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This article was originally published on May 2, 2018 and updated on May 10, 2018.


by Teresa Yanaros

In my dream last night, a benevolent human asked me to leave the surface behind and move to the Inner Earth.

But let me back up.

You know that place right between awake and asleep?

That place of daydreams where thoughts and images pass through your mind?

Well, right before I fell asleep last night, I was in that meditative half-asleep state. I was being led down a hallway by what looked like an angel. We entered a white hallway. White doors lined the left and right sides of the passage.

After walking for about fifteen seconds, the angel being beckoned toward a door to his right, and I walked into what looked like an evidence room of a police station.

Boxes filled with filing folders covered tables and stretched to the ceiling on shelves that lined the walls of the room. The boxes seemed to spin around me as I became overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the files full of information. Suddenly, I stood in front of a white bookshelf three or four shelves high, and the angel was above me, slightly to the right. I looked up, and knew telepathically that I was being instructed to reach up and into the filing box on the top shelf. I squinted to see through the blindingly white light that seemed to emanate from the angel-figure, and reached my hand toward the filing box.

On the side of the filing box, huge black letters stared back at me and read,

                    FUTURE CATHOLICS.

A JOLT of electricity ran through my body and I jumped up out of bed, wide awake and breathing heavily.

I wrote the experience down quickly in the Notes section of my phone, and rolled back over in bed, exhausted.

What happened next is nothing short of magical, and I will never soon forget this experience.

I was at my childhood home. I was nighttime, and I had just opened the door of my room to step out onto the landing at the top of the stairs.

As soon as I stepped out of my room, I saw a woman complete the ascent up the stairs and step up onto the landing where I stood. She had squared her shoulders off to me, almost as though she knew I would be coming out of my room at that moment and meant to time her visitation with my trek out into the hallway beyond my bedroom.

She had a sense of urgency about her, and the white energy emanating from her was quite breath-taking. She had a kind and beautiful face, white-washed, again with a quality of bright light that seemed to exude from her energy field. She appeared to be a few inches taller than me, maybe 5’8, and everything about her was kind and light.

For a moment, I felt as though I was greeting an old friend. I felt a connection to her, almost like a best friend or sister. The energy shifted and I could tell she was worried and urgent.

She spoke.

                    Everything your people said would happen is now coming to fruition.

I knew this was in relation to a catastrophically disruptive event that was now occurring on the planet. I immediately thought of my family and implications this shift would impose on them and the rest of the people of the world.

She interrupted my thoughts.

                    I’m here to take you with me to the Inner Earth.

I stood dumbfounded, completely taken aback by her words. I was frozen in silence, but she didn’t allow me much time to process what she had just dropped on me, seemingly out of nowhere.

She spoke again.

                    You can come with me, but you’ll never be able to see your family again. We don’t 
                    have much time. We must leave in half an hour. You should have enough time to 
                    gather your things.

A moment of silence hung in the air between us, suspended as images flooded my mind, possibilities of what the new path before me would offer.

Again, no time to waste on thoughts. She spoke one last time, this time with a question.

                    Will you come with me?

I could hear the hopeful tone to her voice, almost if she were on a mission and really hoped to secure my acquiescence.

I didn’t have much time to think. In a moment of bravery and impulse I responded.

                    Yes. Of course I will come with you.

Before I could change my mind, she turned around and walked back down the stairs, leaving me with my imminent task.

I turned around and fled back into my room through the open door, grabbing my suitcase and throwing the top open. I started filling it with clothes as fast as I could, doing a tally in my mind of the things I knew I needed to bring with me.

                    What did one bring to the Inner Earth?

I thought, perplexed at what was happening to me.

Suddenly, my thoughts were overtaken by a deep sadness that threatened to drag me under, as the images of my family member’s faces swam before my mind’s eye. I stopped moving, my hands poised atop my suitcase, outstretched and unsure, as though not quite able to make a decision on what to do next.

                    Should I leave my family behind? I’ll never see them again.

My thoughts warred inside my head.

I thought of my father and brother, about whom I had a sudden insight. They were somehow involved in all this. I thought of my mother and sisters. I thought of all of the people in my immediate surroundings who would now be activated to step into their higher purposes. Everything was coming to a head, and there was no longer any place to hide. The event was happening. And we all had our roles that we must play. All of the secrets, all of the things we spoke about and tried to tell the world about–we had been off-planet for quite some time, and beings beyond our realm of experience had been here for much longer than most could fathom to believe–it was all coming out into the open now. And the price of that truth brought so much more than any of us could have anticipated.

My eyes blurred with tears, and I knew that I had to do my part. There was no running away from my destiny. Whatever the future held, I would receive it with grace and walk the Narrow Path. Whatever that looked like. I was here to serve, and I would not fail. I would not fear.

I woke up and groggily opened my eyes. I yawned. The only thing I wanted to do was roll back over and go back to sleep. I checked my phone. Somehow, I had slept hours past my normal waking hour and began calculating the ramifications of being this late to work. As my conscious waking thoughts kicked online, the to-do list rolled out before me, helping me shake off my dream. I placed my feet onto the floor and stretched, begrudgingly getting a move on with my day.

After a few hours of dragging through my morning routine, I could no longer keep my eyes open. I had been thinking about the woman from my dream all morning, and knew that I needed some time to integrate this dream sequence and make sense of what it was telling me.

I curled up on my bed, and closed my eyes. I concentrated on my breathing and settled into a deep meditative state.

I focused on her face. Her kind eyes that seemed to smile. Her soft features, delicate and beautiful. Human-like, but more refined and prominent. Her almond eyes were slightly bigger than human eyes, but the difference was so subtle that you would only notice if you looked really hard. Her white features that seemed to glow. Her shiny silver hair that framed her face and fell past her shoulders. Her soft smile, and eyes that said so much more in them than the words that slipped from her lips.

I concentrated on creating a telepathic link to the woman. I focused my conscious energy in the middle of my forehead. I cleared my mind and placed all of my attention on this place. Then I projected my thoughts out from my forehead, creating a silver string that led from my mind to hers. I set my intention and focused my attention. With all of the mental energy I had, I focused on strengthening the cord and sending it to her to make a connection. I felt the connection link find it’s mark, and for a moment I felt her energy signature STRONGLY. I sat in this space for a moment and then asked a question,

                    Why did you send this dream to me? And why was part of the agreement that I could 
                    not see my family again?

I followed a thread of thinking, wondering about extraphysical contact with higher density beings. What were the implications of this communication? I felt fear touch my heart, and I wondered about the motives and the agenda of these beings. Why would they want to take me away from my family? They had posed a question. It was my choice. But what if, in making a choice to step away from your Earthly experience, you hindered your soul development? What if it was a trap? I didn’t want to be tricked. I wanted to make sure that I was discerning what was right for me. But how could you discern something if you were ignorant? Without going with her to the Inner Earth, I would not gain anymore information in order to know the truth. But in gaining the information, you had to take a leap of faith and potentially make the wrong move. But to lose my soul path in the process? I was torn and confused.

The next thing she said deepened my contemplation.

                    You’ve already made the decision. Now you must understand why you made the 
                    decision you’ve already made.

This strangely reminded me of the words spoken by the Oracle in the movie the Matrix.

I could feel her in my thoughts, and she projected the idea that in the dream, I was given the opportunity to explore this concept of personal will and choice, and to build a case for my feelings about this dilemma of discernment.

Before I could sit with this concept for too long, I heard an answer.

                    When you move forward with your soul path, you gain wisdom and understanding of 
                    things of a deeper nature. This causes the nature of your relationships to change.

I realized that when you dive into the depths of the waters of consciousness, and gain access to deeper realities of what is happening around us, it changes your level of conscious awareness. The meanings around you now have multi-dimensional layers of meaning which cannot be expressed in our language. Choosing to walk a path that puts you in contact with something new changes you on a DNA level. Your whole world changes. You become a new person. And the relationships you had in the past are now completely different.

I sat in a meditative state and contemplated this concept.

Next, I thought about fear. About how much had changed in my life since I had made a concerted effort to dispel fear from my existence and lean into my experience with full intentions to grow and help change myself and the world around me for the better. Flashes of memories flooded my mind’s eye, moments when I decided to let GO of fear. Those moments were completely transformative and I became a completely different person each time. The universe rewarded my leaps of faith with new experiences that catalyzed my soul development in new ways. Every time I went through a dark night of the soul and had to experience something devastating, this paved the way for something amazing and incredible to come after.

You do not receive gains unless you traverse trials. And that is what this soul journey is about.

Next, the link had a surge of connection. I heard very strongly from her,

                    Your choice to come to the Inner Earth, that which only you can decide, will allow 
                    you to do the Great Work in a new capacity that you’ve yet to access in this lifetime on
                    this timeline.

I realized that letting go of fear and opening my heart to the unknown is what will allow me to jump start the next phase of soul development for me. I was told then that the work I would do would affect the world energy signature in a way that most wouldn’t understand. That it would be through complete ego-transcendence that I would move into this new space of work. The Great Work would be done from a different plane, and few would see the great affects of this effort. I would have to decide if this is something I want to do. And the rewards would be greater than anything else I could hope to accomplish.

After hearing these thoughts and reflecting on the concepts, I focused deeply on my breathing. I focused on the energy of forgiveness and letting go. My meditative state deepened and I sent out the thought form,

                    I am ready. I want to know. I want to know. I want to know.

And I repeated this three times in my head.

Next, a flash of sight entered my mind’s eye, and before me stood a girl who looked much like me but slightly different. She held her hands stretched outwards, elbows bent, palms facing me. An open eye stared back at me from the center of each hand. Above each eye was a butterfly. I watched, transfixed, as the two butterflies opened and closed their wings on each palm.

The connection was finished as I fell into a deep sleep.


When I did an internet image search on the hand with the eye inside the palm, I found a shocking similarity between the vision and the symbol known as the “hamsa.”

                    The hamsa relates to the sky god, Horus. It refers to the eye of Horus, which means 
                    humans cannot escape from the eye of conscience. It says that the sun and moon are 
                    the eyes of Horus. The Hand of Fatima also represents femininity, and is referred as 
                    the woman’s holy hand.

– Wikipedia

Next, the butterfly is also a very powerful symbol.

                    Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the 
                    butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of 
                    resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing 
                    endurance, change, hope, and life.

– Gardens With Wings

Finally, I find it very interesting that this dream came to me on May 2nd, the day after the dark occult Season of Sacrifice officially ended. It’s almost as if the communication was initiated upon completion of this dark energetic period on the world, when we shifted into a new space of more positive energetic manifestation.

What are y’alls thoughts about this dream? Have you ever had anything similar happen to you? Have you are been visited by a being from the Inner Earth?

                    Thank you for reading. Please feel free to send me your thoughts at                    
                    [email protected]

                    All Around Us Are Pieces of the Gigantic Cosmic Puzzle. Let’s Attune to its Frequency.


Article Source linkhttps://thedivinefrequency.com/2018/05/02/i-was-invited-to-the-inner-earth/

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