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The English version of this channeling was posted around Aug 15, 2021.


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It is important to take a position

“Your path sometimes seems a little somber. You are a little lost, there are too many things to understand, and also too many lies, too many disturbances to live through, but this path, that is a little obscure today, will be a path of Light tomorrow for those who can take a position in relation to the very disturbed life they are living right now.

It is very important to take a position. We have often spoken of this, and we are going to continue to speak about it because we understand that this is not easy, that a decision is not always easy, constrained as you are by the environment, by work and by many things.

If we are saying this, it is to ask you to be patient. Human beings are always very impatient to arrive at the end, but what end? There is no end, there is continuity, and that continuity is in the experiences of life and evolution.

Right now, each of you is living some very beautiful life experiences. Certain persons are living them more easily than others, but all the experiences of life make you evolve considerably.

At this time, the somber light is activating itself enormously (it matters little the name you give it); its acts awaken you and make you become aware of all its lies, it counter-truths, and also of what you want, of what you do not want or no longer want.

In a certain way, the shadow serves the Light, however, you must be aware that you are sometimes manipulated by the shadow; you must be aware of it and say: “No, I am following my path, and on this path, I am accompanied by many beings.” Those are perhaps your dearly loved ones who walk by your side, some beings that you have loved during your incarnation, your Guides or some Beings of Light; on this path you are not alone.

Sometimes you can feel solitude, but this is an illusion because you do not yet have the capacity to perceive what is not yet perceivable in this third dimension with the capacities that are yours.

Soon, be certain of it, when this great storm, when this very obscure whirlwind will have been absorbed by the immense Light and the immense Love Light that more and more is going to lighten up and inundate your world, you will be free. The veils will be removed from you.

You are already beginning to feel many things, to be very intuitive, to know where you must go and when you must go there. You are beginning, consciously or unconsciously, through a dream to be inspired or instructed. You also follow your deep intuitions that tell you: “now I must live in such and such a region, that I approach myself to such and such a group, etc.” but this is just a small glimpse in relation to all that is going to happen for you and in you.

We hope that if you have succeeded in positioning yourself sufficiently, that if you are firm in this positioning, these veils will be removed very rapidly; at that moment, you will have no more fears. They will disappear with the layer of iron that weighs upon current humanity. Only this layer of iron is nourished permanently by the confusion that is placed in you, that is constantly instilled in you through your medias; soon this confusion will disappear.

There will be a great opening of consciousness and human beings will see the truth, the truth that has been hidden for thousands of years from humanity, the truth of who you are, the truth of what you are in reality, the truth about your past and the reality of your present, by consequence the truth about your future. Of course, you will not know the total truth about your future, but you will know where you are going and who you are becoming.

Everything, really everything is going to be transformed, whether it is your way of thinking, your way of nourishing yourself, your way of living in collectivity, your way of living at the level of your own sentiments, of your emotions. All will be different because this must be, very simply.

You are arriving at a moment of your civilization where all must become and must be totally different.

The world that you have known is in the process of dying, and unfortunately some people do not have the force and the courage to take the step that is being asked of them, to go towards the new world. The new world is for tomorrow! The new world will not arrive in six or ten years, you are constructing it at this moment. You are building it with manifestations, by your opposition at being placed in slavery.

The human right no longer exists; therefore, all is going to change because there are laws that cannot be ridiculed; the Divine Laws.

Right now, all the laws are ridiculed by some beings who are not aware of what the Divine can be, of what Love can be, of what the sacredness of life can be.

Therefore, in an absolute way you are going to shift into another way of being, another way of living, into a new way of loving and this will be a great gift made to humanity.

Humanity is at its end, the end of its course, it has done all that it had to do, lived through all the experiences, now it is going to harvest the fruits of “x” and “x” incarnations. You must understand that you are not in your first incarnation. You are already souls that have already evolved through many life experiences from life to life. Therefore, if you are incarnated right now, it is to refine, to end the cycles in order to begin a new cycle.

In the new cycle of life, there will no longer be people who sleep in the streets, there will no longer be people who do not have a roof over their heads and who die of hunger. All this will be a part of the old world! Each person will have largely enough to live happily, in friendship and fraternity, but each person must give much at the level of all that he will accomplish and of his work.

The work will also be different. There will no longer be competition, this will always be a work in Respect and Love. There will no longer be “little chiefs” to lead you by a baton, all will be done in another consciousness, all will be done in the Law of Love, the Law of Respect and of Fraternity.

There will be no more misery! Misery is an insult to life! Misery is not part of the Divine Laws. It installs itself in worlds because it is instrumented by the somber light. In the new world, this world of Light and Love, misery will no longer exist because this would not be honoring what you are as Divine Beings. Misery does not honor a human, does not honor the Divine Part that is found in all beings who live on planet Earth.

Prepare yourself! Prepare yourself now to go to the essential, prepare yourself for this new world where you will be welcomed and where you will welcome beings. There will be no more solitude, there will be no more big problems in your body because you will have integrated a certain equilibrium; this will not yet be an absolute equilibrium, but you will have integrated a vibratory and energy equilibrium, an equilibrium of Love.

Problems of health, no matter what they are, small or more important, are often due to an imbalance between the human and the Divine; in the next cycle, the equilibrium will take place progressively and much faster than you think; little by little unity will take place in you. Of course, you will not have the capacity to unite yourself totally with your own Divinity, but you will already be aware of your soul, which is very important.

Speaking of the soul, we would like to open a small parenthesis:

You speak much about modifying the DNA. The body can be modified but there will never be harmful influences on the soul, on the DNA of the soul. There will always be the possibility of destroying what has been injected into you; however, you must know that if you are aware of all that, there is also your own responsibility.

We would like to give you much hope in this new world. No matter what you may have done, even if you have, by obligation or not, taken these injections, and if you have a sufficiently elevated consciousness, if you have sufficient Love, if you call upon what is most elevated in you, you can annul or transform all the inferior effects of what has been injected in you.

This month of August will be a month where many, many energies will inundate your little planet, and these energies, these Vibrations of Light and of Love, are there to liberate beings impregnated by the somber light, of all that it has inflicted upon them. If beings have a sufficiently open heart, all that has been injected that is harmful will be totally consumed and destroyed.

No matter what happens, have confidence and faith! You are not alone on this road; you are numerous to travel it. You are numerous on the physical plane and there are very many beings on the invisible planes who are accompanying you.

The more you evolve, the more you will feel and the more your work of transmutation will be easy.”


© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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