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Published around Feb 22, 2022.
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L’Amour va atteindre une autre dimension
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Love will reach another dimension


Children of the Earth, Brothers of the Earth, have confidence in yourselves, have confidence in us, and above all really believe that you are at this end of time, that you are at the moment of the great separation or the moment of fusion, of the great separation between those who will not have been able to adapt to these new energies, to these new vibrational frequencies, to this great transformation and you who will have been able to adapt and who will be ready for the world of tomorrow.

Certainly you will have to rebuild, internally and externally! You will not rebuild yourselves internally as you had to do to evacuate all the sufferings and all the misunderstandings of an earthly life, you will have to rebuild yourselves in the most beautiful way possible with other parameters, with another way of functioning, with another way of reacting and loving.

Love will now take on another dimension. Emotional love will also take on another dimension? that is to say, there will be no more possessiveness, jealousy, etc. Your affective, relational Love, whether in a relationship, in friendship or in your family will be improved, purified and it will be completely “clean”, which means that it will never be stained with inferior thoughts, thoughts of possessiveness, etc So tomorrow’s program for the peoples of the Earth will be wonderful.

You can understand that there comes a time on a world, in a solar system, and even in a galaxy, where things have to change because everything is evolution, and from the moment a cycle is completed ( and this cycle of thousands and thousands of years for the planet Earth is over), a new cycle is opening; however before you can fully be an actor, active in this new cycle, there is adaptation. As you have been told, you cannot go from shadow to light all at once without being dazzled.

Things will happen at the pace of human beings, at the pace of what they can integrate, accept and experience. There will be no things that are impossible for human beings to experience; everything will be dosed and quantified so that human beings can adapt without trauma, whatever it may be, and those who cannot adapt, who totally refuse, will quite simply leave for other worlds.

The beings living on planet Earth are precious to us, and among these beings there are some of our brothers, Galactic Beings who have lived and who will live much more in the Stars than on a planet, that is to say travelers of space and even of time; there have been for a hundred years, perhaps even a little before, exceptional beings, our brothers really and your brothers, who have chosen to incarnate at this very precise moment to help in the mutation, in the total paradigm shift of this terrestrial society, but not only.

The whole solar system is changing, and by changing it will access a new global consciousness of all beings who live on these spheres, as will change the planetary consciousness like that of the Moon, Venus, Mars, etc. ., because at the center of each sphere there is an entity, there is a soul, therefore there is a consciousness.

Consciousness is like that of human beings, it is more or less able to help life on it and in it. There is a difference in evolution according to the spheres, the planets, because each sphere, each planet is a school, and there is in a certain way an immense professor who is called planetary consciousness; this planetary consciousness projects towards matter, towards the beings who inhabit it, a vibration, an energy of evolution and transformation.

Now you are really in front of the big door on a new world which will open in front of you, you are really in front of a total change of society, a change of paradigm, a change of way of conceiving life.

So we ask you, with much Love, to prepare yourselves internally for these changes, but above all, above all, as you have been told, to cut definitively with the past and especially with the destabilizing or even difficult past that you have been able to experience during your experiences.

You can leaf through the book of your life and the past, but this must not affect you, and you must not always go back; now you are moving forward. Turning your head back is finding yourself in the energies of the past and this slows you down. When you will be sufficiently stabilized you will be able to look back, and at that moment you will have an immense compassion and a lot of Love for the being that you have been and for all the experiences that you will have had.

We want to reassure you to allow you to go faster and further, but we need to have the measure and the wisdom because you are not yet ready to understand everything, to integrate everything, whether at the level of the word or at the level of the vibrations, of the energy, at the level of the Love that we can offer you.

You must grow within yourselves, every being must grow, like the planets with their consciousness, like the Universe which grows, which changes, which is constantly transformed. Life is in perpetual motion on Earth, in solar systems, in galaxies and in the Universe.

Life is changing, it’s like an immense cauldron that has worlds and beings within it. This immense cauldron is essentially made of Love, everything evolves, everything is transformed by the will of God Father Mother, by the will of the Supreme Creator.

We, your Galactic Brothers, still have a long way to go. We have a little more than you because we have superior knowledge, because we know how to use our conscience, our thought; we work more with energy than with matter, but we still have a lot to learn. Just like you, we also have our teachers who always push us further, always to surpass ourselves in Love and also in creation.

The chain is infinite. Everyone, even very evolved Beings who for you could appear gods or demi-gods, continue the ascension towards God Father Mother who created Life and the Universe, and it is like an irresistible call which always attracts towards the top ; beings in incarnation in matter perceive this call to go always further, always further, to find God Father Mother a little more quickly.

You cannot escape it, it is the call of Love, it is the call of your own Divinity which tells you without your hearing it: “One day you will return to me, one day you you will merge in Me, Me your Divine Father-Mother, Me who created you; one day, in thousands of years, in millions of years, in hundreds of millions of years, time does not exist not, one day you will come back to Me, you will come back to Me and you will merge with what I Am.”

This is the goal of evolution. All beings, whether they have physical forms or not, that were created by Father-Mother God have the purpose of returning to Father-Mother God. This is why we are all evolving. Whether on the lowest or the highest planes, in life all of us must move towards this goal.

For you, beings of the Earth, we call it Father-Mother. We may call it differently, but the goal is the same.

Now we send you all our Love and we say to you once again: courage, you are not alone, we are with you and we love you.

May our immense Love surround you, penetrate you, help you and give you the strength you need; you will need it more and more, but the more you need this force, the more you will receive it and the more you will be protected.

We love you infinitely and we really send you all our Love. »


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