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This transmission was published around Nov 30, 2020.
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How to act to make things advance?
“Above all, you must not wish to combat the shadow because you would still be in the duality and you would never succeed in winning!
We are simply asking you to do this:
Love yourself!
Pay tribute to the Divine part that is in you! Pay tribute to God the Father – Mother Creator, to that Divine part that is also growing in you and that can express itself through you. Pay tribute to it and ask it to help you know Love better, to manifest it better, to offer it better.
Before being able to do that, you must first love yourself as a human being, because humans have difficulty accepting what they are; either they find themselves to be too thin, or they find themselves to be too fat, too small or too tall! They do not accept the form that is theirs because they are not aware that beyond this form there is a treasure, and this treasure is called Love.
From the moment that you are aware that the exterior aspect has little importance, you will understand that it is your radiating that has importance, that it is what emanates from you that has importance.
What you can do, is to take a few seconds every day, and sometimes several times a day if you wish, and try to relax, to feel good inside; say your first name and say that you love yourself, that you honor God within, that you honor His immense power, the power of his Love, and ask him to help you and to help your world.
At that moment, try to feel the Love Light Vibration that emanates from the deepest part of yourself and that is going to associate itself with that of all the beings who like you have the thought of offering it. That thought will augment in an important way the power of the Love that will emanate from pure hearts, from those who are aware of the power of Love. That power will penetrate the shadow, it will “nibble on it” and at that moment the shadow will become Light; little by little it will become aware of itself and will understand that beyond the obscurity that emanates from it, there is also Love.
All that has been created, even the shadow, has been created by God the Father – Mother, and even in the most difficult beings, the cruel ones, there is a part of Love. In any obscurity there is a little point of Light, sometimes so invaded by the shadow that it is not aware that it exists in human and non-human beings, in the very obscure energies that are found around the planet or even on the planet.
Therefore, your “weapon” (if we can call it such), the only way to help your world, to help your brothers, is with the Love that is in you and that you sometimes ignore, that colossal power that transforms everything.
We wish to speak to you of that Love so that you become well aware of the power that is in you, of the power that can make things shift, of the power for helping your brothers who are still asleep.
You can also make projections of the Love Light, but always do this when you are feeling good, when you are serene, when you feel a vibration tickling your heart and that you tell yourself: “Love is there, I feel it”; at that moment, offer this Love around you, offer this Love to those who are still asleep ask us for help!
The Love that you send to your human brothers who are asleep will be multiplied by the aid that you will have asked from us, therefore we will collaborate with you for the offer of Love that you make to your brothers so that they awaken.
We also wish to tell you that the kingdom of the obscure will not last much longer, because we are working, we, your Galactic Brothers, with the government leaders who have accepted that we help them, who have accepted to see life as it really is with all that is happening that is most abject, most horrible.
Therefore, we are helping in a very important way and we are protecting certain government leaders who accept to work in collaboration with us, and we contact them either physically, or telepathically by a deep intuition.
We try to work as much as possible so that these government leaders can have an active role in relation to their people; it would suffice if there were a little more of those you call “presidents” who are open to the Light and to what we are, for your world to shift in a quarter of a second.
You are all Divine Beings since you have been created by the Source because you all have a divine particle in you. Therefore, everything can shift very, very fast if all the human beings become aware and say: “Now we want to live differently, we want to live in fraternity, we want to live in a world where we are in security, we want to live in a world where there will be respect, in a world of joy, in a world where no one manipulates another.”
You must position yourself! From the moment when you formulate some of your wishes with insistence and force, we hear you, and obviously we help you to augment in a very important way the gift of Love that you make to life, to your brothers and to the various kingdoms.
We are not going to speak to you about the forces that put you in prison, precisely because we want you to be able to liberate yourself totally from this virtual prison.
Your world is a virtual world! It is a world of slavery because this world of technology and computer science is pushed to the extreme in relation to your human capacity to integrate them into your life without being enslaved by it.
In the next cycle, this world will no longer exist!
This does not meant that there will not be, at the disposition of the beings of the next cycle, some things that will facilitate life for them, at least in the beginning; afterwards the problem will no longer present itself at all in the same way.
At the very beginning of the shift, there will be this moment, not of confusion as you know it right now, but a taking of position, that is to say that human beings must position themselves in relation to a completely different life that they will have in this new world. We say it and repeat it, your life can shift very quickly or in a little bit longer time.
Time has no importance for us, it has no real existence! Time is an illusion of the third dimension; however, you are living in this time and we respect the time that you are living because it is a part of your life in the third dimension.
This next cycle, which is before you, will be absolutely marvelous, but you must, because this is necessary, that you who are incarnated in matter help us, so that we can, in total collaboration, make it so that the new world be opened as rapidly as possible and not in three to four years.”
© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu

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