Innocence Lost In The Shameful Shadows: The Powerful, Politicians, Hollywood – Part 2 | Sarah Westall (Video)

Part 2 of the interview with Scott the survivor (of pedophilia and SRA) which was originally recorded and published in 2017.
This interview contains graphic descriptions of abuse and torture, so viewer discretion is advised.


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Sarah Westall
42 min
This show was published on Dec 21, 2021.
This is the interview that changed my life. Unfortunately it has been scrubbed from the internet. I am replaying this powerful interview because it may be one of the most important ones you will ever see. It changed my life, it could just change yours and the world.

The original show description:

Part 1: Child Pedophilia and Satanic Abuse Survivor joins the program to give detail accounts of what actually happens in the shameful shadows. 
He describes his interaction with the powerful elite, politicians, and the hollywood rich and famous. The dots between the Pizzagate activities, symbols, and the Wikileak emails are connected for listeners. Very young children are victims every day in the shameful shadows, innocence lost.

WARNING: This material is for mature audiences only.


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