Lesser Fullness (Shouman) / The 24 Solar Terms | The Seasons of Yamato | NHK World – Japan | June 6, 2021 (Short Film – video link)

From The Seasons of Yamato series of NHK World-Japan.
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Lesser Fullness (Shouman) / The 24 Solar Terms

This program was broadcast on June 6, 2021.

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5 min
They say Nara Prefecture is the southernmost original habitat of the lily-of-the-valley. 
When people finish the rice-planting, the flowers like pure white pearls start to blossom. The combination of the clear water drops and those white flowers makes a jewel of nature. 
It seemed as if a tree-frog was so mesmerized that it sat still. Meanwhile, the flowers of Kazaguruma (Clematis) spread their purple petals. Though they look like tiny pinwheel blades, they never spin in the wind.

*According to the 24 Solar Terms of Reiwa 3 (2021), Shouman is from May 21 to June 5.


Series Summary:
Here is the high-resolution movie by Koichi Hozan, a videographer living in Nara Prefecture, with exclusive pieces which a pianist, Mine Kawakami, played on the “Hyakunen (100-year-old) Piano.” 
The light and sound create a poetic video to make you experience each season.

Cast (Piano): Mine Kawakami
“Yamato-no-Kisetsu,” composed by Mine Kawakami


Image Credit: NHK World-Japan


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