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C’est le moment de la récolte
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It’s harvest time
“Currently, your world is in great turmoil, which means that it is as well at the level of humanity, of the consciousness of planet Earth, of all the vibratory frequencies emitted by humans and by all those who are there to give you help, to protect you and to offer you all their Love.

They show me that there is a mixture of vibrations, of positive and lower thought-forms, of suffering and of happiness.

Right now, with what’s going on, even outside of your world, it takes on a much bigger dimension because the time has now come, the time of realization, of the rebirth that we have told you about so many times. , the moment when at last you will be able to better and better understand who you are and what you are.

For now, you are still lulled by what we can bring you, sometimes by your feelings, but you are not sure. When some of the veils are taken from you, you will be sure of what you are, what you have been.

For now, forgetting is still there because it is important, because it allows you to be able to live the experiences of the Earth, because it also allows you to gain a lot of experiments, sometimes easy and sometimes difficult; if you were given the memory on that day, you would not be ready to accept what you have been and you may also be totally in regret for what you have been in other times, on other worlds.

We also want to tell you that you are at the end of a gigantic cycle that has lasted for several hundred million years. In life, everything has an end in order to have a new beginning, a new beginning; now you are really at the end.

In that ending there is a liberation where you are faced with all the forces of involution (this was intended, in a way, by the forces of evolution). You have chosen it, of course, and it allows you to better position yourself in relation to yourself, to understand more and more your spiritual and human capacities and to act through these capacities.

We told you some time ago that beyond your planet, in the atmosphere and much further, very difficult things were happening, a confrontation between the shadow and the Light and also between your Galactic brothers and some unfriendly galactic brothers (we can consider that you are all united since you are all children of God Father-Mother, involuted or evolved for that matter).

We told you that there would come a time when all of this would manifest, when the dark forces would have much more power in matter than they had ever had before, but at the same time as the forces of Light would also have a very great power. So this confrontation is now manifesting itself in matter, that is to say through human beings who serve the two opposites which are the dark light and the shining Light, the Light of Love. It manifests itself in human beings who are sometimes unaware of who they are serving or by whom they are being manipulated.

So, at this end of the time when everything must be accomplished, when you are also coming to the end of thousands of incarnations, where you must give an account to yourself and to your soul for what has been positive and what has not. it has not been in your behavior, in particular today, it is well beyond an end of civilization, it is quite simply an end of the way of conceiving, of thinking, of loving and of living everything, and now there will be great turmoil in your body, in your consciousness and in your thoughts.

This turbulence, sometimes quite violent moreover, will be there to prepare you to change vibratory frequency, calm your emotions and allay all your fears, because they will be legion. All of this will serve to prepare you for the new cycle.

We have often spoken to you about the new cycle which, for you, is still a little illusory because you do not understand well; it’s not an illusion, it’s like a beautiful fairy tale, but it will take shape.

You have all traveled a lot, even on your world, from civilizations to civilizations, from very advanced civilizations to civilizations in perdition, because up to this day the cycles have followed one another until the apotheosis, then the descent with all the huge mistakes that human beings may have made during their incarnations.

You are now the result of all that you may have experienced in Atlantis, on the Continent of Mu, in Paititi, and also of all that you may have experienced during the period of Jesus, etc., You are at the end of the way, you will not go further on this path of incarnations, you have accomplished all that you could accomplish in the third dimension.

It must make you rejoice, and you can rejoice in it, but you must first reap all that you have sown, the great “pluses” and the small “minuses”. You have to understand that in many lives you have experienced big pluses and little minuses, which correspond to the fact that you have been locked in a body of matter and in relatively low vibrations. Now the vibrational frequency of the Earth will change; we mean the vibratory frequency of the Earth and all that lives. Everything is going to change dramatically, and obviously your own vibrational frequency is going to change dramatically as well.

Do not try to measure with your very earthly measurements (the Bovis scale or others) because, in relation to vibratory frequencies, the measurements will be wrong because it will go much further than fictitious measurements, measurements which we define thus because they are no longer adapted to the vibratory frequencies that the planet and all lives in it and on it will live.

You will therefore experience a bad moment which will be a moment of adaptation, of liberation, of purification. Above all, Lightworkers and those who are aware of all that we want them to experience through what is imposed on them (we do not intend to talk about it because now it must remain behind, you don’t even have to worry about it anymore), you have to go on and on and on and on… The great doors of new life are opening before you, but there is still a cleaning that is taking place. ‘to accomplish – and this may perhaps surprise you – through the great power of the dark light, because its behavior causes an immense awakening of consciousness.

So you can give thanks, in a way, for everything the dark light has put on its agenda and for everything it gives you.

Children of the Earth, Lightworkers, know that all the beings who will have positioned themselves, who will have learned and succeeded in saying “no”, and even in disobeying when this does not correspond at all with who they are and that the ‘we want to impose on them and that they cannot accept, will be protected and helped, wherever they are, in this place and elsewhere.

We will add this:

The definitive plan is not yet completely established, because it is a function of the behavior of the whole of the human beings who will be either able to obey or to disobey, or to move forward or who will sleep permanently; depending on what the total population of the world will be and of course depending on the terrible manipulation, if there should be an escape plan from the planet, wherever you are you may be taken, you will not remain a prisoner of ‘a world that is extinguished in great violence.

If Dark Light were to win by destroying (but it will never win), some parts of the world could be evacuated.

We want to give you immense hope: we believe in the immense capacity for Love, awareness and altruism of all human beings, and above all in their refusal to obey what should no longer be.

Dark light (or the deep state, as you name it) is actually sharp. She is trying to play her “funeral score” to the end, but some do not realize it.

The “all-powerful” of this world, with their money which ultimately is nothing, with their power and who they are humanly, can be wiped out in a second. Your technology, your civilization has reached such a degree that it takes very little to destroy them.

If your Father the Sun wants to help the consciousness of the planet Earth which is suffering with what you are, your thoughts and your suffering, if he decides to stop all this, in a second he can send mass projections coronal or other towards Earth, which will completely destroy all your electrical, electronic, etc. systems.

So what will the powerful of this world do? They will lose everything they have and they will lose a lot more than you. You yourselves will not lose anything, because in you there is a force, a determination, a Love, a very awakened consciousness, and you will be able to rebuild with the help of your Galactic Brothers.

The current civilization is very, very fragile, much more than you imagine. It is a giant with feet of clay, and if you strike those feet of clay, the giant crumbles; this giant with feet of clay represents your world; the peoples of the world can also kick those feet of clay and bring down the edifice of those who want and think to dominate the world; they are ultimately very fragile.

Rejoice! Even if you still have moments a little difficult to live, always remain in the serenity, in the confidence, always remain in your positioning which consists in being able to say “no”, in being able to act against the current, in not being part of all the unfortunately sleeping beings who form flocks of sheep that are easy to handle.

Be who you really are! You are coming to the end, and it is now that you are going to reap all that you have sown, all that you have lived from life to life. We repeat, it is harvest time, and no lesser force will be able to prevent you from reaping what you have sown through all your experiences. ”



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