Marina Jacobi – Downloads / Q & A – S6 E38 | Marina Jacobi – The Harmonic Reactor | Sat, Sep 23, 2023 (Video)

Marina Jacobi – Downloads / Q & A – S6 E38

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Streamed live on Sat, Sep 23, 2023.

Ascension protocol playing out 00:30
specific message for someone with rheumatoid arthritis 2:45
new collective sequence ’hectogranal’ 05:55
artificially inseminated humanoids 08:20
20:55 Can A Soul Transfer From Humans To Clones? What Would The Life Span Be? Will They Have A Connection To Source?
30:50 Will This Knowledge Be Downloaded And Integrated To Cell Memory? Will A Certain Food Diet Accelerate Or Activate This Memory?
38:00 Why Are We Going Artificial Now? What About Allowing Nature’s Course? Are MedBeds Real? Will We Experience Healing From Them?
46:30 Are There Any Physical Changes Or Symptoms Which Appear While DNA Is Being Activated And Upgraded?
47:50 How Do We Know If Our Genetic Material Has Been Modified And By Whom?
49:00 What Is The Percentage Of Us Here That Are On The Three Year Timeline? How Will I Know Where I Am At This Time?


~ 1 hr


Content Source/Owner: Marina Jacobi – The Harmonic Reactor


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