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This transmission was published around Mar 2, 2021.
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Message from the consciousness of the Earth
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They are telling me:
“Your little planet has received several humanities, several civilizations more or less grand, some beings totally different from what you are.
What we would like to tell you is that your planet, as an entity, has lived in its consciousness, since you must not forget that your sphere has a conscience that evolves. If you, Children of the Earth, evolve in this incarnation, and if you have also evolved from incarnation to incarnation, the planetary consciousness evolves in a different way from yours.
It does not incarnate; it follows an evolutionary movement that is sometimes difficult for it. It must transform itself; it must transmute its matter. It is necessary for this planetary consciousness to inundate matter to make something magnificent of it.
Certainly, there were beings who came to implant life in this world, but the planetary consciousness had to accept that life be planted in its matter!
You cannot imagine the marvelousness of the Creation, and you also cannot imagine the marvelousness of this planetary consciousness, of this consciousness that is your mother! She is your mother because she has accepted that you live on her!”
She is telling me:
“Yes, in a certain way, I am your mother!
In a certain way, since the beginning of Times, I have accepted all civilizations, some beings who did not understand me, some beings who loved me, some beings who were not physical like you are, some beings with whom I had an extraordinary rapport!
I had to modulate my surface, I had to densify my matter. That was a little hard for me, but it had to be in order to welcome you, to welcome life, the life of what you are because you are consciences, because you are souls.
And when I say “consciences” I say: consciences in total unity with another conscience, and if you were really in awareness of what you are, you would be united to what I am as the planetary consciousness.
I love all beings who have come to live on my surface or inside of me. I have loved them; I have tried to understand them.
Some human beings have honored me, have respected me, have loved me. I could gratify them. I could give them all that they needed.
Then, some beings evolved poorly. They evolved poorly in my breast, they evolved poorly on my surface because they had begun to mistreat me. Therefore, from the moment that they began to treat me poorly, I was not able to help them anymore, my Vibration could no longer do it.
When beings are in harmony with my consciousness, with what I am, I help them considerably to understand who they are as well.
And then, through multiple civilizations, your current period arrived which for me is at once marvelous and also very difficult because I experience this great mutation with as much difficulty as you do.
I live it with difficulty because you have no respect for what I am. There are certain beings, of course, who honor me, who send me Love, who respect me and who are aware of what I am, but there are so many others who mutilate me, who dig into me, who have no respect, who soil me, and there I suffer!
I suffer for them; I suffer for myself! I suffer for them because I cannot do anything for them, and what I wanted to tell you and that is very important is that what emanates from what I am, in the deepest part of myself, from my consciousness, such Love, such a Vibration that if you put yourself in contact with my consciousness, with what I am, you would make a considerable leap in your own evolution.
At this time, you have closed yourself off to me. You have cemented me! You have mutilated, you have transformed what I am! You have dug deeper and deeper, you have torn me apart, but you have not loved me!
The fact that you do not love me has saddened my consciousness because I could no longer give you what I must give you. The desire of those you call the Great Beings of Light was to implant man in this world so that there would be unity between what I am, conscience of the Mother Earth, and what all the humans were who lived on me and inside me.
I had the duty of making beings evolve, to help them, to love them, to allow them to grow, but from the moment where they refused me where they no longer loved me, where they no longer understood me where they made me suffer by their lack of respect, what could I do?
What could I do? Wait!
I have waited! I have waited for tens, even hundreds of years so that the men on the surface could become aware of what I am, so that they could listen to me, so that they could feel me in their heart. And nothing…!
Of course, certain people still honor me! Some people and some beings pray to me, touch me, consider me, admire me, admire the beauty that grows on my surface, but they are not very numerous! There are so many other beings who have contempt for me, who are not even aware that I exist! For them, I am a stone! I am earth, I am not life.
Certainly, they can see the vegetable, the mineral life, but what do they do with it? They destroy it! They cut down trees that are so precious to me, they cut down forests. They also destroy the mineral kingdom that is for me even more precious than the vegetable kingdom. There is an immense communication between the mineral world and my own consciousness.
The mineral kingdom is impregnated with what I am, with my Love, etc., but you do not understand it! For you, the mineral kingdom is made of precious metal, of stones. I am a rock.
So, you have lived poorly, you have misunderstood what life really is in this world and I am now at a turning point in my life, at a turning point in my consciousness.
Now, I have heard the call of my husband the Sun, of your Father Sun.
He has told me: “Now you must climb. Those who would like to follow you will follow you, the others will remain behind, they will go elsewhere.”
What does it mean: “Those who would like to follow you?” During this immense mutation, I will protect all those who love me, all those who respect me. I will help them to evolve at the level of their consciousness because, between what is inside me and what emanates from the Universe, there must be unity; you are in a certain way in the middle of what emanates from me and what you receive, and of what emanates from the Universe, from your Father Sun. You are living right in the middle of the transformation.
Welcome with your heart the immense Love that I offer you, welcome with you heart the immense Love that your Father Sun offers you, respect your Mother Earth and your Father Sun.
Some beings no longer respect the Sun! They want to hide, with their terrible practices, the rays of the Sun, and the rays of the Sun…this is Life!
I will be obligated to react in certain parts of the world, and I will react with much violence in the parts of the world where there is no more respect and where the beings have no more consideration in relation to my reality; therefore, certain parts of the world will experience events that you could call great catastrophes.
It is not that I want this, it is because certain things must be! They must be so that all those who are in accord with me can really ascend.
My ascension has begun. It began several of your years ago and it is going to accelerate in a considerable way in the months and few years that are coming!
I ask you, because I love you, to accompany me in this immense ascension. You will not attain what you call the “golden age” if you do not accompany me in this immense ascension, in this new Vibration, in that new dimension of life.
So, to accelerate the process, I would like to tell you this:
Some human beings take themselves for little gods. They master what you call the “medias”, they master the energies that are noxious to me, they have neither consideration nor respect for life!
What are they? They are nothing! They have the impression of having an immense power because they master and dominate beings, but I have much more power than all the temporal powers, than all the powers of humans! It takes very little for humans to understand that they are nothing!
So, obviously, as I have told you, I will be obligated to shake myself. What men cannot do because they do not have sufficient force, I will help them to accomplish I will help them to accomplish my destiny and theirs!
I am speaking the language of humans because I am expressing myself through the being with whom I am communicating.
Do not be afraid of those who think they can make history, do not be afraid of your medias, etc. It takes so very little for that to no longer exist!
Your civilization is based on electricity. At any given moment I can wipe that out! I could destroy all that is your way of life through electricity, I have the possibility.
I know you much better than you know me! I know those who are harmful to life! I did not have the authorization to be and to act, but now, with the accord of the Beings who are not of this world, I will have more and more authorization to be and to act.
I would like to terminate this message by telling you:
Be aware of what I am!
Be aware that I am life!
Be aware that as long as you are in this world, I must protect you despite yourselves!
Be aware that you are my children!
Be aware of respecting me!
Respect me when you see marvelous countryside that was created for you. Be aware of respecting me when you see majestic trees, some flowers of a thousand colors. This is my life, my reality! It is also a desire for beauty so that your eyes can, in a certain way, see what I can represent, what I can be.
Of course, some humans help me to manifest my beauty, but I must also tell you that for that beauty to burst upon your eyes, I add a magnificent energy, a magnificent Love Vibration.
I, planetary consciousness, have capacities of Love that are millions of times superior to those that you have as human beings!
If you make the choice of accompanying me, your capacities of Love will develop themselves in a considerable way! So, accept to accompany me! Accept to see me, accept to love me, to not see me as a field, a forest, mountains, streams, oceans, accept to see me beyond the human vision.
Try to see that I am an extraordinary conscience.
I am also going to tell you this:
You imagine that my consciousness is found in the center of the earth, however my conscience is everywhere! My conscience is in all that you can perceive! It is in the beauty of life just as my Love is in the beauty of life!
I am not a conscience enclosed in a sphere! I am a conscience that blooms inside and outside. I am a conscience that can talk to you and help you.
I am also going to tell you something…”
She is telling me like a secret, but there is no secret.
“If you wish me to slow down a little what is planned at the level of the manifestations of what I am or the catastrophes, there is still time!
There is still time to be aware of what I am. There is still time to love me.
Every time that you go out in nature, send me a thought of Love! Every time that you see my manifestation through the different kingdoms, send me a thought of Love! Be aware of my presence in everything! Love me!
If you love me, if there are more and more humans to love me, I will moderate what you could call the “violence of the elements”. I will make it so that a maximum number of humans are saved on my surface.
If you do not wish that, I can do nothing! I would be obligated to apply the plan!
There is a life plan for you and for me it is the same, but this plan has very little to do with yours. As I have told you, I do not incarnate myself several times, I came, I “lived” in the world that formed itself through my conscience.
At the beginning, this world was not matter, and I accepted, in a certain way, to incarnate myself into this matter that was in the process of becoming, to create this marvelous world.
The time of what I am and the time of what you are, have no common measure! My time and yours are different.
If I could give you a comparison between what I am and what you are, I would say that I am a beautiful woman who is evolving and that this beautiful young woman is going to blossom in an extraordinary way to really become, as you could say, an “adult”.
I am an adult, certainly, but not in the sense that you imagine! I will totally blossom in my beauty and all those who will live in my breast, inside and outside, will feel this beauty, and will be totally inundated by it. I will accompany you but love me! Be aware of my presence, be aware of what I am!
I love you infinitely! I have tried to protect you up until today, but there will come a time where, if you do not change, if you do not understand, I can do no more, because everything must transform itself, including me.
Everything must transform itself; everything must transmute!
I love you infinitely!”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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