Metatron February Energy Reading – Final Spin Cycle? | Amanda Ellis | Jan 27, 2022 (Video)


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Amanda Ellis
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Energy Read for the period between now and middle of February – including the 02/02/2022 date. 
Referencing Cleansing, Our Mission and Gifts, energy of our name – getting the Rugby Ball (mission) over the line analogy. Merlin, Magic and working with it, Shadow, Lifting the lid on untapped gifts, Lightening the load and doing less, moving to gentleness and self nurturing – Empress energy for self. 
Accessing last piece of the jigsaw, mastering the final piece – flip side looking at denial and where you sell yourself short, addictions and attachments drowning out dreams and talent .
Blackthorn is the Tree energy we are working with – a nod to the light we hold to be able to heal – includes womb wounds – our mothers and ours – healing the waters within, helps prevent waters wars too..
Oracle Decks: Universal Oracle Cards by Christina Georgieva, Grace Cards Cheryl Richardson, The Fountain Tarot, Shine From The Inside by Brittney Carmichael, The Tree Angel Oracle Deck by Fred Hageneder, The Archangel Metatron Self Mastery Oracle Amanda Ellis & Jane Delaford Taylor 


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