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The English version of this channeling was posted around Aug 21, 2021.


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It won’t be much longer!
They are telling me:
“We try over and over to give you confidence and faith, and we know that this confidence and faith are often put to the test in relation to what you are being made to live through by those who think they are leading your country.
The problem is not that of a country, it is the problem of the people on Earth. All the people are, in a certain way, being called upon, that is to say placed in front of themselves. Can they react sanely? Will they have the capacity to have discernment? Will they have the force to not allow themselves anymore to be totally manipulated by the false realities, the enormous lies?
Why all of this? We have told you many times, we are going to say it again and maybe in a different way: all the inhabitants of the Earth are experiencing the ultimate initiation, it will allow those who will have understood and who will be apt to pass into the intermediate time before going towards the Golden Age.
Certain stages can go very fast, but they are necessary. You do not see at all what your tomorrow can be, you are in the obscurity of your conscience, you do not know what can happen; we are going to tell you this: all of a sudden, we are not saying tomorrow, there will be a great Light in your world.
You are sometimes desolate because you are impatient, but this is the characteristic of the human being to not see things advance fast enough. We are going to explain why:
For thousands of years, from generation to generation, you have been caught up in an immense spider web that is called manipulation, successive people put into slavery; that what you have lived has been experienced in other periods, other times, with more or less violence, with more or less difficulty, but history repeats itself endlessly.
So, history will repeat itself up until when? Not for much longer because there will come a moment where the infernal circle must be broken and it cannot be broken except by the will of the people, by the willpower of human beings.
If human beings still believe all that is given them by the medias, they will have a hard time, they will not be able to liberate themselves from the imprisonment, from the formatting that has lasted for innumerable years, transmitted from generation to generation.
You listen to what such and such a person tells you because, supposedly, he or she is more intelligent than you, because they appear to have a more elevated conscience of things, but have you ever asked yourself the question: “Is this true”? We are speaking notably of your government leaders, those who call themselves chiefs or leaders of governments.
They have arrogance, they speak very well, they say words but…what are these words? Do these words have depth, do they correspond with reality? You can use a word in a thousand and one different ways. Depending on the way that it is used in a speech, a word can mean many different things, so you allow yourself to be hypnotized by the words.
You are made to believe that what you hear is just and good for you; you are arriving at the period where you must understand where you must distinguish what is real from what is not, where you must totally sharpen your discernment and position yourself.
We are saying again, and we will repeat it, the positioning that we are now asking of you is extremely important, because promulgating laws constantly is easy, at least for those who promulgate them and apply them, but for those who must obey these laws it is much less easy.
Do not misunderstand our words! As we have said and we repeat it, we do not have the right to impose anything, we show the path, we show the road, we give you some advice to go faster, so that this problem of civilization so difficult for the people ends. We are indicating to you the direction to follow.
You will perhaps have the facility to go in the direction that we indicate, but the young souls who have not yet sufficiently experimented feel at ease in this life, they accept the laws and live them with less difficulty than you.
Therefore, in this current era, several levels of consciousness are expressing themselves, and in your family, you can see that you can agree or disagree with some persons who do not see life at all the way you see it.
Therefore, what must you still do to try to harmonize your life, to try to be in accordance with yourselves? The essential is to be in accordance with yourselves, so we are going to say and repeat over and over: be sincere with yourselves and try to position yourself, try to say “No”.
It is much easier to say “yes” when you are in an incarnation than to say “No”. And obviously the fact of saying “No” puts you in an awkward position in relation to all the human beings who go in the direction of facility.”
They are telling me again:
“We have told you: it won’t be much longer! We are not saying that it is for tomorrow or the day after, but all that is happening is going to accelerate.
We are telling you this with truly much firmness: this is going to accelerate either in a totally positive sense for humanity, either in a totally negative sense for it, and this will be depending on the positions taken, depending on the accord of the world population, depending on the capacity of human beings to say “No”; however, there are always, even in the most obscure moments, the Light that infiltrates; therefore, obscure moments that you experience are propitious to the awakening of consciences and to evolution.
Right now, you are living in the obscure side, the repressive side, you have the impression that the vise is tightening and that it is going to completely crush you. We say “No, the vise will not tighten, it is going to go just to a certain level and then everything is going to let go.”
Everything is going to let go and why? Because human beings will be awakened in sufficient number and will have accepted, this is primordial, to raise their eyes to the sky and to say: “Father-Mother, help us! Help humanity that is suffering, help us to rediscover peace of heart, serenity, help us to rediscover joy and Love, help the people of the world who suffer enormously.”
You can ask this of God the Father Mother as well as the Great Beings of Light but always with eyes turned toward the sky while saying: “We humans, have done all that we could, but we cannot do any more because the pressure is too strong; we place ourselves in your hands (whether this is the Divine Hands or those of the Great Beings of Light), Help us”!
Ask with your heart and not with your intellect, ask for this precious aid that, be certain (we do mean, be certain), this will be accorded to humanity, or at least to a part of humanity that will have the courage to ask help from the planes of Light with its heart, help from the planes of the invisible.
In any case, the aid will be given to humanity because that is a part of the resurrection, of the total restructuring of all life in this world; the aid will be accorded automatically since this is a part of the Divine Plan.
This aid could be accorded to you in a very short time, in several weeks or in several months, but in several years if you remain stuck, if you do not invest yourselves, if you go in the direction that they want to impose on you, if you do not refuse all that they want to impose on you.”

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