Light, Dark & Unity: We are all Hybrids | Rebecca Rose – Sirius Blue | Jul 27, 2021 (Video)

A recent video presentation given by Rebecca Rose at Portal to Ascension’s The Hybrids Online Conference (
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A recent presentation given at Portal to Ascension’s Hybrid Conference.

Rebecca speaks on the role of hybrids and the resolution of polarity in the present timeline, using an example drawn from her early life under the influence of a dark reptilian bloodline.  She also shares from the lighter side about her journey channeling light language through her galactic self – and how all of this relates to her ending up in the secret space programs.  

Rebecca Rose is a lifelong multi-dimensional traveler currently working as an energy intuitive, seer and channel.  As a child, she was abducted into various dark government programs as a result of her father’s work with the deep state.  She is now able to speak more openly about her early experiences and how they relate to humanity’s shifting timeline and collective ascension.


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