Message from Magenta Pixie and Kim Clements’ Prophecy | Feb 15, 2021

Telegram Messages from Magenta on Feb 15, 2021.

So the Nine said two Presidents (for a while until there is only one) as you will know if you follow my updates. And this amazing prophet Kim Clements said the same thing. He also predicted two impeachments and that both would fail and he predicted this before DT was even in office! We ALL have these gifts of prophecy and now is our time!!
[Video Intro: Prophecy of the Two Presidents is an unusual prophecy of a time of two presidents by Kim Clement. The prophecy seems to go hand-in-hand with another titled “Pandemonium in the White House.” 

These are strange times and indeed these are strange prophecies, but somehow they make crystal clear sense. 

I lay that in your hands.]
For all those who have felt disheartened, disappointed and dejected after the stolen election and the seeming cabal ‘win’ take heart from today’s impeachment Acquittal. It was unlike any other impeachment trial that has gone before and held multiple layers, standing as a potential seed into many chess moves, that now for the cabal are closed to them. We stand watching this chess game, with moves and counter-moves, yet now the light comes into its own. Yes the cabal will try to fight back but today’s Court win was HUGE. They desperately wanted and needed the impeachment and now their next steps into destruction have been thwarted. So take comfort in today’s outcome. The planetary and galactic energetics are flooded with and they radiate positive polarised frequency particles as we move closer and closer into the singularity event horizon that is an Earth ascension inevitability. All is connected and today’s win is something to be celebrated and to be in the greatest of gratitude for.

Q: Surely Magenta this isn’t really about Trump? This is a win for the light! 
My reply; A win for Trump IS a win for the light.


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