Kathleen Stock: I Won’t be Silenced | UnHerd | Nov 4, 2021 (Video)

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In this exclusive interview with Julie Bindel, Dr Stock says:
➡️ She’s not giving up
➡️ Gender theory is a pseudo-philosophy
➡️ Trans people should be legally protected
➡️ She had to stay at home for her own protection

Kathleen Stock was forced to resign from Sussex University professor after an aggressive campaign of targeted harassment over her gender critical views.

The campaign to push Prof Stock out of Sussex began when she self-published a number blog posts critical of extreme transgender ideology. She was concerned that the majority of academics, including philosophers such as herself, were reluctant to criticise campaigns to introduce self-identification for transgender people.

Although Kathleen is understandably upset by the conduct of the small number of abusive students, she is adamant that many of them are taking a cue from the influential adults around them. “I don’t think they’ve actually read what I think. There’s a lot of enabling, or inciting, of individuals in this story,” she says.

// Timecodes //  
00:0000:55 – Introduction  
00:5502:31 – Kathleen Stock tells her story  
02:3103:39 – The anti-Stock Sussex protests  
03:3907:24 – Where did Katheen’s trans ideology journey begin?  
07:2413:34 – Julie Bindel and Kathleen Stock name names  
13:3417:47 – Is trans ideology rooted in misogyny?  
17:4720:10 – Julie Bindel: This debate is being stifled  
20:1023:52 – How does this affect young lesbians?  
23:5224:58 – Katheen Stock’s book, Material Girls  
24:5826:39 – Stonewall has taken over our national institutions 
 26:3933:48 – Kathleen’s battle with her Sussex University union  
33:4837:52 – Maria Miller MP began the self-identification process  
37:5240:45 – Julie Bindel on prostitution and the end result of self-ID  
40:4547:19 – The human cost of trans protests 
 47:1949:13 – What’s the future for women’s rights, Stonewall, LGBTQI+, in the UK?  
49:1349:30 – Julie’s conclusion

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