Journey to Truth Podcast: EP 139 – Alisha Brache’ – Hybrid Children – SSP Memories & Galactic Counterparts | Aug 6, 2021 (Video)

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1 hr 30 min
Alisha Braché is the creator of Cosmic Gateway & New Earth Children. She has dedicated her life since a very young age to her soul’s path & working with refining her Psychic, Intuitive & Healing Abilities to work and support others in finding their path & deeper understanding to their soul’s journey.

Alisha works with a wide range of energy techniques & modalities influenced from her cosmic origins & star family to bring forth a range of advanced techniques to support people through: Ascension, retrieving soul memory & lost aspects, healing traumas through the multidimensional field and humanity towards a New Earth reality.

In particular, Alisha’s gifts are focused on those who are on a Divine Counterpart journey & women going through various types of high vibration & interdimensional pregnancies.

This work is based around the interconnectedness of galactic benevolent programs with children & the spiritual component of what is possible through Divine connection between soul merging.

Alisha’s gifts spring from the wealth of her own unique life experiences involving: lifelong contactee, connection to the Spirit and Cosmic realms. Alisha’s unique experiences have given her the ability to work with those she supports in Divine Partnership & New Earth Children. Having an in depth experience with both light and darker realms allows her access to healing and integrating soul fragments for herself and others.

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