How LA Profits from City-Wide Homeless Crisis | Soledad Ursua | California Insider – The Epoch Times | Jan 3, 2021 (Video)

Duration: 26 min
Video Intro:
The homelessness crisis in Los Angeles County continues to rise despite support from both local and state governments. 
My guest today is Soledad Ursua. She is Venice Neighborhood Council Member.
Today she discusses how the increase of homelessness in Venice Beach is impacting the community and how the special interest groups are benefiting from the crisis.
0:00 Intro 2:13 Homelessness in Venice Beach 4:15 Crime Increase 10:20 Los Angeles’ Approach to Homelessness 15:46 Special Interest Behind Homelessness 21:33 Funding for the Projects 25:22 The Demand for a Audit

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