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Cela vous demandera de devenir un être nouveau
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It will require you to become a new being

“Children of Light, Children of the Earth, it is always with immense happiness that we come to you.

Many of you and those who will listen to us, begin to be tired, to have doubts, to say: “But the Light does not act therefore! We only see around us only the dark light which spreads like trails of powder and we do not see the effects of the true Light. ” So we are going to tell you this: A birth, a rebirth is happening but not as fast as you would like.

Your world is in a huge transformation, visible and invisible. Visible, you will see more and more of the manifestations, because your Mother Earth is a consciousness, and that you have to really have within you so that you can honor your Mother Earth and feel all that it can bring you marvelous in energy, in Vibration.

So you are more than a key period, the most important period that humanity has lived since the existence of beings on the ground of this wonderful little planet. Everything will evolve in you and around you.

We are not going to hide it from you because it is a reality: all of you, present here and many other beings all over the world or who will listen to us, all of you have come to Earth to accomplish in you and around you the big, the very big change.

When we said that each of you has a mission, that is the reality. Is there a more beautiful mission than to change a civilization? To lead it towards something else, towards a civilization of respect, sharing, exchanges, help and Love, towards a civilization where the silver king will no longer exist and we say “the king” to be moderate, a civilization where nothing will be based on money and power.

It is not the majority of human beings who have the capacity to free themselves from this imprint, this power of money and power, it is only a minority of which you are a part, a minority who will have known position themselves, who will have learned to say “no”.

So unfortunately there will be a huge number of departures from your world. Some countries will pay a higher price than others, but when all these departures manifest themselves for several reasons (because there will come a time when the reasons will be multiple), it is important not to be in deep sorrow because all these they will be freed from matter, because it was their choice before the incarnation. They will be released because anyway, they could not have lived in this new civilization, in this new world where the way of being spiritual will be completely different.

In this new civilization you will feel what you do not yet have the capacity to feel currently and for that we tell you that this moment is near and you can feel it in yourself by seeing your transformations, your emotions, in seeing your attitude to life, even seeing your sadness for those around you, for those who are completely asleep but happy to be. “

They tell me :

“We are close to you, we help you, we watch over you whether it is we the non-incarnate Beings, your Brothers of Light, or whether it is your Galactic Brothers. Planet Earth is being helped enormously, but we understand your impatience because you would like for yourself, but above all for all your fellow human beings, that all of this go much faster, that finally the Light triumphs, that finally this world can live in peace. , in serenity, that finally there are no more fears, this vibration of fear on your world.

We are going to tell you that normally a soul spends nine months in the body of a mother before coming to Earth, and it is the same for you: before your big, very big mutation, there is a gestation period which for you is painful; for you it is far away, there is an expectation, an impatience, but time is needed.

You Children of Earth, even you very open beings, beings who have only one hope of living in this new world, even for you the transition will not necessarily be as easy as you think. It will require a great acceptance of things, a greater knowledge of yourself and a total letting go, but above all it will ask you not to rebuild your life with what you did in the old world, in the ancient civilization and we want to talk about habits.

It will require you to be a new man, a being with great purity of mind and heart, a being who will not only invest and take charge, a being who will know, who will understand what he is, who will understand what the body represents because in this new civilization you will no longer need what you call “your medicines”; you will learn more and more to heal yourself but by the mind, by the thought and be sure that this is not science fiction, that it is not illusion, that it is the reality of tomorrow. But before this reality exists, you must have passed a course, you must have totally accepted the mutation, the transmutation not only of your body but of your consciousness, at least of the consciousness of being.

Human beings for thousands of years have had an erroneous operation, an erroneous culture: the culture of body and mind. A functioning which is managed by fear and fear is the greatest obstacle for the evolution of beings.

So you who are here and those who are listening to us will have to work, to understand what fear really represents. You will have the great capacity to understand and eradicate the vibration of fear from the moment you have the certainty that you have absolutely nothing to fear, for anything; whether for those who serve in the shadows, who constantly try to spread the fear of a virus.

The fear of this virus was still an illusion because in this end of the cycle, in this dying world, in this civilization which no longer has much time, which can no longer breathe, which is suffocated precisely by fears, head and just say, “I don’t even want to say that word anymore.” Because there is a very powerful vibration in that word, the vibration that made the world fall, the vibration that made the world obey the one… not the one, those who run the world.

We explained a previous time that there is not a “one” but that there is a collective energy that you could call by the name that we do not want to say tonight, so that collective energy made sure to ‘totally cancel the will of human beings by the fear they have created and which they nourish, and which they will continue to nourish.

So you free beings, the beings who had known how to position yourself, for these forces you are in a way a danger but know and we tell you, we will repeat it thousands of times if it is necessary: ​​know that you do not fear anything ! From the moment you have decided to devote your life to the Light, to dedicate your life to Love, with the occasional help that you can offer to those who need it, from the moment you have devoted your life to your own evolution, to spiritual evolution but even this word will be transformed into a word with much higher Vibration in a future time, so you have absolutely nothing to fear because not only are you protected and you are protect yourself from your way of being and thinking, from your positioning, but Divine Light and Love are protecting you in ways you absolutely cannot imagine.

So of course you are going to tell us: “But then why do some of us have physical problems, even relatively important problems?” So we will tell you this:

Some have chosen their destiny, some have chosen to leave before the great changeover because they also chose in this departure, to be able to help humanity in departure, that is to say this considerable quantity of souls who will leave the plane of the Earth, so they have chosen the welcome, the help that they can provide on the other side of the veil, on the other side of life.

Others who also have problems in their body, cleanse permanently or occasionally because what we have often said to you in relation to your thoughts, in relation to your actions, in relation even to your doubts, is that you can reintegrate (without it being embodied in you if you will) vibrations that are sometimes a little lower than they should.


So what we could tell you Children of the Earth:

Stop looking at your media, watch as little as possible even what you call the internet. Sing, dance, gather among yourselves but with lightness. What we mean by “lightness” is without constantly speaking of these very low vibrations, of everything that is happening in your world; to be a little up to date but above all not to reenter this old world. You are still so penetrated with everything that is happening around you, with this world which is no longer yours, with this world in which you cannot experience deep peace and serenity, joy, Love. So get together, talk about beautiful things, build a future together, pray together, be happy together, this is what is required of you to cut yourself off from all that is inferior, not to permanently return to what is inferior. It will require a lot of self-control from you, it will sometimes even require a certain energy, a control, but little by little you will exchange on things so much lighter and so much more beautiful.

Talk about us, talk about your Galactic Brothers, talk about this new world, even start to create together this new society which is reaching out to you. What we could say to you perhaps to cheer you up because we understand the heaviness, the weight of this existence, of this world, is that you don’t have it for a very, very long time.

But be careful, when this world is about to change, you will have to be ready! You will need to be prepared to accept even what you did not think was possible. Perhaps for a little while you will have to accept that you no longer have electricity, phone or car. It will be difficult for you. At that time, as we have told you, gather in places which will be able to welcome you in a certain way; create these islands of Light and by creating them you will set up, without realizing it, the new society.

So you have a lot of work, but a wonderful job. The most important work is that of becoming aware of your possibilities, of your potentialities, but above all, it is the work of cutting through this third dimensional life, because we are going to tell you this: you are no longer in third dimension, you changed dimension, you are in fourth and often even in fifth dimension.

You start to be aware of other things, you start to feel other vibrational frequencies. You prepare yourself unconsciously for this new Vibration, for this new world in which you vibrate. You are no longer in the third dimension because if you were still there, you would be happy, you would enjoy life, you would all have gone for an injection to be happy. Large lure, very large lure! So now you need to realize that you are no longer in this third dimension. So you’ve grown a lot, evolved a lot, so you’re straddling the fourth and fifth dimensions. The fourth dimension is also the dimension of matter even if your matter has been greatly refined.

You will have the emotional all the same a little weakened because you will feel things which no longer belong to the third dimension; you will feel what belongs to other dimensions, therefore the fifth and perhaps why not, other dimensions still and this could vibrate make you emotional. They will no longer be lower emotions, they will be truly higher emotions.

If when you meditate, when you are truly in harmony with yourself, when you are connected to who we are, tears come to you, if your emotional manifests more, be happy, be happy! They are not lower tears, lower tears, they are really higher tears.

In the coming months you will have a lot of changes outside once again and inside of you. Welcome them, whether inner or outer, welcome these changes with joy even if they are going into great tribulation, accept it happily because at that time you will know that the time is near.

You will have signs, many signs. You already have some. You will have signs in the sky, you will have signs on Earth, you will have signs even in your alternative media. Make the right choice when going on what you call your internet. As we have often told you, it generates the worst and the best, so be drawn to the best and especially do not go for the worst.    

So go in peace, continue on this wonderful road, be vigilant but know however that the Light, the Love, that all of us, whether your Brothers of Light or your Galactic Brothers, we will accompany you until deliverance, until ‘when you can look at yourself with a huge smile and say to yourself: “I love you, I trust you, I know that never one of your thoughts can be inferior to me, I know I’ll never be afraid of anyone again. ” This is the real mutation: having total confidence in your brothers, no longer being afraid of anyone, this is the mutation.

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