1, 2022.
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Grands changements cosmiques : 3 jours d’obscurité
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Great Cosmic Shifts: 3 Days of Darkness


They tell me :

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be with you this evening, infinitely happy to be able to teach you important things.

Of course, in our whole journey together, we have already told you important things, but we have sown small pebbles throughout all these years and now we are coming to an end. The term is not the end, the term is a beginning.

We are going to tell you a little bit about the Universe; we are not going to give you an astronomy lesson, an astrophysics lesson, we are going to talk to you about the Universe in another way.

Just imagine that your little planet Earth is a spaceship moving through the Solar system which itself is home to several spaceships, and all of these spaceships can individually orbit the Sun but overall they have a very specific route to go, to another part of the Universe.

You have been told a lot of things about the end times, and what we are going to tell you will perhaps give you a different explanation, a different vision of your conceptions of the end times.

To continue a little on the level of this astrology if you want, of the planetary configuration, of the place of your Solar system and of your Galaxy in the Universe, we are going to tell you that you are at a crucial period but not a crucial period of humanity, a crucial period at the level of your Galaxy and other Galaxies.

You are going to leave a dark place, your whole Galaxy is going to leave a dark place, a place where it has lived for hundreds of thousands, even millions of years; a place which was a place of experiments for certain planets, places of very difficult experiments in particular the Earth, and now, this immense movement of all the Galaxy and other Galaxies will be in another space-time.

In this other space-time, your Galaxy (and many others, but we will only talk about yours, which is already gigantic), will go deep into what you can call “the Photon belt” but which we will call the “New Light” that will illuminate the new worlds. When we say “the new worlds” we are talking about your world but we don’t want to bring it all back to this little planet, we want to have a much more cosmic view, a much larger view of this movement that is happening right now.

Many prophets or visionaries have reported or received a message that at the end of time important things will happen. Before we get to the heart of the matter, in what is more of an announcement and additional preparation for you, we want to say that everything is rearranging in your Solar system, that is, there will be other planets that will be part of the Solar system. There will be another Sun that you will be able to perceive in your Solar system after what we will tell you, but before that there will also be many Beings… they are not even Beings, we will say the Creator Gods… who will take considerable care of your Solar system but also of other Solar systems so that this considerable shift takes place in the balance. You understand that when everything moves, the spheres move, so there must be Beings, Powers strong enough to hold the whole thing in balance. We think you understand what we mean. »

They show me like a huge planet ship.

“There will be a huge planet ship which will have the charge, even more at the level of electromagnetism, it is at the level of the total balance of the spheres, the balance in relation to the Sun and the repositioning precisely in relation to to the Sun, spheres belonging to your Solar system. Joining your Solar system will be the missing planets, including Nibiru which many have cited and for which many have asked: “When and how will Nibiru re-enter our Solar system?”

While all of this is going on (and we are getting to what we wanted to tell you), there will be an occultation of the Sun, an occultation for planet Earth but also for other spheres, and during this occultation of the Sun…”

They show me, it’s like a huge planet. They tell me :

“It’s a huge planet, it’s the planet ship that we’ve told you about “x” and “x” times. It will place itself between the Sun and the planets, therefore the Earth etc., to allow this whole Solar system, all the Solar systems, the whole Galaxy, to spend a moment of non-time, and we say: the Solar system and your Galaxy will have a moment of non-time.

Just imagine what we have shown you, this change of direction, let’s say that normally the whole Solar system, the Galaxy, could go straight and there they will fork, and while waiting for their new position in relation to the Universe there there will be a stoppage, a stoppage of time before a new time forming part of this new space-time, can manifest itself in all the worlds which will wake up, and here we say well: in all the worlds which will wake up. Because, already in your Solar system, there will be what we have called a state of “stasis” (you know that word), a state of falling asleep because the events will be so important that life will be very disturbed therefore, there will be a state of stasis for an enormous number of human beings, and others, of course, will leave this world to go elsewhere, but that is not of immense importance in the cosmic context of what we are telling you. .

We’re going to talk, and we never really talked to you about it, we answered somehow because the time hadn’t come, but we’re going to talk about those famous three days of night. So what can they correspond to? We return to what we told you: the occultation of the Sun because these three days of night will be on the whole Earth.

During these three days of night a very, very important phenomenon will take place, a “cosmic” phenomenon, but this word is not appropriate, we are rather going to say an extremely consequent vibratory phenomenon. That is to say, you have the planet Earth which has its Astral; the Astral is when earthly souls leave the plane of matter to go to these planes waiting for reincarnation or waiting to go to other spheres, other worlds, etc., to continue again and again evolution. So you arrive at this non-time also at the level of dimensions.

Your planet Earth will pass during these little moments (a little before), from the third dimension to the fourth dimension which is an intermediate dimension where the Astral of the Earth will mix with the dimension in which you live.

Some seers, soothsayers, whatever the name, said and there we reassure you, that the demons would invade the Earth at this moment of the end of Times; that’s not what will happen at all, at least not in this design. We open a small parenthesis because we would like to say that the demons are currently on the Earth; it’s another way of seeing things, but also a real way of seeing things, and you can see them in action, but we deviate and that’s not the point.

Therefore, you will be able to perceive entities from the Astral since the worlds will interpenetrate and there will no longer be the veils that hide the Astral planes from you.

So, what is asked of you in these three days, but these “three days” in the end do not mean much! We say three days because human beings need benchmarks but above all to prepare them to do what we are going to talk about.

We are going to continue over these three days but before, and this is very important, we would like to tell you that humanity will be alerted. Things will happen in Heaven and we have often told you: look at Heaven, everything will come from Heaven, look at Heaven. Then you will see strange things, you will see strange colors, you will see different kinds of lightning from your lightning, you will see many phenomena and there you will know that something very important is preparing for all of humanity.

So there, we want to put a little parenthesis: wars, conflicts, all this will absolutely no longer matter!

When you see these signs, you will take refuge at home. You will try to get yourself to drink, a little bit to eat but above all to drink at the start, and bring yourself, if you can, a beeswax candle in particular and above all, above all close your windows tightly, because what you could see outside could destabilize you, because you could precisely see characters of the Astral, Astral forms, etc.

We ask you, when it will be and we do not tell you that it will be tomorrow, later or now. Time and we are going to say it well: the cosmic clock is not the terrestrial clock, the cosmic time is not the terrestrial time but we are simply going to add this: there is acceleration of time now with moments of pause, that is to say that at times you will have the impression that time is accelerating in a very important way and at other times you will have the impression that time is no longer moving, that it is static. So, this is all part of this beginning of preparation for this huge, huge transformation of humans, Solar systems and Galaxies.

To come back to what we were saying about what you should do: you stay at home, you close your shutters, you try to get something to drink and a little to eat, and above all you put yourself in “prayer”. , but this word we are going to say it differently, you connect, with your Guides, with the Beings of Light, with Mary, with Jesus if that suits you, you connect with the planes of Light.

This will have a double effect: firstly, when you connect, you will no longer have fear since you will be in a higher vibration and on the other hand you will rise much faster in vibration if you connect, so this will avoid fears and will allow you to rise much faster vibrationally.

So what will happen during these three days of darkness? A huge change. »

They put a little parenthesis:

“All ships that don’t belong to this world, whether it’s the ships of the Reptilians, the Grays or whatever, all of them will leave Earth because they will know, they will feel that things are happening far beyond of their consciences, completely gigantic things!

Many ships will be destroyed by this immense cosmic upheaval.

We come back to what we were saying: above all, do not remain alone and this is very important because what will happen will obviously produce emotions and fears which will be intense, and if you cannot manage these fears, which is understandable because human beings will experience what no humanity that has set foot on planet Earth has ever experienced. It’s completely normal that you can be overtaken by events, so it doesn’t matter, at that time, the human will act differently. If you don’t have anyone around you with whom to share this moment, knock on the door of a friend or a neighbor to precisely avoid this loneliness, but once again you will be warned. Have no fear. »

They tell me and this is very important:

“You had two very intense years in terms of fear, in terms of your positioning and the way you dealt with those fears. Overall, a lot of humans have dealt with it more or less well, but many of those in this spiritual awakening have dealt with their fears well. It was like learning how to deal with your fears based on what’s going to happen in the future, and we’re not going to tell you if that future is just now; moreover, we do not have the right to tell you if it is just now because each of you must accomplish until the last moment all that you must accomplish, that is to say: you must continue to make plans, you must simply continue to live. You must not remain static saying: “It’s over, it will soon be the three days of night, the end”, No! No ! you have to be aware until the end, that you can position yourself and that you can also, at least at the beginning, be able to help those who are around you and who could be frightened, even panicked, by relation to certain signs in Heaven. This will also be one of your missions.

What more can you say about these three days? We will tell you this anyway:

The three days, in fact, don’t mean much because time (as we told you) will stand still; you will be in a non-time. These three days of night can last a thousand years as well as four or five days; the weather no longer being what it is, for you the three days of night will not really resemble three days.

You will have two/three days of a certain awareness of things to prepare yourself, deep within yourself, to accept what is happening. All those who will be warned, of course, will take these events with joy, with Love, saying to themselves: “Well here we are, we are finishing our cycle in a wonderful way and we are preparing for the new life, for the new world.”

So after these three days of night, let’s say the three days of darkness, there will be a state of stasis, but for many people on Earth who don’t have a home, they will be put almost right away in a state of stasis in order to be able to experience this immense change of state, this immense vibrational change, this immense energetic change. »

They tell me :

“Words are totally inappropriate! There are no words to express you, to explain to you what will really happen within you, around you, on your world, in your Solar system, etc.

Anyone who doesn’t have houses (lots of peoples) will fall asleep very quickly. Immediately, when there are certain signs in Heaven, these beings will be asleep. Some will even be removed from the planet.

Because this is also a concern for you, the animals will be removed almost as a priority. There are going to be a lot of animals that are going to be removed so that they can then be relocated to your world.

After this extraordinary moment, this moment when each of you will have positioned yourself, this moment when each of you will have accepted, there will be the awakening. Some of you will be woken earlier than others. When they wake up, they will find a new world, a totally purified world, a world where the air will be different, a world where the water will be different, a world where there will be no more pollution at all, either psychic, emanating from fear and violence, or chemical because human beings will have respected nothing.

The Oceans will be different, the Earth will be different, the air will be different, and when you wake up you will have what you have been waiting for a very long time which is your Galactic Brothers who will be there to welcome you, and with them you will rebuild your new world. It will not yet be totally the golden age because in this new world you will also have other things to learn; you will have to learn brotherhood. Even if you have cleansed yourselves deeply, you will essentially have to live this brotherhood, because to learn it intellectually is easy, but to live it deeply in your heart is different.

So you will see your brothers, your Galactic Brothers, but before all of that happens, humanity will still have experiences to go through because whatever is dark, terribly dark right now on your world, will still have to express to allow many beings not only to wake up but to wake up in the depths of themselves, Love, quite simply, this gigantic force which is called Love, this Vibration, this force which is called Love.

Whatever you may hear, whatever your media may broadcast, stay centered, have no fear because everything that happens on Earth is such a small thing even if you live it hard, it is such a small thing that now we have to think much bigger.

Your thought must rise to a cosmic world. You are no longer, you will no longer be the little inhabitants of the Earth, locked up in their suffering; on waking you will become free beings, beings who will also have recovered certain capacities, beings who will also be able to perceive, not the Astral, but beings they have loved because Love never separates beings.

We think we’ve told you pretty much everything that could happen or will happen in the relatively near future now. We’re not going to say later, but we would be tempted to say later, but again, since cosmic time is not the same as terrestrial time, as everything must change , everything must change, everything must mutate, so it may still take a little bit, a little bit of time, but the message we are delivering to you is that everything is likely to go very quickly!

We have tried for so many Earth years to prepare you for this moment, this moment of total liberation, this moment when man can finally live without fear; fear will no longer exist, it will be banished, this vibration will be totally destroyed. Don’t forget, your whole Solar system, your Galaxy that has been touched more or less by this darkness that you are in, by this involutive energy, so all of that is going to disappear now, with your passage into a non-time at the beginning. and then in a totally different dimension of space-time.

My Brothers of Light tell me:

“We just hope that what has been said tonight generates more joy than fear, of course, but also immense hope; the hope of reaching the end, that is to say of being able to wake up one day in a different world. So, work again and again, work on this new consciousness, work on what is most beautiful in you, that is to say, reveal what is most beautiful in you.

“Especially Children of the Earth, be united. Be united in your families, be united as friends, you need each other as the other needs you. You will understand it more and more. Avoid any duality whatsoever. Everything can be said with wisdom and with Love, and this too you must understand.

May peace, joy and love flood your lives permanently.

We love you infinitely and we say see you very soon.


© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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