Inside Mariupol Drama Theatre Where 300+ People Were Killed In Russian – Ukraine War | Patrick Lancaster | Apr 22, 2022 (Video)

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Patrick Lancaster    (PL NewsToday)
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Ukraine claims The “Donetsk Regional Drama Theatre” in Mariupol was used as an air raid shelter during the siege of Mariupol, allegedly holding up to 1,300 civilians and that on 16 March and at least 300 victims could have been killed as a result of a Russian Airstrike.
In my previous report I have interviewed people that were in and around the theatre in the days leading up to the day of the tradigy and during the explosions that killed so many people there.
In these interviews I was told a range of opinions and facts about what happened. These include a man that was in the Theatre during the explosions and he said that every day Ukraine forces would use the Theatre area as a firing position and even some Ukraine soldiers were inside and he thinks because of this Russia must have thought it was being used as a military base.
Another woman told me that she thought it was shelled by Azov battalion as she has seen shells obiusly fired from Ukraine controlled territory. Some DPR forces have told me they think it was being used by Ukraine as a military base and firing position.
Obviusly there are many conflicting stories about what happened so I have gone to this theatre to investigate for my self. 
In this special report we saw what appeared to be the remains of what was an area that civilians were staying in but we also found Ukrainian military Uniforms inside. (don’t know how long there)
Watch this report and see what you think. Dont just listen to the western main stream media. 
Below are the links of some of the report I did with witnesses:
Report by Patrick Lancaster.
US Navy veteran and independent crowd-funded journalist.

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