Marine One leaving the White House – DC Vlog | PenguinSix | Feb 5, 2021 (Videos)

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#LIVE​: Marine One leaving White House. 
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All I wanted to do was to see Marine One land at the White House. This was supposed to be a two-hour hiking from Georgetown University to the White House to see Marine One landing and departing, and then back again to the campus. 7 miles give or take—no big deal. But due to my own stupidity, the microphone ‘click / clicked’ against my coat every step and completely ruined the video. 
Luckily, the part where I was at the White House for the arrival of the presidential helicopters was basically unaffected (as I wasn’t walking that much). Here you will see the two presidential helicopters come into a landing at the White House and then depart again after a rather long delay. We also see some cool foam crash trucks from the DCFD.
For those wondering, the President’s public schedule is published daily. It includes things like speeches and press conferences, presidential meetings, and then things like what time the media should arrive for events, when the helicopters will depart, and when Air Force One will be wheels up, etc. You can track a great deal of activity at the White House by looking at the White House public schedule.  You can find a copy here:​
00:00 Intro 00:01 White House Lights Out 01:00 Washington Monument Grounds 07:56 Helicopters Arriving 10:00 Landing 16:16 Helicopters Departing 19:55 DCFD Foam Fire Trucks departing
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